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Cages for Jews: Are We Living Under a Tyranny Yet?

In Cairo a group of anti-government demonstrators gathered to protest the Mubarak regime. They chanted slogans briefly until the police moved in beating and dragging them away and arresting the leaders of the protest. The media and international observers for the most part agree that this is illegal and symptomatic of tyrannical regimes. Mubarak has much to learn from Sharon though. In Israel the police will not wait until the protesters are actually protesting to drag them out of their cars and buses, to beat and detain them. Cars and buses on route or possibly on route to the rally will be stopped and their occupants removed and possibly detained. At the last rally even the bus drivers who were merely paid to drive the buses found themselves in police interrogation rooms. At the government's cabinet meeting two ministers attempted to raise the issue only to be silenced by Sharon. "This is not on the agenda," he said. By that he means it is not on the agenda for discussi

First they came for the settlers - and then for all Orthodox Jews

The OU is now objecting to the war on Religious Jews unleashed by the Sharon regime, rather belatedly too. The OU which has remained neutral on the question of expelling thousands of Jews from their homes and stood with arms folded while the government has jailed 13 year olds for civil disobedience and threatened to take away the children of parents who refuse to leave Gush Katif and putting soldiers through training courses for shooting settlers; is now weakly objecting to the police targeting any Jew with a Kippah and pulling them out of cars and buses. The OU has ignored the Sharon regime reign of terror unleashed against religious Jews since the very beginning. Reform and Conservative conversions are being legitimized, religious institutions defunded to near banktrupcy, investigations opened against both Chief Rabbis, threats of closing Hesder Yeshivot and the expulsion decrees have not stirred the OU. Instead the OU has provided a platform for Sharon's representatives to preac

Barry Chamish obstructs the fight against Disengagement

UFO researcher and conspiracy nut Barry Chamish has become famous because he made it first to press with a book on Rabin's assassination. Many people perceive him as being on the 'Right' or on our side and his success with 'Who Murdered Yitzchak Rabin' has given him far too much of a voice, a voice he's used to spread confusion, fear and lunatic conspiracy theories. Those who know Chamish for his writings on Rabin, are less familiar with his background in UFO's reporting on alien spacecraft landing throughout Israel, some of these landings which he supposedly witnessed himself. This however is positively benign in comparison to Chamish's links to Neo-Nazis. Chamish's articles appeared through a foul anti-semitic website which pledges support for Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, claims that Jews are really Khazars and are plotting to control the world. Chamish has endorsed and praised the site which happily prints pieces by him like

Ariel Sharon: Israel's Tyrant on a Battered Throne

For the first time in Israel's history, Tzahal which was meant to protect the people of Israel has been turned against the people of Israel. Soldiers are faced with the choice of obeying illegal and criminal orders or disobeying them and being sentenced and made an example of. As at Tiennamen Square or in the streets of Moscow at the beginning of the previous decade; the army becomes a tool of tyranny against their brothers and sisters and the individual soldier is faced with the choice of following his honor and morals or following orders. The transition between a citizen's army to a tyrant's army is that a citizen's army exists for the defense of the nation and is composed of citizens carrying out a public duty while the tyrant's army exists to implement the tyrant's policies regardless of their own will. They are mere instruments of the state with power and authority fully vested in the tyrant. This is the vision that Sharon has of Tzahal's role. An instr

Police General Who Ordered Beating Settlers Keeps Job

"I want arrests and I am telling you to use water cannons without holding back. Don't call me, just use the cannons. S__t on them. Let them burn. Use the cannons and batons. Hit them on their lower body and work the way you know how." "I know these Haredim...I want arrests, arrests is what will break them...I am not a whore who opens her legs... that they will learn." So spoke Brigadier General Niso Shaham, police commander for the Negev region who first barred the demonstration from taking place and then tried to crush it. He will not lose his job or his post though. For his incompetence in speaking out loud where he could be recorded by a reporter, what was on the minds and in the hearts of Sharon's henchmen, there will be a reprimand and later to be followed by a promotion. Shaham who once headed police forces in Yerushalayim, renowned for their brutality to protesters and their contempt for the law particularly under the Rabin\Peres\Barak era suc

