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Two Truths about Rachel Corrie

I got a comment on the 'Forgotten Rachel's' post yesterday telling me I did not need to demonize Rachel Corrie to defend the victims of terrorism. It is no matter that demonizing Israel, justifying terrorism and the murder of those victims was exactly the business of Rachel Corrie and her organization ISM and is a buisness her parents are carrying on, on her behalf after death.

There is however no need to demonize Rachel Corrie, only to speak the truth. And the truth will stand on its own.

This photo below is the first truth.

It is very different from the photos that those trying to elevate Rachel Corrie to sainthood as a peace activist who only wanted little Arab and Jewish children to play together in one sandbox want you to see.

It is a photo of a woman full of hate. A woman who attended Hamas and Fatah rallies. Who burned the Israeli and American flags before watching children at rallies calling for the victory of terrorism; for murder and for more killing. It is not a woman who came to bring peace but one who came to participate in an orgy of death.

Rachel Corrie's organization ISM was linked to the entry of the British suicide bombers who struck Mike's Place and hid wanted terrorists in their own offices. ISM openly endorses terrorism against Israel. Corrie herself vividly endorsed and supported terrorism and terrorists.

Consider the following excerpt from her online diary entitled, 'Courage And More Martyrs' with the martyrs of course in her twisted mind being the terrorists and not their victims. (note that in 'Terrorspeak' a fighter or a martyr is a terrorist and the illegal occupying force are israeli soldiers.)

"In retaliation for this murderous attack, fighters last night offered their life for their friend and killed two of the illegal occupying force, and injuring another. Two young fighters were killed and I don't yet know the extent of other injuries...put all the Israeli/American propaganda aside for a few minutes and try to imagine, please, the courage it requires to do what these young fighters do, knowing that the odds are against escape and that, every time they do succeed in evading death, the odds against a further survival are shortened. Even if the operation is a success the price is always high.

And every time the Israeli Command terrorises Nablus as today with tanks and Jeeps and APC's bristling with death at every junction within the city, operating a lock-down even worse than before (how can this be possible), more Martyrs are ready to defend the honour of Palestine and fight for the freedom of surely the most gentle, generous and peaceful people on earth."

These are not the words of a peace activist, these are the words of a woman who fiercely believed in terrorism and hoped they would kill as many Israelis as possible. This is not a woman who was a victim but a victimizer. Who did not just sympathize with the terrorists but wanted to do as much as could for them until she finally put herself in harm's way protecting the smuggling tunnels through which the terrorists brought arms into Israel.

This is the second truth.

In life Rachel Corrie was a terrorist sympathizer, in death she is being made into an Aryan female martyr with the evil Jews as her torturers and murderers. The portrayal of her death as being repeatedly tormented by being run over by an Israeli bulldozer for wanting to bring peace and prevent the demolition of Arab Palestinian houses is another blood libel. Blood libels are not foreign to the middle east and certainly not foreign to the westerners who want to use her smiling blond photo to indict Israel and anyone who supports Israel. To permit her to be treated as a saint, to allow their myth to go unchallenged is to hand another propaganda coup to our enemies and to the terrorists.

The portrayal of Rachel Corrie's death by ISM and her parents and the media is a lie. She was not killed by a bulldozer. ISM's own eyewitnesses were utterly inconsistent when trying to describe how she died. The autopsy report showed that she was not killed from being run over by a bulldozer but killed by falling dirt and concrete moved as she stood behind a mound of dirt by the bulldozer out of sight of the bulldozer. The bulldozer was not there to demolish any houses and no houses were demolished but was there as part of a search for explosives.

But the big lie goes on and it is our duty and obligation as Jews and as ethical moral people to challenge the lies and to challenge the portrayal of a woman who aided and abetted murderers as an innocent victim.


  1. Anonymous19/4/05

    The Rachel Corrie diaries are fake.
    note the spelling of favourite and neighbour, not american at all.
    Yet Rachel was american.
    They faked these.

  2. it appears to have been transcribed by a NZ paper

  3. Anonymous19/4/05

    That girl can open her mouth wide . Thats a good way to catch flies.
    Now its obvious to me that she was a Vegan and that the lack of good rich red blood to her brain had begun to effect her negatively.
    I dont wish to disparage her religion but I will anyway. She looks Amish or something what in the world was she?
    I dont think the Amish are into women opening their mouths like that.
    Don't some women care how they photograph at all? I mean this photo is there for posterity baby and that girl looks demented in the extreme.
    Lack of red meat will do that to you.
    I think she would look well on a poster with the Caption : "Don't Let this Happen to You Girls"


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