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Home Sharon announces new 'Victory through Retreat" plan

Sharon announces new 'Victory through Retreat" plan

Addressing the nation Prime Minister Ariel Sharon gave new details of his plan for defeating Palestinian terrorism. Here is what he said.

"My Brothers and Sisters,

For many years we have suffered in the grip of terrorists who have murderered our loved ones, set off bombs in our streets and cities and murdered mothers and children together. I speak to you now to announce that we have a plan for defeating terrorism. A plan of which the withdrawal from Gush Katif is but the first of many steps that will ensure a secure state for ourselves and our children.

The plan is called 'Victory through Retreat.' In the past the Palestinians have attempted to force us to retreat through terrorism. We will retreat on our own to show that terrorism has no power over us and that only our government has the power to retreat and drive out Israelis out of their homes and no other.

In the past the Israeli people have feared Palestinian terror as the greatest threat to their homes and loved ones. Now as the government terrorizes them we will demonstrate our qualitative superiority to Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in terrorizing our own people.

Today as we prepeare for the first of many retreats I tell you this, we have only begun to retreat. We shall retreat from Yehuda and Shomron and then from Yerushalayim. We shall retreat from the Galilee and then the Negev to which we are sending those same families we are expelling from Gush Katif, only so that we may expell them yet again. We will retreat from every town and every city which is adjacent in any way to large arab populations and as the arab populations grow larger, we shall retreat even further.

Some extremists inciting against this democratic government and its policies claim that this is an unsustainable approach and I tell you that my ancestors in Russia during the second world war excercised exactly this approach to defeat the Nazi armies and we shall utilize this approach to defeat the Palestinians as well.

We shall withdraw, expell and retreat and let the arabs advance. And then we shall wait for winter.

Le'Shana Haba Be'Siberia"


  1. you should at least have put the Said in quotations, some poeple might actually think that he said something like this.

    unlike you I don't think that Sharon wants to destroy the country. but I guess you, sitting in your cozy home in the U.S.A. know better than the guy who spent his entire life building and caring for this country.

  2. Anonymous4/8/05

    anyone who actually thinks sharon said this needs to turn his brain in for a checkup

    the rest isn't even worth responding to, remind me again how much gonen segev did to build israel?

  3. I don't know.. from some of the comments I have seen from the people who read this blog it would not suprise me to see a comment of some one who actaully takes what you say litiraly.

    I am not sure where Gonen Segev comes to play here, but then again maybe you don't actually mean what you say.. it might be some sort of metaphor or something....

  4. Anonymous5/8/05

    Satire - Sa-t'ire

    Satire is a mode of discourse or genre defined by its use of irony, sarcasm, or ridicule for mocking, exposing or denouncing the frailties and faults of mankind. As a literary manner, quality or function of an author's writing, it blends humour and wit with a critical attitude toward human activities and institutions. As a general term it is usually considered to involve both moral judgement and an implicit desire to help improve a custom, belief, or tradition. Though the distinction is not always clear, satire differs from the comic in its lack of tolerance for folly or human imperfection

  5. "it blends humour and wit..."
    If only you post had either...

    "implicit desire to help improve..."
    once again I dont see any in your post...

    other than that... it was great..

  6. Anonymous5/8/05

    no wit? no humor?

    congrats oleh, that really showed me.

    at last your trolling of my blog has shown me the error of my ways, I'll just nip off now to get one of those funny peace now signs that shows a man evacuating his bowels in support of evacuation from gaza

  7. SK,
    Great piece of satire. Are you familiar with Scrappleface? If not you should definately take a look.

  8. Anonymous7/8/05

    thanks barry and thanks for the links and reposting some of my stuff

  9. Victory through retreat? It would be funny if he weren't serious. He thinks that letting the Arabs advance is winning? He's either evil or dangerously insane.


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