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Only Turkeys love Hitler

"Booksellers say “Mein Kampf,” or “Kavgam” in Turkish, has featured among the top 10 bestsellers in the past two months, to the dismay of the country’s small Jewish community."

This is really no great surprise though. Turkey has an islamist government and its period of secularism is over. The media now blares out deranged incitement against America and Israel and Al Queda has a local base of operations and has carried out an attack on a synagogue there.

For all that Turkey's government is pushing to join the EU, Turkey is now no different than any other muslim country and its further slide will only continue the more of a grip Islam will have on it.

And to anyone who thinks Muslims are odd or ignorant for worshipping Hitler because Hitler was a racist, this is a misleading lie told by those who want to turn the Holocaust into a lesson on bigotry. Hitler was not a racist, he was a racialist and he was an ally of Islam and Muslims. There were two Muslim SS divisions and the Mufti of Jerusalem was his ally who helped push for the implementation of the Holocaust. Muslims today simply mourn that Hitler failed, that Jews survived and plot and scheme to finish his bloody work.


  1. Anonymous30/3/05

    Turkey should be Stuffed and served with cranberry sauce after plucking well and cutting off its head.
    Hitler should have gotten stuffed too.
    The cranberries were too good for him.
    Besides he cremated himself and cranberry doesnt go well with charcoal.

  2. it's spoiled turkey by now, they let it lie too long in the mediterrenian and now it thoroughly stinks

    hitler got himself just charred which is what turkey should do


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