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How Democrats Made America Dependent on Russian Uranium

Uranium prices have shot up by as much as 40% since Russia's invasion of Ukraine. With nuclear power providing about a fifth of our energy, this is another blow for Americans. Unfortunately our nuclear power plants are dependent on uranium imports from Russia and countries in its sphere of influence because our domestic mining industry was suppressed. In December 2016, on his way out the door, Barack Obama announced that he was inventing the Bears Ears "National Monument" on over a million acres of land. While California environmentalists celebrated, tens of thousands of locals bitterly protested the move. Billboards and stickers reading #RescindBearsEars were plastered across Utah towns in the area that expected catastrophic consequences from the destruction of their livelihoods. Among these was uranium mining. A uranium mine in the area has the potential to yield 500,000 pounds of uranium. Miners warned that the Bears Ears monument would force us to rely more heavily on

Save "Palestine" From the "Palestinians"

"In the name of Allah, the merciful and compassionate," Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority leader, said, "we would like to welcome Secretary Clinton." "Blinken," someone corrected him. "Sorry, Blinken," the 86-year-old Islamic terrorist leader said. Secretary of State Blinken had to travel thousands of miles away to find a leader even more unpopular and out of it than the one he had left behind at the White House. That was last year. This year, Abbas got Blinken’s name right and not much else. After 17 years (and just one election), Abbas has seen a lot of secretaries of state come and go to get their pictures taken with him and then send him a few hundred million dollars. Last year, Abbas told Blinken that he had "postponed the elections" because of Israel and that the moment he gets his paws on Jerusalem, "we will hold them immediately and without any delay, because ultimately what we’re interested in is to establish democ

The Moral Poverty of Identity Politics

Joe Biden had promised black voters in South Carolina that he would put a black woman on the Supreme Court if they voted for him. After a pressure campaign aimed at the Supreme Court’s lone liberal justice who agreed to step down and make way for a black woman, Biden picked between two candidates, one backed by moderates and one backed by radical leftists. Even while leftists wished that Justice Clarence Thomas, the court’s lone black justice, would die after reports that he was hospitalized, they cheered the incredible breakthrough of the first black female, and more importantly leftist, being nominated for a seat on the Supreme Court. The long contentious hearings had plenty of awkward moments, but the most definitive clash came from a simple question that highlighted the vast moral gap between identity politics and natural rights. "When does equal protection of the laws attach to a human being?" Senator Kennedy asked Jackson. "Well Senator, um... I believe that the Su

Stop the Russian Invasion of America

While the Biden administration is focused on protecting the borders of Ukraine from Russia, some 8,600 Russians have shown up at our border with Mexico since last August. Not to be left too far behind, 5,534 Ukrainians have also arrived since October. Last December, two cars carrying 18 Russian migrants tried to barrel their way through at the San Ysidro Port of Entry. A CBP officer opened fire on a Mercedes driven by the invaders. YouTube is full of guides for Russians looking to get into the United States through Mexico. In one video , a man with Asiatic features wearing a Russian Army shirt directs his video to all Russians, describes how he made it to San Diego after a previous failed attempt in which they discussed trying to evade CBP and race to the border crossing, and advises that if you don't leave Russia with a "commanda", close friends, relatives, "like in the army", it won't work well. He suggested that in immigration detention around 70% were Ru

Ketanji Brown Jackson's Favorite Critical Race Theory Book Rejects the Constitution

The existence of a speech by Biden's Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, praising Derrick Bell, the godfather of critical race theory, and citing his book, “Faces At the Bottom of a Well”, as an influence has been widely reported. Conservatives have covered Bell's racist views, his praise for Farrakhan, his antisemitism, and attacks on America. Much of this was already hashed out during the exposure of the relationship between Barack Obama and Derrick Bell. But it's important to specifically focus on Jackson's interest in "Faces At the Bottom of the Well." In her speech, Jackson mentions that Bell, whom along with his wife she praises throughout her speech, "wrote a book in the early 1990s about the persistence of racism in American life". The subtitle of the book, which few people have mentioned, is, "The Permanence Of Racism". Persistence and permanence are not the same thing. But this is another example of Jackson subtly distor

