Home videos Yesh Olam Shenishbar - There is a Broken World
Home videos Yesh Olam Shenishbar - There is a Broken World

Yesh Olam Shenishbar - There is a Broken World


  1. Anonymous10/4/07

    I think I watched this one for the first time. It just breaks my heart. What I get angry about is the fact that the soldiers and police could have acted out in civil disobedience. What would have the traitor Sharon and Olmert done if their whole entire military or even a large section of the IDF would have disobeyed them in solitarity with the settlers. I'm reading lately books about the Holocaust. HOW CAN PEOPLE ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN. AND WORSE THEIR OWN. I can see the distress in some of the soldiers faces. Why didn't they cry out and put Sharon and cahoots to shame?

  2. can you please send me that video ,so i can pass it to as more as possible?
    send me it as a mp3



  3. i have few things i can sent you
    where to?

  4. The two so-called traitors Sharon and Olmert are just two puppets of the US dictator G.W. Bush who is acting like a cowboy to his cow-hands...
    Israel has to make a decision either be enslaved to Bush as they were once enslaved to the Romans or tell him to shove it and eat 'crap' for a few more months until the new US elections in Nov. 2008 hoping the new President will be more understanding...
    Olmert should be forced to resign as he has shown to be another genuflecting tuches kisser and a dim bulb.

  5. Anonymous28/3/09

    once again let it be said, no one has the right to force himself upon another. this is the creed of America.


    An Alarming VIDEO every Westerner should see

    Video::: If you cannot understand Arabic Please, Please read the English Translation...


    These Arabs say plainly that they are asking for volunteers to pass 4 Lbs of Anthrax via underground tunnels on the Mexican border to kill 330,000 Americans...

    Send this to President Obama and ask him if the scheme "Two States Living Side by Side " is worth pursuing.

    JUDEA & SAMARIA are clear and unquestionably JEWISH!

    MiddleEast Political Expressions

  7. Anonymous25/8/09

    Anyone who visited Gush Katif prior to this inhumanity would have seen one of the most beautiful, peaceful places on earth. Almost like the Garden of Eden. Now, it is a garbage dump for rats and terrorists. And the world wants us to leave Judea and Samaria to these people??

  8. Anonymous6/3/11

    I take it this is about the forced evacuation of Gush Katif? I don't understand the language. I have read about Gush Katif, and it's surrender to to the Palestinians. I still don't understand why. I am sure the gesture is merely regarded as proof of weakness to the enemy.
    Regardless of what our de facto gov't in the US does, we support you.
    Hold on.


  9. Anonymous6/3/11

    Its so sad to hear and see such a poewrful but true story....


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