Bush Debates Recognizing Israel

The Bush administration reacted harshly to a bill passed in Congress which has such outrageous provisions as restricting aid to Bush's terrorist friend Abbas, transforming military aid to Egypt into economic aid for a state whose state controlled media calls for the destruction of America and worst of all, from the standpoint of America's most senile President since Methushelah; listing Americans born in Yerushalayim as being born in Jerusalem, Israel. As one of those people who was born in Yerushalayim this is an issue that matters to me, not because it's a stamp on a piece of paper but because of what it really stands for. Consider this quote from the administration's objections. “The permanent status of Jerusalem is a volatile issue with sensitivities throughout the region and needs to be resolved by the parties,” the statement said. “The president has stated that such provisions impermissibly interfere with his constitutional authority to formulate the position of t

The Gush Katif Rally - Two Hours on Times Square

Within sight of the glass walled MTV studios where teenage girls usually jump and down waiting for the members of their favorite boy bands, Avraham Fried was performing. The sun shone brightly off the skyscrapers, metal and glass reflecting the light and heat like mirrors as he effortlessly jumped back and forth. The campers who had come from their day camps, the boys in orange and the girls in pink, repeated the song after him. Gush Katif, you are not alone. A black bicycle messenger rode by and flashed two fingers in a V, Peace Out. Orange was everywhere. Orange bracelets, orange t-shirts, orange buttons and even orange pants. One woman had dyed her dark hair bright orange. Girls tore strips from orange cloth and handed them out to people. Soon they were flapping as armbands, bandannas, headbands, neckties and wrapped around pony tails. The strips of orange cloth were passed hand to hand. Above them waved the green and yellow banners brought by Chabad. Poster boards were taken out

Why Civil Disobedience in Israel is failing

Civil disobedience in Israel is premised on heavily American and Western European ideas. Israel though is more Middle Eastern than American. Civil disobedience however only works when those engaging in it are more willing to break the rules than those in power. In a tyrannical regime civil disobedience is of little use. Time and time again Sharon has pushed forwards by simply breaking more rules. In response to sit downs in the road, he sends Shabak agents to throw nails and gasoline on the roads. If response to buses heading to a rally, his agents stop the buses and throw out the passengers. Soldiers who refuse illegal orders are convicted and jailed in show trials. Passive resistance is met with violent assaults. Symbolic gestures with physical ones. The media oversees it all and slanders the victims. This is the nature of a tyrannical regime. Those engaging in civil disobedience are taking actions premised on the idea that the mechanisms of the state can be brought to a halt b

Why Anti-Semitism is a Mental Illness

The word Anti-semitism has been far too often overused. Coined by a German Jewhater it has long since lost its meaning and become a cliche, a punch line. To accuse someone of Anti-semitism today is to be laughed at. The larger problem though is not that Anti-semitism is so prevalent that it has become a cliche, but that the very notion has at its heart a fundamental error. Both Jews and non-Jews treat the hatred of Jews as an expression of bigotry, as if it was racism directed at blacks or asians. Yet it is nothing of the kind. Hatred of Jews is not racial because indeed it is found at least as prevalent among Jews as non-Jews. When Jews experience it from another Jew, their response is to call it self-hatred; but such a description which accurate enough in many ways as we shall see, it also woefully inadequate. The false distinction made between Anti-semitism by non-Jews which we describe as a kind of racial hatred and hatred of Jews by Jews which we describe as self-hatred is no

