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The Military Went Woke. Now It Can’t Find Recruits

The military is facing the worst recruiting environment since the end of the Vietnam War. The Army is at only 40% of its recruiting numbers for the fiscal year despite raising its maximum enlistment bonus from $40,000 to $50,000. It now offers new recruits up to $10,000 for showing up to basic training in 30 days. And is no longer even asking them for a high school diploma. "We've never offered $50,000 to join the Army," Maj. Gen. Kevin Vereen, head of U.S. Army Recruiting Command, said. While the Army runs anime lesbian wedding ads, it’s pushing away the recruits it needs, young patriotic men from traditional backgrounds. When the Biden administration’s brass decided to mandate vaccinations, they automatically rejected the 60% of potential recruits who aren’t. By Obama’s second term, male Army ROTC cadets were being forced to march in women’s high heels. Under Biden, that escalated to mandatory transgender pronoun training while figuring out living arrangements f

Whom Would You Kill?

The proximity of two Supreme Court decisions, one upholding the right to carry guns for self-defense, and the other, dispensing with Roe v. Wade and the myth of a constitutional basis for abortion, has unleashed the furies of political outrage and hot takes. “Gonna be very weird if Supreme Court ends a constitutional right to obtain an abortion next week, saying it should be left to the States to decide, right after it just imposed a constitutional right to concealed carry of firearms, saying it cannot be left to the States to decide,” Neal Katyal, Obama's Solicitor General and a potential Democrat Supreme Court nominee tweeted. He wasn’t alone. "States can’t decide how to regulate guns. Also SCOTUS: States decide how to regulate women’s bodies and abortion," St. Louis Mayor Tishaura O. Jones tweeted. "The Supreme Court's back-to-back decisions on guns and abortions have the practical impact of preventing Democratic states from regulating guns — and allowing Repu

Where Are the Abortion Insurrection Hearings?

Friday evening’s Arizona State Senate session had to be cut short as the legislative body came under siege from Abortion Insurrection rioters. "We have a security threat outside," Senate President Karen Fann announced. Legislators were evacuated into the basement and then had to be evacuated once again from the basement after tear gas fumes being used to stop the insurrectionists entered the building. The Arizona Department of Public Safety reported that a pro-abortion rally by "an estimated 7,000 to 8,000 people" turned into "anarchical and criminal actions by masses of splinter groups" who "attempted to breach the doors of the Arizona Senate and force their way into the building. The violence of their efforts literally shook the building". The statement reported that “the glass doors bowed from attempts of forced entry” and noted damage to a variety of war memorials including those honoring murdered police officers and veterans of the Korean

Obama Said He Would Make History. Now He's Been Indicted.

“Let’s make history happen,” Obama told the cheering crowd at the Ice Palace Film Studios in Miami. “Andrew has lived the American dream. And if you give him your vote he will fight to make sure every child in Florida has the same chance," he gushed. That was four years ago. Andrew Gillum has lived the American dream of being found naked and confused in a hotel room full of prescription pills and vomit along with two other men, one of whom was a porn star who had a profile on Rent.Men, before assuring voters that he had not been using meth. Then he announced that he would be going to rehab because he was depressed over losing to Gov. Ron DeSantis. Hopefully no other American child ever gets the chance to live out that particular dream. Now Gillum continues living out Obama’s dream by being indicted on 21 charges stemming from an FBI investigation dating back to 2016. The investigation was known when Obama and the Democrats decided to “make history” and champion him to run Florida.

Male Democrats Under 50 Are Now More Anti-Feminist Than Older Republican Men

"Drag queens make everything better. Drag queens are fun," Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel gushed. "A drag queen for every school! That is what would be fine for a kid." "Drag storytellers, and the libraries and schools that support them, are advancing a love of diversity, personal expression, and literacy that is core to what our city embraces," New York City Mayor Eric Adams tweeted after a newspaper report that the city had spent over $200,000 on transgender strip shows and other drag acts in public venues, including schools and libraries. At 53 and 61, Dana Nessel and Eric Adams have been touted as the future of the Democrats, but they're already deeply out of step with Democrats under 50. Especially young male Democrats. A new Southern Poverty Law Center survey reveals massive age and gender gaps that show that gender identity politics is alienating younger generations of Democrat men and women. The survey found that 47% of Democrat men

