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The Ideology of Ecology and the Dictatorship of the Ecoliteriat

The convergence of socialism and environmentalism is one of the more oddball ideological alliances, when you consider that socialist and particularly Communist countries have been some of the world's worst polluters. "Mastery over Nature" was the guiding doctrine of the Soviet Union and still is in Communist China or Cuba. The key to this convergence of opposites lies in their mutual opposition to free enterprise, and their belief that unregulated human endeavors are threats that need to be controlled. As Western socialist countries began replacing industrial jobs with bureaucratic ones and positions on the dole for everyone else; national endeavors gave away to international regulatory bodies, and the ideology of ecology no longer seemed as hostile to socialist aims. The Great Socialist Fraud is its substitution of Unrepresentative Social Class Defense in place of Representative Democracy. Or to break it down, socialists claim to seek power in order to represent peo

Friday Afternoon Roundup -The Congress of Corruption and a Turkish

Here we are headed down the dark tunnel of the Obama regime. Poorly disguised as a "Stimulus Plan", the Democrats' Congress of Corruption passed a huge spending plan filled to the brim with waste and pork, and of course support for their own leftist alliances that helped them take power, including ACORN. And in a remarkable victory for Principles over Pork, not a single Republican voted for the plan. Not long after Obama had warned Republicans that they ought to listen to him since "he won", rather than to Rush Limbaugh, they listened to Rush Limbaugh, and won a victory of principles. Even now support for the Stimulus plan is nearly half and half, which shows just how unpopular the plan is, when you compare it to the approval ratings for Obama. The early start that the Democratic Junta is making on embarrassing itself with its own smog of corruption is truly impressive. Not only have Blagojevich and Patterson created two giant embarrassments for the party, but f

Obama's New America

When the Greeks sought to enter Troy, first they laid siege to the city but when they realized that its defenses would not fall, they instead built something that mirrored the Trojans' beliefs, and let them do the hard work of bringing it into their city, along with the enemy force hidden inside. There are two sides to the left's ongoing siege of America. One side is the openly hostile one, the radicals who hold rallies cursing America, waving bloodstained puppets and burning American soldiers in effigy. Their pamphlets promise a coming revolution and a war against American fascism. Then there is the truly dangerous one. This side of the left is far more numerous and well established. It does not openly talk about destroying America, instead it talks about reforming America, bringing fairness and justice to all. It wraps its agenda in the American flag, even when its agenda is legitimizing flag burning. Its organizations have names like People for the American Way or the Center

Housebreaking Islam

What happens when you bring a new dog into the house and it makes a mess on your rug or bites you on the leg. The first thing you do is take a rolled up newspaper and thwack it on the nose. Then you say firmly, "Bad Dog." When it comes to Muslim violence however the West has long ago not only stopped thwacking Muslims on the nose with a newspaper, but doesn't even bother to say, "Bad Dog" anymore. What if the dog bit one of your kids hard enough to require stitches, and instead of getting rid of it, you instead blamed your own family for not working hard enough to make the dog feel accepted. So while the blood is still running down your kid's leg, you thwack him on the nose, and pet the dog on the head while saying, "Good Dog." Sure at some point the state might step in, but the problem is that the dog is 1.5 billion Muslims, and you are the state. Europe is slowly coming around to the idea that Islam must be housebroken, even as America continues

Israel Must Win by Winning

Let's cut through all the debates. The issue here isn't really White Phosphorus or fuel for Hamas or terrorists using ambulances and hospitals as cover, or the morality of human shields. None of those were ever really the issue, no more than the spindly 45 kilometers of Gaza were the impetus for war. Israel is being held to a double standard, but there is one single core at the heart of that double standard. And it has nothing to do with how much land Israel is or isn't willing to give back, how many checkpoints Israel has to keep terrorists out, or whether the Separation Wall should swing one kilometer left or right. None of those are the issue. Only this is. Does Israel have the right to exist. Israel withdrew from Gaza, ethnically cleansed its own population to do it, turned over the land, and then watched Gaza be taken over by Hamas, a group that's first cousin to Al Queda, which refused to even negotiate any permanent peace, and began lobbing rockets at Israe

Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

America's got debt fever and the only prescription is more socialism. Democratic administrations since FDR, particularly the Clinton Administration, pushed government involvement in home lending. They did it backed by the same kind of cheery "Every American Deserves to Own a Home" rhetoric, we're already hearing from the Office of the Imaginary President in his speeches. But of course while every American might deserve to own a home, not every American can realistically afford to own a home. Ignoring that reality requires making a lot of bad loans, that were made with the best of politically correct intentions. Liberal fatcats like the Sandlers got filthy stinking rich off those loans and kicked over their profits to fund and found ultra-liberal groups that would promote liberal candidates, including a certain friend of Chicago slumlords, Barry Hussein. Wall Street firms had a ball with them until the bottom dropped out, and off they went to D.C. with their ha

Deprogramming Obama Cultists

There is a basic difference between a cult and a political movement. A political movement is geared around issues, a cult is built around a belief that attaching yourself to a particular guru can teach you how to be a better person and "redeem" you and the rest of the world. You can demonstrate that a political movement is wrong, but demonstrating that a cult is wrong does no good whatsoever. A cult leader functions by convincing his followers to become emotionally and physically invested in the idea that only by following them can they be saved. Cult membership has to be broken, like any emotionally based addiction. For our purposes, we can classify Obama cultists into several categories. 1. Far left - Many members of the far left got on board with Obama, but often as a means to an end without actually believing his hype. Paradoxically they actually represent a small share of hard core Obama cult believers. Even when they do need deprogramming, there really is no point to i

Remembering Rabbi Hollander

Rabbi Hollander warned America, “The Arabs are already saying, ‘Today Aza (Gaza), Tomorrow Jerusalem. Soon they will be saying, Today Jerusalem,! Tomorrow America, G–d forbid. Americans take note while there is still time.” Rabbi David Hollander was from another generation, a time when Orthodox Rabbis did not bow to discretion or found themselves silenced by the politically correct whims of liberalism . Instead even in the Age of Political Correctness, he continued to fight for what was for right well into his nineties-- dying as the oldest pulpit Rabbi in America at the age of 96 . His uncompromising stands would often result in him being marginalized and mocked by an increasingly liberal generation of Modern Orthodoxy in America, who no longer took the causes he fought for seriously. Yet he refused to be politically correct, he refused to be silenced, and refused to see evil and not speak up against it. “I represent the right wing,” he says. “I took a very strong

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Obama's Solidarity with Terrorists

Barack Hussein Obama's first phone call to a foreign leader was placed not to any of America's traditional allies, but to the head of a terrorist group, Mahmoud Abbas, a PLO terrorist and current leader of Fatah, who currently maintains thousands of terrorists on his payroll, and was responsible for securing funding for the 1972 Olympic massacre. As a founding member of Fatah, and part of the PLO, Abbas was part of an organization responsible for the murder of Americans, including the murder of wheelchair bound Leon Klinghoffer, as well as the abduction and murder of the American Ambassador to Sudan Cleo Allen Noel, Jr. and Chargé d'Affaires George Curtis Moore. As well as an organization responsible for such terrorist acts as hijacking four jets bound for New York City, an act that certainly helped inspire Al Queda's plans for 9/11. Obama could have placed his first phone call to the Prime Minister of England or Australia, to France's Sarkozy or for that mat