The 10 Commandments of Expulsion

1. I am the secular post-Zionism which took you out of Gush Katif and to Tel Aviv where you may write poetry and go to nightclubs and abandon your God. 2. You shall have no God before this godless regime. You shall pledge no faith in any higher power than your commanding officer, the media and the Prime Minister. The fear of being an extremist or disobeying the government. These shall be your gods, Israel. 3. Your oath is not to your God or the IDF or to the people of Israel but to Dov Weinglass so he may build a casino to profit himself and the Prime Minister on the broken houses of the people you expell. 4. You shall not honor your parents. If the government calls on you to expell your parents, you shall break their bones and throw them out. 5. Forget the Sabbath for the Expulsion is far greater than the Sabbath in the eyes of the Prime Minister, who is to be your god. Violate and desecrate the sabbath to keep Jews out of Israel for this is the new law. 6. You shall kill, for the set

Bilaam has never left, he is still here

"Come curse for me this people," Balak appeals to Bilaam. "Come curse for me this people," Sharon appeals to the media and shabak, "come drop nails and oil on the highways and plant fake bombs in impossible to access areas." From side to side, from angle to angle Balak leads Bilaam to spot a single weakness and vulnerability, a flaw with which to mar Bnai Yisrael. The media in Israel and around the world, the left, the progressives busy progressing to new depths of hatred peer around looking for vulnerabilities, for ways to tear apart the Jewish state. The world shook in 1948 as it did after the exodus from Egypt. The world whose religions had long since dismissed the Jews were forced to consider and contemplate what had happened. If the Jews had returned to their land and prevailed with miracles against impossible odds, was it not possible that there was a true G-D in heaven and that their beliefs which had attempted to supplant the Jews were hollow lies.

the Arabic Assasin will screen your baggage now

An airport baggage screener has been fired after authorities found out about his amateur rap songs with rhymes about flying a plane into a building and descriptions of himself as a "crazy, suicidal Arabic ... equipped with bombs." "I've been screening your bags for the past six months, and you don't even know it," said Bassam Khalaf. Khalaf, who calls himself, Arabic Assasin, whose new CD is titled 'Terror Alert' and features a Palestinian flag and a cityscape of skyscrapers worked as a baggage handler. Look for him to get his job back in a civil rights lawsuit claiming discrimination, after all if we can't racially profile terrorist passengers to focus on arab terrorists, why should we be able to to racially profile arab terrorist baggage handlers?

Would you pay 40 dollars for a hairnet?

America truly is the promised land. Rina Baraz came with her family from the USSR to America. And she noticed one obvious deficit, a lack of yarmulkes for women. So she decided to make them. Or rather to make hairnets for women, sell them as 'women's kippas' marketed to the Reform\Reconstructionist crowd in different colors with names such as 'Evening Whisper', 'Goldilocks,' 'Japanese Blossom,' and 'Flirt' ( finally a kippa to show Hashem how much you respect him and want to cover your head and flirt .) Since the hairnets, sorry kippas, go for 40 dollars a piece and the price of labor being what it is, add to that the cost of setting up a website and then putting up a press release which snags the attention of the Jerusalem Post features editor in his endless appetite for stories that mock Judaism and voila, Rina gets a Jerusalem Post cover story promoting her 40 dollar hairnet. America, truly a promised land for selling expensive things to s

British tolerance for Muslim terrorists led to bombings

Item 1: Mohamed Guerbouzi, an Al Queda commander, is being sought by British authorities in connection with the bombings. Guerbouzi had been sought in connection with numerous bombings including attacks in Morocco and the Al Queda Madrid bombings. He was living in England for over a decade and was easily tracked down by a newspaper despite an international arrest warrant, and best of all was living off his wife's public assistance checks. Item 2: Britain has welcomed in and protected terrorists. Taliban and Al Queda fighters returning to England were welcomed back rather than detained or barred from the country. Egyptian Islamic terrorists received asylum status. Israel's wanted terrorists who holed up in the Church of the Nativity were welcomed into the UK as well and then unsupervised and allowed to leave the country. Top terrorist sheiks like Hamza and Quatada also operate out of the UK. Item 3: The UK has longstanding ties to appeasing terrorism and terrorists. Blair ha

