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Zelaya's Chief Propagandist Endorses Hitler and the Holocaust

Not long after ousted wannabe Marxist dictator Manuel Zelaya issued a bizarre rant about Israelis attacking him with high frequency radiation and toxic gases, his chief propagandist, David Romero Ellner, who heads up Honduras' Radio Globo went on the air to suggest that Hitler had been right and that it was unfortunate that he had not gotten the chance to finish off the Holocaust. David Romero Ellner and Radio Globo are significant because the media aims to make them into the newest martyrs of the Honduran government's "crackdown" on civil rights. Reuters and other media outlets are already carrying touching narratives of the police raid on Radio Globo and David Romero Ellner continuing to carry on broadcasting over the web. And this was what the tragic martyr, David Romero Ellner said on Radio Globo ; “There are times when I ask myself if Hitler was or not correct in finishing with that race with the famous Holocaust. If there are people that do damage in this

Obama's Hollywood Backers Stand Up for a Pedophile Rapist

Nearly a month ago many prominent figures in Hollywood and the international world of film signed the Toronto Declaration pushing for the boycott of a film festival that dared to showcase Israeli films. At the end of this month, many prominent figures in Hollywood and the world of film signed a petition calling for the immediate release of the rapist of a 13 year old girl, who also happens to be a major figure in Hollywood and the international world of film, namely one Roman Polanski. It is instructive to watch the same people who lecture Americans on morals and ethics in movie after movie, rush to the defense of a pedophile rapist, whose chief merit is that he is one of their own. Harvey Weinstein, the executive producer of Michael Moore's new left wing agitprop movie, Capitalism: A Love Story, has been described as leading the charge on Polanski's behalf. In a "The Independent" op-ed, the same paper that has provided an extensive forum for bashing the War on Ter

The Socialist Strategy

Government is essentially a national management system, taking on those tasks that it would be unwise or unworkable to turn over to the free market. Good government functions as intended. Bad government takes over the nation and becomes an absolute force, looting and raiding public resources, suppressing individual freedoms in order to keep itself in power. In olden days this sort of government was considered a tyranny. Since government exists at public expense and distributes the money for itself, there is plenty of temptation for government to abuse its prerogatives by taking too much. Democracy is meant to force government to justify its actions to the public, and to give the public a veto over government power. For government in a democratic country to abuse its power and draw excessive funds from the public, it must first co-opt a sizable portion of the public by arguing that the funds will be used for their benefit. This is called power sharing. Government shares its revenue

Can There be Peace Without War?

To the modern citizen of the West, peace is an ideal and war is a tragedy. Depending on his or her political orientation, war may even be considered inexcusable under any circumstances. At the heart of this dogma is the idea that war is a disruption of a state of peace, brought on by greedy warmongers, the military industrial complex or some modern day variation on the old 19th century labels. But what if rather than being a disruptive force, war is actually the father of peace. To pretend that peace is a more natural state for humanity than war is to exercise a great deal of denial regarding human nature. We are no more creatures of peace, than any member of the animal kingdom. The difference is that we have a greater capacity for choice, to be moral protectors and defenders, rather than predators. But that is a choice that some may make, and others will not. And for as long as men will remain men, there will be men who pray on others, and men who must study the arts of war and killin

The Big Nuclear Problem

The media is praising Obama for chairing a UN National Security Council summit at which everyone agreed that the world would be better off without nuclear weapons... someday. This groundbreaking achievement parallels similar UN conclusions that the world would be better off without poverty, hunger, war and other ills... someday. In the present day however, the UN has once again sidetracked a specific problem with a general prescription. That is par for the course for pushing general disarmament, when the problem is that specific nations which could not be named at the UN are working to create nuclear weapons with the intention of distributing them and using them. While it would be very nice indeed to have a world without nuclear weapons, the door to that Utopian nuclear free realm closed on August 5th, 1945. It has not and will not reopen since, short of the coming of a new technological dark age. Once something can be done, it will be done by others. It is not possible to remove nu

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Netanyahu Speaks, Islam Conquers

First up is the Binyamin Netanyahu speech at the UN. In sharp contrast to Kaddafi's rambling lunacy or Obama's generic "Insert Talking Points and Hopeful Slogans" speech-- Netanyahu distinguished himself by speaking well and to the point. He challenged the UN directly to be better than it is and to live up to its own values. Netanyahu is well aware that the UN is not about to jump into action. The last time the UN jumped into action was when it was essentially run by NATO members. And that's no coincidence. Instead Netanyahu has attempted to provide cover for future Israeli action by demonstrating the UN's uselessness, much as Bush and Powell went through the motions at the UN before launching Operation Iraqi Freedom. The UN is a forum, not a force. Netanyahu understands that, and his speech set up the moral high ground for Israel to take unilateral action against Iran. While I'm not pleased with some of the concessions Netanyahu made in his sp

The Light and Dark Sides of the Obama Administration

The Obama Administration has both a light side and a dark side. Its light side is the shallow media frenzy commonly referred to as Obama's Cult of Personality, while the actual mechanism of the policy agenda represented by Obama's czars, advisors and assorted organizations such as ACORN integrated into the system, remain hidden on the dark side. The light Obama side has been kept deliberately glittery and surface. When Obama delivers policy proposals in speeches, he tends to speak in generalities and be vague on the details. What he sells is not so much a specific policy, as it is the idea of Obama, branded as a cool and trendy bunch of folks bringing the Hope and Change express to Washington D.C. He's the cover of the book, the shiny foil package that's supposed to tempt you into picking up a carton at the grocery store. The dark side though is where the policy sausages get made. It's the side that Obama's perpetual campaign was meant to distract the publi

Give Me Ten Dollars and I'll Tell You Why Capitalism is Evil

The advance promotion and interviews for Michael Moore's latest agitprop movie, Capitalism: A Love Story are well underway. The message of the movie, produced and distributed by the millionaire capitalists at Paramount, the Weinstein Company and TCI cable company spinoff Overture Films has as its message, what else but the evils of capitalism. Capitalism you see is bad, except when it's good. The Weinstein Company, the production company behind Capitalism: A Love Story, does have its reasons to be down on capitalism. After leaving behind Miramax, the company they sold for a cool 70 million to Disney, the Weinstein Company has not been faring too well in the free market. Capitalism requires actually getting people to give you money in exchange for your products and services. And the Weinstein Company's biggest success up until this year was another Michael Moore screed against free market health care, Sicko. Now the Weinsteins are hoping to cash in with Capitalism: A Love St