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Determination and Deliverance

14 year old Hagar Haivri was arrested while sleeping on a hike in what had been the Jewish town of Sa-Nur. She was forbidden from contacting her father for a week and her parents were not even allowed into the court room. When he attempted to do so he was brutally beaten and then arrested and charged with damaging the courtroom door.

Her last name, "Ha'Ivri" means "The Hebrew" which was how Pharaoh reffered to the Jews when he ordered the midwives to attend 'Be'Yaldechen Ha'Ivriot,' 'At the Hebrew Birthings,' to kill the sons and let the daughters live in captivity. As Pharaoh ordered Jewish children cast into the river, Sharon orders them cast into prison. A number of other young girls with her who were on the hike ranging from 14 to 16 years of age are still imprisoned.

Our tradition holds that Yosef was freed from his Egyptian prison on Rosh Hashana. As Rosh Hashana approaches consider the fate of the children locked up by the Sharon regime and pray that they too are freed and that the tyrant who reigns over Israel now, who like Pharaoh denies G-d and imprisons Jewish children will be cast down from power. Keep them in your prayers and your hearts this Rosh Hashana when the gates of heavenly mercy are open.

Read more on the details of their case here at Revava's website and here

Information on inviting guest speakers who have been subjected to civil rights abuses here


  1. Anonymous28/9/05

    amnesty international wouldn't care, it's a left wing organization

    and lacking a constitution, the israeli judiciary is 'independent'

    with a weak parliament\knesset, there's no real check and balance and judges can do anything they like

  2. Anonymous30/9/05

    'human and civil rights' organizations are not freelance humanitarians who help everyone

    they pursue particular political agendas under the guise of 'civil rights' and they take cases based on that

  3. Anonymous5/10/05

    Thanks Sultan, for posting on this.
    Hagar is out of jail - but the "process" will continue, and she is sure to be targeted for more abuse from the gov't, as is her father.
    In re the discussion about Amnesty International and their ilk - they are funded by the Ford Foundation, which pretty much engineered and funded the non-Intifada. - along with help [mucho] from US STate Dept, USAID, CFR.
    It is not an overstatement to say that Amnesty International was designed for the explicit purpose of attacking the civil and human rights of Jews. That is what they are paid to do!


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