Arabs bomb London - Left blames Blair and Bush

This is what the left considers to be a 'vigil for the bombings' namely protesting to give the terrorists what they want, they pulled this same garbage in new york after 9/11 Note how the large print says it's for the victims of the bombings and then ties it in with the 'victims of the occupation', that is those killed in the violence in iraq and then anyone killed from preventable causes, presumabely anything from a car accident to falling down the stairs as usual the left's first impulse is to hijack a memorial and exploit it for their own purposes and then make the dead irrelevant, I saw this same garbage in NYC after 9/11 The left than rallies heroically for 'let's run away so they don't kill us' Then there's the usual anti-war rantings Finally a comparison between British troops and the terrorists who bombed London and this triumph of the left's idiocy in being utterly incapable of finding fault with the terrorists

London Bombed - Israel Blamed

As with 9/11 the dust has yet to settle and the far left is mostly claiming it was the work of MI operatives in order to smear Muslims but the second popular theory now already blames Israel. At Indymedia the current equivalent of '4000 Jews never showed up to work' is already being trumpeted based on a report that an alert was put out by Scotland Yard shortly before the attacks which resulted in Netanyahu staying in his hotel.

A liberal serial killer blogs for terrorists

Joseph Edward Duncan III (as if we needed a first or a second) who had sexually assaulted a 14 year old boy at gunpoint and was recently arrested for several murders and the kidnappings and possibly murders of two children kept a blog (doesn't everybody these days) called the Fifth Nail, a Christian refference. The blog itself is offline but still exists in the google archive. It contains such deep liberal thought as these. Note the sickening liberalism that is at the heart of evil. Liberalism promotes evil because it denies responsibility. It gives an opening to murderers to kill and also provides them with a philosophy justifying their crimes as the fault of society and themselves as its victims. “Some day (soon I hope) society will be forced to ‘wake up’ and recognise how it propagates its own misery by denying the truth that criminals are victims too.” “Despite my actions, I’m not a bad person, I just have a disease contracted from society, and it hurts a lot.” "The shocki

Steven Spielberg plots to defame Israel

" I think the founding of the State of Israel was for the Jewish people a historical, moral, political calamity...I wish modern Israel hadn't been born; I am a diasporan Jew, not a Zionist...I wish Jerusalem was an international city under a U.N. protectorate; and I wish the Museum of the Holocaust in Washington was a Museum of the Jewish-American Experience instead, with a holocaust wing, and I wish it stood on the Mall alongside museums devoted to the sufferings and triumphs of other ethnic-American groups, including a museum of the African-American experience, with a Slavery wing." - Tony Kushner Thus speaks the man who will be doing the final draft for the screenplay of Steven Spielberg's new movie on the Munich massacre. The movie however will not be about the massacre of Israel Olympic athletes. Don't imagine that Steven Spielberg and Kushner will want to show the bravery of the athletes or the evil of their killers or the complicity of the German governmen

New Zealander Chutzpah takes the Kiwi

How else can one describe New Zealand PM and Head Witch Helen Clark demanding that Israel apologize for the supposed abuse of New Zealand passports by two Israelis, who she claimed were Israeli spies. Clark made the apology a precondition for the resumption of diplomatic relations. Israel then apologized for the actions of its citizens, while stating once again they were not spies. Clark triumphantly held up the apology as a vindication that they had been spies all along. "We believe there was a very good reason for the apology. The apology has been offered and I think it speaks for itself," Clark told reporters, "It is an acknowledgment that these people were associated with Israeli intelligence agencies. That's always been our belief. What I know is that no country apologizes for the actions of any two ordinary citizens caught up in fraud in another country. There has to be a reason for them to apologize." Yes Helen, there is a bloody obvious reason for Israel