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Home Barry Chamish obstructs the fight against Disengagement

Barry Chamish obstructs the fight against Disengagement

UFO researcher and conspiracy nut Barry Chamish has become famous because he made it first to press with a book on Rabin's assassination. Many people perceive him as being on the 'Right' or on our side and his success with 'Who Murdered Yitzchak Rabin' has given him far too much of a voice, a voice he's used to spread confusion, fear and lunatic conspiracy theories.

Those who know Chamish for his writings on Rabin, are less familiar with his background in UFO's reporting on alien spacecraft landing throughout Israel, some of these landings which he supposedly witnessed himself. This however is positively benign in comparison to Chamish's links to Neo-Nazis.

Chamish's articles appeared through Rense.com a foul anti-semitic website which pledges support for Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, claims that Jews are really Khazars and are plotting to control the world. Chamish has endorsed Rense.com and praised the site which happily prints pieces by him like, 'British Freemasonry Covets Israel', 'The Guilt-Ridden Jews Of The New World Order' and 'Practicing For The WTC/Pentagon Attacks In Isreal' (sadly for all of Chamish's knowledge of the inner conspiracies in Israel he occasionally has trouble spelling the country's name.)

Chamish himself was scheduled to appear at a Holocaust Denier convention to promote his books there, until the hotel owners pulled the plug on that witch's sabbath. Chamish had claimed he would go there to speak against Holocaust denial but in fact his own hateful views are the precise reason that he had been invited. Chamish claims that Adolf Hitler was a follower of Shabbatai Tzvi and a son of the Rothschilds and that the Rothschilds funded the Holocaust along with various other Jews such as the Warburg, Schiff and Astor families. Chamish's brand of Holocaust denial is to claim that the Jews themselves were behind the Holocaust. It is no surprise that Holocaust deniers see an ally in him or at best a useful idiot.

Regurgitating a blend of assorted conspiracy theories Chamish ties together the Illuminati, the Rothschilds, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Freemasons, Jesuits, Frankists and the Sabbateans (followers of the false messiah Shabbatai Tzvi whom Chamish claims are behind the Holocaust, the Disengagement and pretty much everything else) into a bizarre concoction familiar to those who occasional encounter the writings of conspiracy nuts. Every death of a famous person in Israel from Ofra Haza to Rafael Eitan was the work of Shabak. (JFK he claims however was killed by the Mossad.) Chamish also blames Shabak for many of the terrorist attacks that have occurred in Israel. In response to the derision and disgust his ghoulish lies elicit from the families of the dead, he claims of course that they are in denial or blackmailed.

There's no shortage of Chamish's in the world, some more famous than others. They discredit every movement they are affiliated with through their lunatic claims. More seriously given airtime they mislead and obstruct. An example of this was Chamish warning against signing a petition against disengagement distributed by the Yesha council. But the broader problem is that they inspire unfocused paranoia and defeatism diverting attention and resources from the real struggle and into fighting phantoms and shadows. Instead of fighting Disengagement, Chamish diverts attention into his ramblings about secret US bases and hidden armies and Netvision's conspiracy to cut off his internet service and the Sabbatean\Illuminati \Rockerfeller \Rothschild \Freemasonic \Frankist \Jesuit conspiracy.

Conspiracy nuts also tend to foster division. Predictably Chamish has gone on a rampage against figures on the right such as Steven Plaut and Daniel Pipes claiming that they're part of the conspiracy too. Sadly Reuven Koret of the otherwise excellent Israelinsider site has joined him in this madness. When our efforts should be focused on Disengagement, they instead become diverted into infighting all the while as Chamish claims that it's all the work of the Freemasons and brandishes low resolution photographs of concrete walls. As long as Chamish continues to be heard on the right, good people will be taken in by his nonsense and resources will be diverted from the real struggle.


  1. Anonymous28/7/05

    Just because Chamish is a nutcase doesn't mean you should dismiss all of what he says.

    A lot of what he says seems quite plausible.

