Home Cages for Jews: Are We Living Under a Tyranny Yet?
Home Cages for Jews: Are We Living Under a Tyranny Yet?

Cages for Jews: Are We Living Under a Tyranny Yet?

In Cairo a group of anti-government demonstrators gathered to protest the Mubarak regime. They chanted slogans briefly until the police moved in beating and dragging them away and arresting the leaders of the protest. The media and international observers for the most part agree that this is illegal and symptomatic of tyrannical regimes.

Mubarak has much to learn from Sharon though. In Israel the police will not wait until the protesters are actually protesting to drag them out of their cars and buses, to beat and detain them. Cars and buses on route or possibly on route to the rally will be stopped and their occupants removed and possibly detained. At the last rally even the bus drivers who were merely paid to drive the buses found themselves in police interrogation rooms. At the government's cabinet meeting two ministers attempted to raise the issue only to be silenced by Sharon. "This is not on the agenda," he said.

By that he means it is not on the agenda for discussion or debate, only for implementation. Cages are being prepeared, as seen above, to cage like captured animals those fathers and mothers and children who resist being thrown out of their homes. Jails are being prepeared to hold thousands, to hold entire families. A discussion was held in the Knesset to open nursery schools in jail. Sharon who has freed thousands of Palestinian terrorists to kill again will jail Jewish children in their place. For now there are dangerous 13 and 14 year old girls imprisoned for protesting against the government. Soon though the government looks forwards to much younger prisoners indeed. This is on the agenda.

“If the police estimates that the crowds that will arrive in Sderot might endanger the Disengagement plan, then it will be legitimate to stop the protesters," the Attorney General has declared. It has become legitimate now to arrest protesters for endangering the future implementation of government programs. By that law's logic any protest against any government program may be broken up, since the goal of any protest against a program is to endanger that program and only protests in favor of a program are legal. Is this tyranny one might ask? One might ask this but not answer it.

It is illegal of course to call the Sharon government a tyranny. Calling Sharon's government a tyranny exposes you to the risk of being called in for questioning into a Shabak or police interrogation room and threatened with imprisonment for calling the existing government a tyranny. What better proof is there of its democratic status can there be than imprisoning those who criticise it? Labor's Haim Ramon shouted once, "You will respect our democracy or we will crush you." That is Sharon's philosophy of democracy as well. Obey or be crushed. Their democracy is a hollow empty word devoid of meaning. Like Mubarak and every other middle eastern tyrant Sharon will soon for re-election. One way or another he will win. He sits in power over a bribed and intimidated Knesset pursuing his own agenda. The agenda he will speak of but his ministers are forbidden to. The agenda of cages.

In the streets the police beat protesters and cells are filled with the enemies of the state. Bigger prisons are being built, bases and tent camps and cages. The state has a prison that fits you too. From the Closed Military Zone of Gush Katif surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards to the small yellow cages good for caging a whole family, Sharon has a cage for everyone. Do not call this a tyranny, that is incitement and extremism; both punishable by law. Do not protest against this or you will be jailed. Do not speak out against it or you will be investigated. Step into your cage. Let the door be closed behind you and squat down. You will be here for a long time.


  1. Never mind yehudi lo megaresh yehudi. Yehudi lo cage yehudi should be even more obvious.


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