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Why Neither Conservatives nor Liberals Will Stop Immigration

Immigration can be a blessing or immigration can be a curse. The difference is often a question of selectivity. It's a question of who those immigrants are and what their values are. Most nations have been shaped by migrating populations, for the better or the worse.

Sometime around the 19th century American Democrats discovered that immigrants were more than just a useful source of cheap labor, but that they were ideal for farming out and creating a power base. Aaron Burr, who would go on to become the Democratic Vice President under Jefferson, kill Alexander Hamilton and plot a Northern secession and a takeover of Mexico, got his first taste of power when he used a fraudulent ice company funding scheme to open up New York voting to non-property owners. By the 19th century Democrats were legalizing immigrants right off the boat with two witnesses on hand to swear to the status of every newly arrived immigrant, even if he didn't speak English.

The problem was that most of those immigrants tended to get jobs, produce a second generation, move on and become socially or politically conservative. Unions provided a temporary stopgap for Democrats trying to hold on to the working class vote but Reagan beat them there. Race and religion proved to be somewhat more enduring methods of plantation politics, but in the end those were far too feeble bases. To perpetuate the Democratic vote, perpetual immigration was and is required. New immigrants feed the Democratic party which is based around catering to the supposedly disenfranchised. Of course that requires disenfranchised people which requires constant immigration.

In Europe, liberal parties discovered the same thing late in the 20th century, that the flow of immigrants who were there as cheap labor if given the vote, would be certain to vote for them. These parties were forced to make the same transition that the American liberal Tammany Hall party machine had made when it went from keeping the Irish out to inviting them in, once it was clear that harnessing immigrants meant a seat of power for liberal politicians.

One might imagine that conservatives would see things otherwise, but that is too naive. Conservatism is the flip side of liberalism, conservative movements often require some progressive movement to be reactionary toward, just as some clergymen need violent movies and pornography to denounce, many conservative politicians need immigration to create a constant flow of change in order to secure their own place with a traditional constituency.

Consider Tancredo's endorsement of Romney, a candidate best known for campaigning on immigration endorsing a candidate with nearly no immigration credibility whatsoever. But what a politician appears to value is not what he always really values.

Politicians are often lawyers and often think the way lawyers do. To remain in demand, you need a problem that appeals to a certain segment of the public, which also requires that the problem continue being a problem. If divorce ended, divorce lawyers would be out of business. If murder rates dropped, what would criminal defense attorneys do. There are plenty of conservative politicians that campaign against immigration but would not remotely want the problem to go away.

Beyond them of course, American conservatives have come to represent free enterprise, which in its distorted sense places the interests of corporations above the interest of the nation or the public. And corporations want cheap labor above all else. Big businesses in the 19th century in the supposedly anti-slavery North were willing to embrace slavery to keep the international trade going. Those same businesses promoted the importation of immigrants in order to feed the machine of Industrial slavery that took in 7 year olds and spat out disfigured and blinded 9 year olds. Not as much has changed as people like to think. Politicians face a business climate in which businesses demand that either a blind eye is turned to their illegal labor practices or they'll move on to Mexico or China. And so the blind eye gets turned regardless of who is in office because in the end politicians protect the jobs and businesses in their district and every politician has such businesses to protect.

Finally both liberal and conservative politicians are dedicated to government spending, which requires an expanding tax base which requires an expanding population of workers. With birth rates dropping across the West, that expanding population can only come from immigration. Neither liberal nor conservative politicians are genuinely committed to cutting entitlements or cutting pork or cutting budgets and to keep the flow of spending going, more workers must be taxed, more corporations must be appeased with cheap labor and the great river of immigration must continue.


  1. "Why Neither Conservatives nor Liberals Will Stop Immigration"

    I hope you did not intentionally remove "illegal" from the title.
    Thast is what the liberal media does to scare LEGAL immigrants into voting for the dems.

  2. I was covering 'legal' Islamic immigration into Europe

    as well as all forms of destructive immigration vs constructive immigration

  3. Legal or illegal nations of the west are systematically losing their ethnic face and original makeup and being replaced by third world nations.
    It is not wrong for China to remain Chinese, Japan.. Poland..
    but for some reason the west in America and Europe and in Israel must give way to others and be replaced and cannot have national pride of any kind or risk being called racist.
    It is the ultimate replacement 'theology'.

  4. Anonymous8/1/08

    The British MSM really have woken up and are beginning to reflect the national mood on Muslim immigration.

    Here are five newspaper excerpts from today's Islamophobia Watch in addition to yesterday's Hard-hitting Daily Express article:

    Daily Mail


    Daily Telegraph 1

    Daily Telegraph 2

    Sunday Telegraph

    The £64000 question is how do we turn this tide of revulsion against the Death-cult into poliitical action? Is it too late? These parasites have wormed their way into every aspect of national life and are producing poisons which are killing the Body Politic.

    And they are still entering at the rate of several hundred every day, and swarming and breeding like maggots when they get here. Meanwhile the political parties dare not admit that there is a problem - partly because they are chasing the 'Muslim Vote' - and partly because to stop the influx would be to acknowledge that Muslims are bad for the country (to put it mildly), and thus admit that they have allowed a major national disaster to occur on their watch.

    The first rule of finding yourself in a hole is to stop digging. But the mainstream parties won't even do that.

    Four actions are needed to save Britain.

    (1) Immediate end to Muslim immigration
    (2) Immediate deportation of all illegals.
    (3) Removal of children from Muslim parents where abuse is possible (physical abuse such as FGM and mental abuse such as hate-cult indocrination)
    (4) Internment of all illegals or potential terrorists who can't be deported.

    To our American cousins I would say it isn't too late for you, but if you do nothing for another five years you'll be in the same state as Britain. You must stop importing terrorists now!

  5. No one is going to stop importing terrorists and criminals.
    They serve a purpose for now.
    Also once the moslems are gone, the church will rise once again to fill its shoes. 6 of one and half a dozen of the other as they say.


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