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Imprisoned 13 year old girls set free

Several girls ranging from 13 in age in Hevron were ordered jailed by Judge Amnon Cohen over Pesach for attempting to rebuild a house in Hevron. Today they were freed after all. To Americans ideas like slavery and freedom can often some abstract and not truly relevant to our lives; but that is an illusion bred by comfort and security.

The struggle for freedom, the true freedom of Judaism rather than the Orwellian prison of liberal freedom that divides men into castes and turns them into slaves of a bureacratic state; is ongoing.

The thugs of the mistara, who have in the past claimed that 70 year old women and small children attacked them; claimed that the 13 year old girls attacked them. The girls were offered to be released by Judge Amnon Cohen (well renowed for bootlicking arabs and persecuting jews) if they signed an agreement to stay away from a jewish neighborhood that has been repeatedly demolished. They refused and were sentenced to jail.

Few of us are prepeared to be jailed indefinetly for standing up for what is right, but those girls were and today they are free again. Like Shiprah and Puah: they did not fear law, they feared G-d and they were set free.

The left all across the world seeks a police state that frees criminals and criminalizes freedom. That sets criminals free to maim, rape, torture and kill; in the name of civil rights and views Muslim terrorists as heroes. We seek to be free of the lies and doublespeak that underlies the left's ideology, its political correctness, its civil rights, its murders disguised as mercy killings, its wars disguised as interventions and its oppressive totalitarian state; disguised as a fight for the people's rights. We seek to serve G-D and reject the idolatry of the left and its moral equivalence that says of good, evil and of evil, good and know that until we reject it, we are never fully free.


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