Home President Bush welcomes Chancellor Adolf Hitler to the White House
Home President Bush welcomes Chancellor Adolf Hitler to the White House

President Bush welcomes Chancellor Adolf Hitler to the White House

PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you. Mr. Chancellor, it is my honor to welcome the democratically elected leader of the German people to the White House.

We meet at a time when a great achievement of history is within reach, the creation of a peaceful, democratic Europe. Chancellor Adolf Hitler is seeking that goal by rejecting violence and working for democratic reform. I believe the German people are fully capable of justly governing themselves, in peace with their neighbors. I believe the interests of France, England and all of Europe would be served by a peaceful German state. And I believe that now is the time for all parties of this conflict to move beyond the old grievances of the first world war and act forcefully in the cause of peace.

Chancellor Hitler's election is a tribute to the power and appeal of democracy, and an inspiration to the people across the world. The German people voted against violence and for a stable government that cares for workers and seeks peace with its neighbors.

Mr. Chancellor, the United States and the international community applaud your rejection of violence. All who engage in violence are the enemies of the German people, and must be held to account. We will stand with you, Mr. Chancellor, as you combat corruption, reform the German security services and your justice system, and revive your economy. Mr. Chancellor, you have made a new start on a difficult journey, requiring courage and leadership each day -- and we will take that journey together.

As we work for peace, other countries must step up to their responsibilities. European states must take concrete measures to create a regional environment in Europe conducive to peace. They must offer financial assistance to Germany -- to support the peaceful efforts of Chancellor Hitler, his government and the German people. And they must refuse to assist or harbor anarchists, Communists and Jews.

France, Poland and Czechoslovakia must take concrete steps to improve the lives of ethnic Germans as well as take no steps on their territory that would prejudice any final status agreement with Germany. All French, Polish and Czech towns built on territory claimed by Germany must be dismantled.

Any final status agreement must ensure that Germany receives all the territory it controlled before the First World War and that this territory must be contiguous within Germany itself. This is the position of the United States and the international community and we call on France, Poland and Czechoslovakia to abide by it. Czechoslovakia has agreed to withdraw from portions of territory inhabited by ethnic Germans, Volksdeutsche, and we call upon them to continue this process as it opens up many opportunities for peace.

Chancellor Adolf Hitler has implemented many new ambitious programs intended to fight poverty and unemployment and for this reason he has the support of the German people who seek a peaceful life for themselves. The United States supports him in these efforts.

The people of Europe have endured a long period of challenge, and now, we have reached a moment of hope. Leaders from around the world have made a moral commitment: We will not stand by as another generation in Europe grows up in an atmosphere of violence and hopelessness. With concrete actions by the United States, France, Germany, Italy, England and other nations, we can transform this opportunity into real momentum.

Mr. Chancellor, we will work with you to help realize the dream of a free and democratic Germany, to bring greater freedom, security and prosperity to all peoples in the region, and to achieve the lasting peace we all seek.

Welcome back to the White House.


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