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The Mobs Are Coming for the Progressives

Forget the Confederacy. The Socialist Taliban pulling down statues have gone after Confederate statues, but their real targets have been the civic monuments that symbolized unity and progressive politics. In Madison, Black Lives Matter protesters toppled the Lady Forward statue that allegorically represents the state’s progressive politics. With its American flag, feminine iconography, and Lincoln reference, the Lady Forward statue embodies the old progressive ideas that the Marxist thugs are destroying. Toppling Lady Forward, like banishing Theodore Roosevelt’s equestrian statue, accompanied by an Indian and a black man to symbolize the former president’s friendship for other races, from the American Museum of Natural History, another icon of progressive symbolism, is no accident. Confederate statues aren’t very threatening to the leftist cause, but the old progressivism, rooted in the conviction that America was a basically good country that would come to fully embody goodn

Hundreds of Streets and Schools are Named After a Black Nationalist Ally of the KKK

Boston and Dallas have one each. New York City has not one, but two Malcolm X boulevards, along with a playground. Washington D.C. has Malcolm X Avenue. The Los Angeles City Council renamed the intersection near the Bilal Islamic Center, Malcolm X Way. These are a few of the hundreds of streets, schools, and assorted other civic infrastructure named after the black supremacist leader who worked together with the KKK and the American Nazi Party. “I sat at the table myself with the heads of the Ku Klux Klan,” Malcolm X later admitted. There's a Malcolm X statue in Harlem, and the racist leader's family home in Omaha is listed by the Park Service in the National Register of Historic Places even though he became famous preaching the Nation of Islam’s theology that white people are devils created by a mad scientist and would be killed by UFOs. The Postal Service even came out with a stamp for a racial separatist who campaigned for a separate black country, and against ra

Fake Noose And Our Imaginary Noose Problem

Like the Maytag repairman, things are so quiet that the FBI doesn’t have much to do these days. That’s why fifteen FBI Special Agents were urgently dispatched to the Talladega Superspeedway to conduct an investigation of the pull rope in Garage Number 4. The pull rope in Garage Number 4, was probably much the same as the pull ropes in all the other garages, but last week, old number four had been assigned to Bubba Wallace, a NASCAR driver who wore an, “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirt and painted “Black Lives Matter” on his car. And so, 15, count ‘em, Feds were dispatched to investigate the provenance of the pull rope in Garage Number 4. After "a thorough review of the facts and evidence surrounding this event", the 15 FBI Special Agents determined that the rope was not a noose and had been there since October 2019. To paraphrase, Churchill, never was so little owed to so many for a reason so stupid it’s beyond belief. Those 15 Special Agents might have been put to bett

Satanists and Witches for Biden

Like all progressive groups, The Satanic Temple came out in support of Black Lives Matter. The Satanic Temple, which distinguishes itself from its rival, The Church of Satan, through its rigorously progressive politics while accusing The Church of Satan of libertarianism, put out a statement by co-founder Lucien Greaves that blasted President Trump and accused the police of randomly killing black people that could have come from any random leftist organization. “I watched with dismay as, in reaction to the election of Donald Trump, the least qualified, least dignified, least competent president in all of U.S. history,” complained Greaves, whose real name is Douglas Mesner, and who has been known to pose wearing goat horns on his head. Steve Hill ran in a Democrat State Senate primary as the first Satanist to seek public office. While he lost, the Satanist and Bernie Sanders supporter was able to secure over 10,000 votes from California Democrats. Since then, Hill has participated in

A Farrakhan Supporter Led the LA Black Lives Matter Rally That Became a Pogrom

"It’s no coincidence that the riots here escalated in Fairfax, the icon of the Jewish community. I saw the Watts and the Rodney King riots. They never touched a synagogue or house of prayer. The graffiti showed blatant antisemitism. It’s Kristallnacht all over again," Rabbi Shimon Raichik, a Chabad Rabbi in Los Angeles, wrote. These scenes from what the media has falsely called peaceful protests and the Jewish community in the Fairfax neighborhood of Los Angeles has called the Shavuot Riots, after the biblical holiday during which the worst of the attacks on the community occurred, has fundamentally divided Los Angeles Jews. After the conclusion of Shavuot and the Shabbat, members of the Jewish community went to pick up the pieces, battling looters and checking out the damage. Even synagogues that had been untouched began evacuating their Torah scrolls to places of safety, unprecedented outside of a major natural disaster. Aryeh Rosenfeld, an Orthodox Jewish small busin