  2. Anonymous28/7/05

    a stopped clock is right twice a day too

    much of what Chamish says consists of the same criticisms of israeli and american policy you can get anywhere

    the unique thing Chamish offers is bizarre conspiracy theories that distraction attention from the real problems and foster paranoia and division

  3. Anonymous29/7/05

    I'll take it a step further. I think the powers that be allow Chamish to spew freely because the truths he exposes are obfuscated by the blatant weirdness that he also peddles and his association with sites like rense.

    That way, people are automatically disinclined to accept or even consider his allegations about Judge Azar's murder, Raful's smashed up car and Itamar Ben Gvir's permanent get-out-of-jail-free card. After all, he publishes on rense.com, so he must be completely full of crap.


  4. Anonymous29/7/05

    shabak has always made use of people like chamish, with or without their consent, because it helps to discredit the right and cover up what is going on

    they can either get one of their agent provacateur to stage a pulsa denura ceremony and then air the tape everything and charge the right with extremism and murder but if there's a usefull idiot who's happy to do it on his own, that only saves them money

    if chamish didn't exist, shabak would have to manufacture him simply to discredit others by association

    as for ben gvir, anyone who still doesn't get that gvir is shabak needs to have their head examined, ditto for avigdor eskin... but these are hardly revelations unique or original to chamish and his association in dealing with occasional truths only helps to cast doubt on them

  5. Sultan - First of all I didn't know you were a commi... good to know..

    other than that... I am not sure how you draw the conclusion that the shabbak has anything to do with Chamish.. if you knew anything about what he wrote about the rabin assasanation (I was a good friend with one of the people who helped him with the "research" on this) he blammed Shabbak for the whole thing..

    The guy is a nut, as you well point out, and should be ignored.. maybe that way he will go away..

    I want to know where you get all your amazing inside Shabbak sources that you know that they do all these things that you say they do... it's interesting that the orginazation that spends so much time and money making sure that Attacks don't take place (and thay are doing it very well), can also spend all the time going against the right (and doing that so poorly).

    you shabbak theories are almost as credible as Chamish's!!

    Shavua Tov

  6. Anonymous30/7/05

    I don't have any inside sources, I'm pointing out that people such as Chamish come in handy, whether they know it or not, for discrediting legitimate issues by association

    shabak's activities targeting the right are well known and hardly a matter of conspiracy theories

  7. Anonymous31/7/05

    It sounds like OY has never heard of the Shabak's Jewish Department. Avishai Raviv is perhaps its best known alumnus. (The Israeli media, when recalling the "heinous" poster of Rabin as Nazi, never fails to overlook the fact that it was Raviv, by his own admission, that printed and distributed the posters.)
    But, hey, if it can still be used to vilfy the Right, then what's the problem?

  8. anon - I am very well aware of the fact that there is a dept. in the shabbak that is meant to deal with the Radical right wing here. what I wanted to know is how Sultan knows that all these things are shabbak.. and more interesting (as I wrote) if these poeple are so good at doing one thing (palistinians) how can they be SO Sloppy when it comes to dealing with the radical right wing.

  9. Anonymous31/7/05

    said shabak department however seems to spend more time faking the jewish radical right wing to justify its own existance and smear the opposition, witness avishai raviv's phony swearing in ceremony or ben gvir's baruch goldstein graveside ceremonies

  10. Anonymous8/1/06

    Nutcase? It is lashon ha ra here! Weird? What do you know about the order of the things!Any of you have seen archive material pertaining to the Shoa in European archives? What are you talking about all the time? This is the same criticism of Chamish as from Pipes, Plaut and their kind of stooges! Never any facts, never any research submited to refute Chamish. Just pointing to any thing that might sound extreme to brainless American and taking it from its own original context! Bravo, masters of the truth! Thank to you, the truth will be buried forever and the evil can spread without resistance. You even can`t know what is bizarre, you don`t have slightest idea what is the reality. Makes me really sick! New Shoa is on its way and Jewish stupids are busy to scoff and spit on the messengers, that brings the warning. Shame on you, you selfsame, arrogant carricatures.

  11. Anonymous7/9/06

    I though he was alright when it came to the Rabin murder but when he started off on UFOS and Neffilin, I could only wash my hands. Nebich.


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