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There is a Broken World

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'Yesh Olam Shenishbar'


  1. Anonymous18/8/05

    Your point is well taken, but please stop blaming Israeli leftists for what George Bush has done to Israel and the settlers.

    It's just not fair, on this day of days.

  2. Anonymous18/8/05

    Great video.
    Distressing times.
    But nothing lasts forever not even the bad times.
    Hashfanatic is your name indicative of a habit?
    I find myself wondering at burnouts who voice political opinions.

  3. Anonymous18/8/05

    No burnouts here! No fear, either.

    "Nothing lasts forever..." is something you say to your buddies after a few beers.

    What I witnessed today was a sacrifice of Jewish land for racial reasons-not in accordance with my "hash"-kafah.

    If we don't put our differences aside and come together as brothers, we'd might as well cede the entire nation.

  4. Anonymous21/8/05

    The song is incredibly apt, good job.
    It's in my collection.

  5. Anonymous22/8/05

    The song was lost on me, being an outsider.
    But the video was good.


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