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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Demolished Jewish towns to be renamed after Terrorists

Agent France Presse is reporting that the PA is considering what to name the various towns they plan to build on the rubble of the Jewish towns whose residents were expelled. PA officials have said one town will definetly be named after Yassir Arafat. The nest of terrorist spawn that rises over the ruins of Kfar Darom may be named after Hamas leader Sheikh Yassin and Atzmona may be named after a suicide bomber.

It is sad however that the Palestinians are neglecting to name a town after the man who truly made all this possible, Ariel Sharon. Perhaps somewhere between Arafat City and Yassin Township and Sharonville, they can also find a place for Beilinsgard and Peres Hills and Kfar Lapid and Kiryat Eliyashev and of course New Rice City.

It is not after all the terrorists who made this day possible but their enablers in the ranks of the politicians of America and Israel who brought about the terrorist's latest victory.

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