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Blood on their Hands

According to White House Spokesthing Scott McClellan, the White House still sorta has problems with terrorists who kill Israelis, though not nearly as much as terrorists who kill other people, but he wants to make an important distinction.

There is “a big difference” between people who “may be members of organizations, but are not terrorists, versus terrorists, people who have blood on their hands,” White House spokesman Scott McClellan said in March.

In recent Palestinian elections, “you saw that there may have been people elected that may have been members of Hamas, but they weren’t terrorists,” he said.

Undoubtedly McClellan will keep this distinction in mind when members of Al Queda who were not directly involved in military operations run for Congress. Funny how the Bush administration which once upon a time declared war on terror is now fighting congress to fund palestinian terrorists and legitimize them.

Is there a difference between terrorists with blood on their hands and their enablers?


  1. Anonymous6/6/05

    the only difference is if a terrorist kills a jew or anyone else

  2. Anonymous8/6/05

    Frankly, they just want to the pseudo-Jews off their backs so they can make their real plans in peace.

    If they can't sell religious fanaticism to their own people, what makes you think you can sell yours?

  3. Anonymous9/6/05

    anonymous how would you like me to push my fist down your throat so far I can remove your appendix for you . Cowardly little liberal gay boy.


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