Home Torah Version 1.3
Home Torah Version 1.3

Torah Version 1.3

For the 'Modern' Shuls we are produce to announce the release of Torah Version 1.3 has now been announced on convenient portable form.

This will require some changes in synagogue procedures.

Opening the Aron will now only involve the push of a button and correcting any damaged letters can be done in Microsoft Word.

Hagbah will now involve lifting up the CD-Rom out of the drive and Glilah replacing it in its jewel case.

Now please pass the plate


  1. Anonymous21/3/05

    I kinda like it. It goes well with my old *tanach as literature * course. *puke*
    can we get android rabbonim now?
    I cant wait to program those suckers to my specifications.

  2. Anonymous21/3/05

    by the way all my comments are written while munching on juicy rare red meat. I just want to clarify that.

  3. We are your rabbonim....you will be assimilated to our hashkafah...resistance is futile


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