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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

IDF soldier loses eye to Palestinian stone throwers

As Jews prayed at the Kotel, Arab stone throwers began once again their ritual of hate. They threw stones.

In the west arab stone throwing has been portrayed as a heroic act of resistance against the Israeli colonialist oppressor. The image of the stone throwing arab has been celebrated along with t-shirts of che as left wing icons of heroism.

As Jews prayed at the Kotel, IDF soldiers went to defend them and were injured. Because in real life the stones that are thrown hurt, maim and kill. In real life a young IDF soldier will never be able to see as he once did again.

In the US teens who have thrown stones at passing cars and injured or killed the drivers or passengers have gotten hefty sentences but when IDF soldiers respond to stone throwing with rubber bullets they are castigated as monsters.

Israeli and western peace activists and Arab members of parliament move upfront bringing children with them to showcase the brutality of Israelis to photographers while from behind them palestinian arab men hurl rocks and sometimes fire live ammunition. The media sees through the lie but print the lies.

They are blinded and today one of our soldiers was blinded.

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