Home 9 Wounded in Gaza Attacks, Sharon Threatens Hamas with Ad Campaign
Home 9 Wounded in Gaza Attacks, Sharon Threatens Hamas with Ad Campaign

9 Wounded in Gaza Attacks, Sharon Threatens Hamas with Ad Campaign

40 rockets hit Sderot and West Negev injuring 9 shutting down schools in Sderot for the forseeable future

Israel has now had to go back in and carry out multiple air strikes in Gaza and the cabinet has approved a resumption of artillery attacks and targeted assasinations but ruled out a ground campaign

These tactics that have proven useless against Hizbullah whose MO Hamas is copying right down to plans to kidnap Israeli soldiers will now be used against Hamas with results just as useless

Now that Sharon has stated that Israel will not be sending in ground forces which lets Hamas know they can operate freely on the ground and that they have nothing serious to worry about as long as they avoid the air strikes

Sharon has appealed to America to put a stop to the rocket attacks and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice asked Abbas to put a stop it it and Abbas asked Rice to tell Israel to stop bombing Gaza

Defense Minster Mofaz has said the response needs to be crushing and so Sharon's cabinet has the perfect solution...they have approved a ... wait for it.... WORLDWIDE INFORMATION CAMPAIGN against Hamas

oh yes Hamas will be terrified now, they're going to be facing the devastating terror of a WORLDWIDE INFORMATION CAMPAIGN

If Hamas hasn't been terrified before, boy they must be trembling now. They're going to be facing an ad campaign. If the occasional air strike doesn't terrify them, the prospect of superbowl spots against Hamas undoubtedly will.

So far the worldwide campaign hasn't gone too global yet and consisted of leaflets dropped in arabic warning of harsh consenquences if the rocket attacks continue - an undoubtedly terrifying prospect now that the arabs have seen Israel retreat and then sit on its hands while its holy places were burned and then promised not to return troops to Gaza

Perhaps in the near future the WORLDWIDE INFORMATION CAMPAIGN can be Sharon announcing his resignation and replacement by a leader who is willing to fight terrorism instead of terrorizing Jews.

That may frighten Hamas, the same tactics that failed before plus an ad campaign certainly won't.


  1. Anonymous25/9/05

    not A leader, but Moshiach! all of those replacements so far proved to be either worthless or damaging. they all says they "will do", but when it comes to "doing" they sit, like you said, on their hands... we desperately need Moshiach to redeem us from this continuing hell. may we merit the untimate redemption immediately!!!

  2. Anonymous25/9/05

    Sadly, we will probably hear a report about how israel is providing medical care for arab terrorists supporteres who were injured in this or the hamas explosion at their parade on friday, when 80 were injured. I sympathise with the haredim who don't work or build the economy, at least they are not building up the arab terrorist economy or providing medical care for arabs. We cured the worlds diseases, we built their computers, gave them nuclear and solar energy, and what have they givin us in return?

  3. You might be interested in knowing that if the Likud decides to hold early primaries tomorrow, the Sharon government will be toppled exactly nine months from the day that this most evil Jewish government in modern history was formed. The coalition with Labor and United Torah Judaism was signed on the 23rd of Tevet, exactly one week after the SE Asian tsunami. Tonight is the 22nd of Elul, exactly nine months later. The Vilna Gaon said that the government of the Erev Rav would last exactly nine months. We will know tomorrow by sundown.

  4. Anonymous23/10/05

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