Biden’s Ambassador to the Anti-Israel Lobby

Biden’s ambassador to Israel appeared at a pro-BDS group’s webinar co-hosted by its CEO, who had described Israel as an “oppressive regime”, and told its audience that the real problem with the Palestinian Authority funding terrorism is that “it gives the ‘haters’ an excuse not to support the PA based on the argument that it is ‘paying for people who killed Jews.’” He also told the anti-Israel group which had cheered the Ben & Jerry’s boycott that, “your agenda is where my heart is.” At this rate, Thomas Nides will be hugging and kissing Hamas leaders by the end of the year. Expectations for Nides were already pretty low when the Biden administration announced that it had picked Obama's former deputy secretary of state as its ambassador to Israel. Hillary Clinton was going to make Nides her chief of staff, but once Hillary in the White House became as likely as peace with Hamas and the PLO, Nides had to settle for being Biden's bully in Jerusalem while his wife who is a VP

The Islamic State is Running Out of Caliphs

The Islamic State has gone through three caliphs in almost as many years. When ISIS declared a new Islamic Caliphate with Abu Bakr al Baghdadi as its caliph, it was a big event. After the United States hunted down and killed him in 2019, there went the caliphate. ISIS tried to fill the hole by naming Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi as its new caliph. Abu Ibrahim, a former private in Saddam's army who had been captured by the United States and served time in Camp Bucca before he was released by Obama, had become the actual power behind the throne just as ISIS began taking a beating under Al Baghdadi. The new caliph’s management was underwhelming and worse still his name was a hoax. Islam is a very tribal society and the ISIS claim to a caliphate depended heavily on the idea that its caliph had the right sort of ancestry. Abu Bakr al Baghdadi claimed to be descended from Mohammed’s Qurashi tribe. The new caliph tacked al-Qurashi onto his name, but everyone was laughing because he n

UN Warns Individualistic Conservatives Threaten the Planet

If you blinked you might have missed the momentous occasion of the release of the second part of the UN IPCC’s sixth assessment report of how we're all going to die unless we all board jets and attend global warming conferences. Or give lots of money to those officials who do it for us. Since no one reads these things anyway, by the time the fourteenth chapter of the second part of the sixth assessment rolled around, everyone was drunk and decided to take shots at conservatives. Chapter 14 was on North America and warned of the threat posed by "individualistic" conservatives who refuse to accept "collective responsibility" for driving pickup trucks. Once upon a time, we agreed to disagree about things. Those were the good days. The liberalism of, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it", has long since been replaced by, "You're spreading misinformation and I'm going to tell on you to Mark Zuckerbe

Ukrainian Chutzpah

Ukraine’s ambassador to Israel is not happy. Ambassador Korniychuk has demanded that Israel cut off all business dealings with Russia. Meanwhile Ukraine’s business dealings with Iran rose over 30% and reached nearly $2 billion. Iranian exports to Ukraine increased by 40%. That means Ukraine is literally financing Islamic terrorism against Israel. And genocide. Is Ukraine ready to stop all business dealings with Iran in exchange for Israel ending its business dealings with Russia? Don’t be silly. These demands only go one way. Ukraine's President Zelensky has repeatedly invoked the Holocaust in the influence campaign against the Russian invasion of his country. “What is the point of saying ‘never again’ for 80 years, if the world stays silent when a bomb drops on the same site of Babyn Yar?” he tweeted. A better question might be why is a country whose people were responsible for much of the killing of Jews at Babi Yar is shamelessly appropriating the Holocaust for its propaganda. E

Biden Tries to Cut a Deal to Spare 9/11 Mastermind the Death Penalty

Biden recently released Mohammed al-Qahtani, the 20th 9/11 hijacker , and Zuhail al-Sharabi, another hijacker for an expanded version of the 9/11 attacks from Guantanamo Bay, so it's only fitting that he's trying to cut a plea deal with the mastermind of the attacks. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the architect of the September 11 attacks, not to mention multiple other plots and acts of terror including the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and the brutal murder of Daniel Pearl, was captured in March 2003. 19 years later the trial has yet to go anywhere. In 2008, the process of charging Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others began. Unfortunately a year later, the pro-terrorist administration of Barack Hussein Obama took office. Attorney General Eric Holder announced that he wanted to bring Mohammed to a civilian court in New York. The backlash, especially from the families of 9/11 victims, was tremendous and the Obama administration overruled Holder. However Holder injected a po