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Home Police General Who Ordered Beating Settlers Keeps Job

Police General Who Ordered Beating Settlers Keeps Job

"I want arrests and I am telling you to use water cannons without holding back. Don't call me, just use the cannons. S__t on them. Let them burn. Use the cannons and batons. Hit them on their lower body and work the way you know how."

"I know these Haredim...I want arrests, arrests is what will break them...I am not a whore who opens her legs... that they will learn."

So spoke Brigadier General Niso Shaham, police commander for the Negev region who first barred the demonstration from taking place and then tried to crush it. He will not lose his job or his post though. For his incompetence in speaking out loud where he could be recorded by a reporter, what was on the minds and in the hearts of Sharon's henchmen, there will be a reprimand and later to be followed by a promotion.

Shaham who once headed police forces in Yerushalayim, renowned for their brutality to protesters and their contempt for the law particularly under the Rabin\Peres\Barak era such as beating Women in Green members and then arrested them for assaulting police officers, is the epitome of what Sharon seeks, compliant thugs to enforce the rulings of his regime.

One of my previous post produced outraged reactions from one pair of bloggers who ranted that I was slandering the police. I am not slandering the police. If anything I am being too kind. The police received orders from their commander to brutalize and abuse men, women and children. They followed those orders as much as they could and they will go on following those orders.

Niso Shaham showed his true face and he is no exception to the rule. His behavior will go unpunished. His achievements in suppressing protests that might impede Sharon's criminal and illegal acts will be praised.


  1. Anonymous24/7/05

    Such a man will find himself the girlfriend of Bubba the Arab one day soon.

  2. Sultan - as much as I hate to admit it what you quoted here is 100% true... you even missed some of what he said that's even worse. I am also outraged that a guy like this is not being punished for what he said... and more than that It scares me a bit to think that if this is what he says in front of the Camera's what he might be saying behind closed doors..

    Having said that I still think it is wrong to accuse all the Police people or being terrible, awfull, Soulless people.. yes there is police brutality I am sure they are not inecent.. but it's not the Entire Israeli police force... it would be like saying that because of the Rodney King Case that all the LAPD are Racist Bruts!!

  3. Anonymous25/7/05

    the problem is when you have a top police commander who gives these kinds of orders and when the media and his superior try to pass off the problem as him 'cursing' there's a serious problem

    it's not a rogue officer here or there or even groups of them as in the LAPD

    no he does not represent every police officer but he does represent to some degree the mindset that is approved of

  4. Anonymous25/7/05

    In the USA this guy would have been out looking for a new job after those comments.
    He is a disgrace to the human race.


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