The Jonestowning of America

Dave Patrick Underwood, an African-American Federal Protective Service officer, was shot and killed at the Ronald V. Dellums Building during the radical riots in Oakland, California. A building named after Congressman Dellums is burdened with its own weight of historical complicity in leftist atrocities. "Let me commend your pastor, Jim Jones, for the dedication he is showing to his community and surrounding areas," Congressman Dellums once wrote. "And also for impact he makes on members of his congregation." At Oakland’s Evergreen Cemetery, some distance from the riots, a plaque over a mass grave reads, “In memory of the victims of the Jonestown tragedy". The names on the plaque include that of Jim Jones. Jones, who called cops “pigs” and posed with Huey Newton of the Black Panthers, told his mostly black followers to die horrifyingly of cyanide poisoning to resist the racism of the United States of America. The white leftist who claimed to uphold the

Xer The People

When peaceful protests injure hundreds and destroy entire neighborhoods, and the coronavirus infects protesters depending on the cause they’re protesting for, words don’t mean very much. And reality itself is under siege in the minds of the men and women who run the country. A Southern Democrat segregationist inserted “sex” into the Civil Rights Act as a poison pill. Rep. Howard Smith had introduced what eventually became Title VII, with a letter which asked, that since there were more women than men, "why the Creator would set up such an imbalance of spinsters, shutting off the 'right' of every female to have a husband of her own, is, of course, known only to nature... but I am sure you will agree that this is a grave injustice to womankind and something the Congress and President Johnson should take immediate steps to correct... especially in this election year." To add to the already hilarious joke, six Supreme Court justices just decided that what the Sou

Here Are the Heroes Whose Statues Black Lives Matter Has Attacked

The statue of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust, stands at the corner of Fairfax and Beverly in Los Angeles. When the racist mobs swept through the area, looting Jewish stores and defacing synagogues with "BLM" and "Free Palestine" graffiti, the statue of a man who risked his life to resist fascism and bigotry was one of their targets. The racists and leftists vandalizing statues across the world claim that they’re fighting hate, but their targets have often been the men and women who courageously stood up to racism and hatred. When the statue of Churchill was vandalized in London, the thugs who did it went after the one man who had done the most to wake up the world to the threat of fascism. In Philadelphia, the thugs scrawled “murderer” and “colonizer” on a statue of Philadelphia abolitionist Matthias Baldwin and in Boston, they vandalized the ‘Glory’ monument of the African-American 54th Regiment. In Was

A Nazi Collaborator’s Fund Has Been Helping Finance Smears of Jews as, “White Supremacists"

Only a few days after Orthodox Jewish synagogues and schools were targeted by black supremacist rioters and their allies, Shais Rishon, a former Content Manager for Bend the Arc, posted a hateful image of an Orthodox Jew in a Klan hood wearing handcuffs and nooses over his Tallit surrounded by text from Jews complaining about antisemitism and violence from Black Lives Matter. Rishon accused Jews, who had anti-Semitic slurs shouted at them, seen synagogues defaced, congregants attacked, and stores looted, of “cluck clucking” about the black supremacist riots. The former Bend the Arc content manager had previously defended Farrakhan supporter Tamika Mallory’s slur that Jews uphold white supremacy by claiming that there is “white supremacy aplenty” in synagogues. Shais Rishon, who goes by Ma Nishtana on social media, is a black nationalist activist who claims to have been privately ordained as a rabbi, and it was easy to see why he fit in perfectly at Bend the Arc. Alexander Soros