Home Palestinians appoint Crackhead as ambassador
Home Palestinians appoint Crackhead as ambassador

Palestinians appoint Crackhead as ambassador

Attallah Quiba, the Palestinian ambassador in Sri Lanka, believes that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was killed by unnamed Israelis using advanced technology, the Island newspaper said.

Responding to questions at a media conference in Colombo on Friday, Quiba claimed that two Israelis who met Arafat on the day he was taken sick "used a laser device to attack Arafat."

Quiba was quoted as saying the Palestinian Authority immediately informed the Israeli government of the "attempt on Arafat's life." Samples of Arafat's blood were tested in 16 countries and it was revealed that he had been poisoned by high technology, he said.

Frankly I think we should have let our Martian brethren handle this one but really, when reading things like this you have to wonder if the speaker isn't on drugs or simply out of his mind but then you read him quoted seriously in a Malaysian newspaper and realize that they take it seriously too and that much of the Arab and Muslim world believes similar things and you can only come to one plausible conclusion, that the ability to distinguish common sense (rather than any high standard such as absolute truth) from utter raving lunacy is not a particularly common trait in the world.

But lest Jews or Americans become too complacent on the subject, we have no shortage of lunatics in influential positions, we just have enough common sense not to appoint them ambassadors because we know it will look bad.


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