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Europeans See Issue As Strictly Medical

'Europeans See Issue As Strictly Medical' the headline on the Washington Post article reads when reffering to the Terry Schiavo case.

What does medical mean. One might imagine that this means they see the issue purely in terms of saving and preserving life, following the Hippocratic oath, First Do No Harm; but not at all. To Europeans a medical issue, means that once the Doctor decides a life is expendable that treatment is denied. And a feeding tube includes medical treatment.

This is the same understanding of medicine that the Germans had in which medicine does not exist to save lives but to balance the quality of life against its expense, a decision that is in the hands of the doctors.

In the Netherlands, where euthanasia has been legal since April 2002, the struggle over whether to remove Schiavo's feeding tube would not have happened because "here it's more accepted that the doctors make those decisions," said Rob Jonquiere, head of the pro-euthanasia group NVVE

Thus we go from the family or next of kin and the individual deciding what treatment they want to the doctor deciding what treatment they feel is usefull. If no treatment is usefull, the individual can be killed with no compassion or compunction.

As medicine becomes more socialized and centralized, indeed the individual himself becomes the property of the state. His medical care is paid for by the state and therefore the state has the right to decide how he lives or dies, after all the state is paying the bills and the doctors are the ones who punch the clock of life or death in the socialist state. Accepted to some, Rejected to others.

When doctors forget that they do the work of G-D, truly they come to believe that they are G-D.


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