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A Lone Horseman Rides North

It was late evening as I was walking home from Shul along a dark deserted street when I began to hear the sounds of hoofbeats. Not footsteps, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks or cars - but the hoofbeats of an approaching horse.

Though the street was empty, I waited for the light to change and then out between two parked cars, a horse came trotting out. It was a police horse with a police officer on its back walking through the street as if it was 1896 all over again. One hoof after another passsed over the asphalt and underneath the streetlights.

Behind him came a black shiny lexus all tricked out, even its fumes breathed money, the driver obviously impatient but not willing to risk honking at a police horse. Instead the lexus did its best to pass the horse on a narrow street.

The horse though refused to step aside and the Lexus did everything but the unthinkable act of running down a police horse. As the moon shone above, the lexus followed the horse between the rows of parked cars waiting impatiently for its chance to cut the horse off.

For a moment I wondered which of them was crazier, the rider and the driver, and then I decided they were both New Yorkers and so it was probably a tie.


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