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New Zealander Chutzpah takes the Kiwi

How else can one describe New Zealand PM and Head Witch Helen Clark demanding that Israel apologize for the supposed abuse of New Zealand passports by two Israelis, who she claimed were Israeli spies. Clark made the apology a precondition for the resumption of diplomatic relations.

Israel then apologized for the actions of its citizens, while stating once again they were not spies. Clark triumphantly held up the apology as a vindication that they had been spies all along.

"We believe there was a very good reason for the apology. The apology has been offered and I think it speaks for itself," Clark told reporters, "It is an acknowledgment that these people were associated with Israeli intelligence agencies. That's always been our belief. What I know is that no country apologizes for the actions of any two ordinary citizens caught up in fraud in another country. There has to be a reason for them to apologize."

Yes Helen, there is a bloody obvious reason for Israel to apologize. You held Israel hostage by demanding that Israel apologize for the illegal actions of two random Israelis before diplomatic relations could be resumed. No normal country does that. Then you trumpet the apology as proof you were right all along.

This is the equivalent of two little kids arguing.

Bobby: Why did you tell your brother to kick me?

Tommy: I didn't tell him to kick you! He did that on his own!

Bobby: Say you're sorry for your brother kicking me or I won't ever talk to you again

Tommy: Okay, I'm sorry my brother kicked you

Bobby: Ha, that's proof. You wouldn't apologize unless you told him to kick you.

This is what it all comes down to. This is the proof one of the ugliest world leaders since Gorbachev has to offer. That and the belief they were sorta vaguely had something to do with somebody's cousin who ran the Mossad cafeteria.

Clark declined to confirm that the agency involved was the Mossad. "We never used that particular ... agency's name, but from the outset we've said we believe the two men were associated with Israeli intelligence," she said.

So they aren't spies anymore. Now they're just associated with some other Israeli intelligence agency? What other agency? You'd think after jailing the two men and starting an international incident by accusing Israel of making handicapped kids cry, she'd have some idea.

Are they supposed to be with Mossad, Shabak, do they warm the meals on El Al Flight 301? To sum up Clark can't name any agency they're with. Now they're not even members of that agency but supposedly have something to do with some Israeli agency whose name Clark doesn't know anyway.

Most blood libels were better constructed than this.


  1. Anonymous3/7/05

    New Zealand has nothing any reputable spy would find interesting.
    Its citizens are all border line morons and its use in the world is debatable.
    Helen Clark is the missing link I hear.

  2. all new zealand has to offer is sheep, sheep and what the sheep leave behind which NZ's use to govern their nation

  3. Anonymous3/7/05

    Helen Clark has a thing for sheep as I heard Arafat did.
    Perhaps Helen the Troglodyte AntiSemite should have a sheep dip treatment on her hair.
    New Zealand isnt a nation its a hog pen.

  4. helen clark used to be a sheep before she contracted 'mad sheep' disease and convinced the other sheep to make her their leader

    of course arabs have a thing for sheep which explains their affinity for the palestinians


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