Home Gaza Hospital Ambulance Fuel Looted by Hamas
Home Gaza Hospital Ambulance Fuel Looted by Hamas

Gaza Hospital Ambulance Fuel Looted by Hamas

Ramallah – Ma'an – The Palestinian health ministry of the Ramallah-based caretaker government said on Thursday that "Hamas militias" have looted the fuel stores destined for hospital vehicles in the Gaza Strip.

A statement released by the health ministry said that fuel from the European hospital in the Gaza Strip had been stolen by the director of the hospital drivers to supply the Hamas-affiliated Executive Force.

The statement explained that the fuel reserve had been supplied by the ministry to enable the hospital to continue working for as long as possible.

The desperate shortage of fuel in the Gaza Strip has meant that gas stations have shut down and most cars are off the road as Israel continues its reduction of vital fuel supplies.

Remember that next time Hamas spokesmen complain about the humanitarian toll of the blockade, it isn't the humanitarian part of it that interests them.


  1. Diverting fuel from ambulances for terrorist purposes? Well, I'll use my strongest word to describe such people--REPROBATES. PURE REPROBATES.

    Which according to most definition describes a person so evil and devoid of caring and humanity as to be beyond the redemption.

  2. Anonymous8/1/08

    Check out this one, it's great!



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