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From two Months to Forever

Neriah Ofan, a father and husband, has been placed under indefinite administrative detention on baseless allegations. His real crime was organizing protests against Sharon's forced expulsion of Jews from their homes. He will recieve no trial and no charges against him will be brought to court. He will simply be detained at the pleasure of the authorities indefinetly.

Meanwhile in Tel Aviv a man who raped his 11 year old cousin for two years has been given two months of community service with no jail time whatsoever after a psychological evaluation found that he had no pedophiliac tendencies, despite the pedophilia he had committed and found that he had "difficulty sleeping at night, and found the possibility of jail very distressing."

This is of course most shocking and I think we should excuse all criminals who find the possibility of jail troubling, from going to jail. We certainly don't want to add to their trauma.

Meanwhile in comparing traumas the little girl he raped "began to lose her religious faith, had difficulty sleeping and suffered from recurring nightmares. She also lost all of her hair, and had to wear a wig." Yet it is not her suffering that is primary in the mind of the court but the suffering of her rapist

But this is the logical outcome of Oslo too. The logical outcome of post-zionism in which activists are concerned over jailed Hamas and Fatah terrorists but the murder of Jewish children in the territories are meaningless to them. In which the whole moral framework of right and work was upended to make the guilty innocent and the innocent guilty and to murderers into heroes of peace and their victims into obstructions to peace.

We say 'He who is merciful to the cruel will come to be cruel to those he should have mercy on,' and the warped values of the left continue demonstrating this with codes that cater to the rights of the perpetrator and not the victim. The world's embrace of the terrorists and the 1 billion muslims that want to wipe out a few million Jews as victims and the Jews as the perpetrators is simply the ultimate extension of that same warped value system.

And so Ofer sits in jail and a child rapist who was whining because he was afraid of prison goes free. From two months to forever.


  1. Anonymous11/5/05

    The child rapist will do it again and again and again.
    Israel sucks lately.
    They have thrown Hashem out and with him went all sanity.

  2. yes he will and he whines to the court and the court accepts his whining

    and what of the tears of the children he'll abuse

  3. Anonymous11/5/05

    Women did this sentence. They should be publically horse whipped for this decision. Women indeed. Turn in your cards girls and I will be the first to flog you for this .
    Tnere is a name for this kind of female.. WOOF Woof

  4. they're sick, and well in some cases it seems as if women can be more sympathetic and understanding of evil people


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