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A chechen pig in a poke

'Human rights activists', you know those people whose idea of human rights involves endorsing every terrorist group determined to kill their countrymen are screeching in absolute and utter horror because Russia will not be returning the body of a Chechen leader responsible for the massacre at Beslan among others.

Reuters aids and abets the screeching

Russian and foreign media raised questions over the manner of the veteran rebel's death and activists have slammed the decision to bury him in an unmarked grave...the....half-naked corpse has been shown repeatedly on television and critics say Russia's failure to treat him with dignity in defeat threatens to radicalise Chechen rebels further.

Well he staged massacres, blew up hospitals in command a terrorist group who took a school full of children hostage and killed and raped many of them. I think dumping him in an unmarked grave is the kindest thing the russians could have done. Stuffing him full of pig intestines and using him as a pinata would seem much appropriate.

But as usual the left wing which are the 'human rights activists and the media' find nothing too troubling in any of the above but showing him shirtless and dead on television, well good heavens. How can other human beings behave this way! The horror, the humanity!

nd of course the usual excuse they come up with is, 'it may radicalize the terrorists' now presumably bombing Grozny into rubble would not radicalize the terrorists (those are terrorists not rebels you know), killing their leader would not radicalize the terrorists but dumping his body in an unmarked grave instead of returning it to their nest where they can build a shrine to him and inspire future generations of little chechenyans to don fur hats and go on killing sprees... that will radicalize the terrorists!
But analysts say the relative moderate's death could open the way for extremists to take full control of separatist forces.
So according to Reuters the guy who has schoolchildren raped and murdered is a moderate. Dare we ask what Reuters considers to be an extremist?

And activists say the decision to invoke Russia's anti-terrorism law and refuse to give his body for burial by relatives, who have already appealed for its return, is a violation of human rights. "We think the refusal to hand back the killed man's body to his relatives for burial is shameful," said a statement by a group of prominent Russian rights activists
No what's shamefull is that a man responsible for more deaths of children since any terrorist since Yasir Arafat is being coddled by the vomitious filth infesting western and now eastern societies that demand human rights for their monsters and none for their victims.

His death was not the result of an accidental clash, but, as the government has confirmed, the result of a well-prepared FSB operation. There is no doubt that the technical capabilities of the special forces would have allowed them to take him alive -- and he could have had a fair trial."

A trial with what possible purpose? To prove he was the leader of the Chechnyan terrorists? He gave interviews boasting of it? To prove the Chechnyan terrorists were responsible for the massacres they took credit for? What possible use would a trial be except publicity for those same terrorists?

"In the first place this is inhuman and immoral ... this is extra sorrow for the relatives because for Chechens burial is very important in the grieving process," said Tatyana Lokshina, who covers Chechnya for the Moscow Helsinki Group, Russia's oldest independent human rights organization.
Yes, the problem is his priority has been to bury others rather than keep himself alive. If he had spent less time engaged in inhuman and immoral terrorism, he would not need to be buried now. If he had cared more for his family he would still be alive today. Our pity should be reserved for the relatives of his victims, not the relatives of the killer who supported his murderous rampages all the way.

And more to the point in our culture, shooting the killers of our children and then treating his body like the garbage it is, is a very important part of the grieving process too and we kindly ask all human rights activists to respect that part of our culture.


  1. Anonymous15/3/05

    They say the body of Mozart was thrown in a debters grave and covered with lime to speed decomposition.
    Yet the moaners whose hearts ache for the evil of this world would give state funerals to the likes of arafat and this monster.
    Whatever happened to the concept of evil people.
    Why must society today look for reasons and excuses for evil.
    Evil is as evil does. It needs no excuse. It behaves as it wills without regard for humanity or sacred things.
    Russia gave him far more dignity than he deserved.

  2. Anonymous15/3/05

    What I want to know is why do so many people today identify with evil rather than with good.

  3. people identify and make excuses for evil perhaps because it's easier to identify with evil than good

    to identify with evil is to lower yourself, to identify with good requires raising yourself up

    all the bleeding hearts who weep for terrorists and murderers need to do is raise them up and in the process feel self-righteous about it too


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