He Called America Racist, Now He's in Charge of Our Nukes

It was the summer of 2020. Black Lives Matter riots were terrorizing, destroying, and burning American cities. And the first black deputy commander of Air Force Global Strike Command told everyone in the Air Force that he was terrified that white people could kill him at any moment. “Here I am as a lieutenant general in the United States Air Force," then Lt. Gen Anthony Cotton whined to Air Force Magazine. “When I see what happened to Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks—and the list goes on and on." "That could be me," he claimed. Since Cotton was, unlike Breonna Taylor, probably not harboring an armed drug dealer who opened fire on police or, unlike George Floyd, overdosing on fentanyl during a struggle with police as the climax to a long criminal career, that was a disingenuous smear from a top officer. The spectacle of successful black men like Obama, Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier, or Gen. Anthony Cotton falsely claiming that America is so r

On Juneteenth, Bullets Fly From Obama Boulevard to John Lewis Way

Over the Juneteenth weekend, 9 people were shot in Harlem. Among them was Darius Lee, an aspiring basketball player from the mostly black neighborhood, who was the only one killed in the mass shooting. The wounded included two women and six men in a shooting that began over the filming of a rap video. Over 40 shots were fired. Elsewhere in the Big Apple, a gunman ran up to three men in Queens and opened fire with a rifle, wounding two and killing one. Dwayne Whyte was arrested in the shooting. "When is enough going to be enough? When we gonna put these guns down?" a community liaison asked after the Harlem attack. "The emboldened individuals responsible for this are exactly who our officers are battling every day to make our city safe," NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said. The New York mass shootings were one of a number of shootings over the Juneteenth weekend. In Washington D.C., the “Moechella” illegal street party “celebrating black culture and protesting ge

A Year Later, Why is Afghanistan Still Classified?

Last month, the Brits had a knock-down and drag-out fight over the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee denounced the "fundamental lack of planning, grip or leadership at a time of national emergency" and blasted the Foreign Office for having "provided answers that were intentionally evasive and often deliberately misleading". "The former head of the armed forces told us that the decision to withdraw was 'strategically illiterate and morally bankrupt,'” the committee’s report noted. "The international withdrawal from Afghanistan has been a disaster in terms of planning, execution and consequences for the U.K.'s wider interests,” it concluded. “It undermined the security of the United Kingdom by encouraging our enemies to act against us." While British parliamentary proceedings are often vitriolic, nothing was being said here that was more than common sense. Meanwhile American military personnel, veter

Globalists Were Wrong. The World Isn't Flat.

First it was baby formula, now there’s a tampon shortage. Tampons are affected by the rising price of oil affecting the cost of plastic and higher cotton prices due to mask manufacturing and the war in Ukraine. A whole lot of fertilizer comes out of Ukraine and Russia. So does neon which is used to make semiconductor chips. The chip shortage is shutting down car plants. It's also keeping the Biden administration from issuing gas refund cards. This is the thoroughly interconnected world celebrated in prose by journalists like Thomas Friedman who marveled at how Big Data and globalization brought everything together. "No two countries that both have a McDonald's have ever fought a war against each other," Friedman once claimed. In his greatest paean to globalization, The World Is Flat, he argued that, "No two countries that are both part of a major global supply chain, like Dell's, will ever fight a war against each other as long as they are both part of the sa

'Peace Circles' Instead of Prisons Lead to Shootouts in Chicago

1,120 people have been shot this year in Chicago and 282 people have been murdered. Last week, four people were shot and killed in four hours in just another Wednesday. Good thing the city has “peace circles”. Police defunders have been tasked with coming up with “restorative justice” alternatives to the three P’s, police, prosecutors, and prisons, that ask criminals to apologize to their victims. That’s the principle of the “peace circle” in which the thug meets with his victim, says “sorry” and then leaves a free man to shoot, stab, or kill. Chicago's pro-crime politicians eagerly embraced "peace circles". There are peace circles in schools and a whole lot of "trained facilitators" have hung up their shingles. While pro-crime activists claim that peace circles come from Indian culture, they’re actually one of the stupidly disastrous ideas promoted by Howard Zehr, a white leftist who went to a black college on a minority scholarship, and helped inflict the conc