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Home Clinton's Lies and Collaboration with Al Queda

Clinton's Lies and Collaboration with Al Queda

As the Democrats stage mock hearings on Bush's impeachment and left wing activists chant that Bush staged a war under false pretenses, we might consider the war under false pretenses that Clinton staged in which US troops worked with Al Queda and Iranian terrorists to destroy parts of Yugoslavia and create terrorist states for Kosovo Albanian Muslims and Croats in Bosnia.

Frontpage Magazine has a good article on the attempt to maintain the fraud in Milosevic's war crimes trial by people who ought to be on trial themselves. Meanwhile the papers are full of the search for Radovan Karadzic, the Bosnian Serb leader accused of genocide for shooting a few thousand adult muslim males in what has been dubbed the "Massacre of Srebenica."

Of course when Muslims kill people, it is because they are justifiably outraged by their victims or because a magazine reported that someone flushed a Koran. However when people defend themselves by shooting said Muslims it instantly becomes an atrocity, a massacre and a genocide. This is the usual order of affairs in the West where Muslims are deemed the center of morality and every barbarity of theirs is defended and praised while we trip over ourselves to apologize for having the temerity to offend Islam with our continued existence.

Clinton led us to war in Yugoslavia under the banner of stopping genocide, a genocide that never happened. The UN has admitted it. The mass graves supposedly filled with the Albanian and Croat victims of the Serbs turned out to be frauds. The lurid tales of horrors that were being inflicted on them turned out to be as real as the raped Belgian nuns that were part of the propaganda that helped drag America into the disastrous first world war.

The KLA though and the Muslim terrorists who fought by them proved all too real as we found out when they went on to kill Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq. Al Queda and Iranian terrorists operated with us against the Serbs and then with a terrorist state secured for themselves in Europe, they moved on with their other plans including 9/11 and the murder of those same US troops.

Recovered at an Afghanistan al Qaeda training camp was an Albanian Kosovar’s application reading, “I have Kosovo Liberation Army combat experience against Serb and American forces. ...I recommend (suicide) operations against (amusement) parks like Disney.”

Democrats have never ceased to blame Bush for 9/11 though it happened barely into his term. The real villain are the Democrats and Bill Clinton. Clinton collaborated with Al Queda and Iran in Yugoslavia. Bill Clinton ignored and failed to act despite repeated Al Queda attacks. Bill Clinton cultivated terrorists from Arafat to the KLA to the IRA. He made the White House a flophouse for Marxist and Muslim terrorists.

Clinton pushed Oslo and kept Arafat in power for a decade resulting in thousands dead in Israel and a situation in which Israel is on the brink of extermination. Bush has plenty to answer for in his failure to fight the War on Terror but it was Clinton who embraced terrorism and turned America into a partner with Terrorists.

Clinton lied. Countless died.


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