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Fact Check: Biden’s Myth of the Lowest Crime Rate in 50 Years

“Last year, the United States had one of the lowest rates of all violent crime — of all violent crimes in more than 50 years. Murder, rape — murder, rape, aggravated assault, robbery all dropped sharply, along with burglary, property crime, and theft,” Biden recently proclaimed at a White House law enforcement event. And then he claimed credit for it. While Biden has a history of making things up, this particular one has been slowly making its way through the media which is also composed of the only people who could possibly believe it. The original source for the claim that the United States had the lowest crime rate in 50 years came from the substack blog of Jeff Asher , a 30-something former federal employee who set up his own consulting and analytics firm that helps create “a more equitable criminal justice system” which is a term often used for the pro-crime policies that led to the high crime rates. Asher had popped up in pro-crime media outlets back in 2020 to dismiss the idea

Poll Shows U.S. Muslims Support Hamas

After 9/11, elected officials told us that Islam had nothing to do with terrorism. And that accusing Muslims of supporting Islamic terrorism was a dangerous bigotry they dubbed “Islamophobia.” In the decades since, the same speech has been delivered after every Islamic terror attack. Now, as Muslims and leftists riot in support of Hamas, after Islamic groups and public figures from campus groups to the leader of the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) celebrated the Oct 7 atrocities, we are not allowed to suggest they support terrorism. Even as Dearborn, Michigan became the hub of a movement to save Hamas by pressuring Biden, led by figures who had praised Hamas, an op-ed by a MEMRI counterterrorism researcher in the Wall Street Journal that warned of the degree of support for terrorism in the Muslim area was denounced by everyone from Biden on down for its “Islamophobia.” Muslims in America, we’re told, don’t support Hamas, they just oppose Israel. Is that true? While ther

The Golden Apple - A Socialist Fairy Tale

O nce upon a time there was a street fair. Then the government created a Ministry of Street Fairs funded by taxing the produce sold at the street fair. At first the Ministry brought some some order to the street fair. But to justify its expansion, it would periodically launch new "street fair initiatives" paid for by higher taxes on the produce. The higher taxes are passed on to customers as higher produce prices and people stop shopping at the street fair. After some consultation the Ministry of Street Fairs launches an "Emergency Street Fair Stimulus Plan" to promote shopping at the street fair. The stimulus plan offers people credit for shopping at the street fair. But the credit has to be paid for by doubling the price of all the produce. That and the welter of new hidden regulations embedded in the stimulus plan raises expenses for the sellers, who in turn have to raise prices. There is a short term burst of shoppers excited by the credit, which quickly fades

Biden Lies to America, Tells the Truth to China

“When I was director of intelligence for the Indo-Pacific Command, for example, I watched as numerous requests to publicize Chinese malign activities were disapproved by Washington,” Rear Admiral Mike Studeman recently warned. The former head of the Office of Naval Intelligence had served between 2022 and 2023 and during that time one of the suppressed stories about China’s attacks involved “Beijing’s use of high-altitude surveillance balloons over the sovereign airspaces of the US” which came “many months before the shooting down of a Chinese balloon flying over the US.” After the spy balloon was exposed, Biden administration officials had claimed that there had been multiple spy balloon overflights under Trump and only one under Biden, which went unnoticed at the time, but the US Navy was clearly aware and had been ordered to keep quiet by D.C. about the multiple incursions by Chinese spy balloons under Biden. When the spy balloon was first detected, the initial response by the Biden

The ‘Rabbi’ and ‘Peace Activist’ Who Cheered the Hamas Oct. 7 Attack

When pro-Hamas insurrectionists stormed Capitol Hill, Brant Rosen , described as “one of the demonstrators”, was quoted as falsely accusing Jews of genocide. He was later arrested. In Chicago, where he claims to have co-founded the “first anti-Zionist temple”, he showed up at a rally urging, “stop the violence, and then, to work toward a true and lasting and just peace.” ‘Rabbi’ Brant Rosen, a co-founder of the pro-terrorist JVP Rabbinical Council (the misleadingly named Jewish Voice for Peace is neither Jewish nor peaceful) is a public face of the political campaign against Israel disguised as calls for “peace” and a “ceasefire”. The media describes him as a “rabbi” and as a “peace activist”. Much like JVP, he’s as much of one as the other. Rosen actually became a regional director for the American Friends Service Committee, a radical anti-American and anti-Israel Quaker group, after being pushed out of his synagogue for his hatred of the Jewish State and support for Islamic terrorist

We Are the Victims and Everything We Do is Justified

At the heart of everything from the debate over the Gaza War to DEI to toxic interpersonal relationships is a disastrous loop known as the “self-reinforcing victim/villain” cycle. The self-reinforcing victim/villain cycle is a deceptively simple and incredibly destructive paradigm for any kind of relationship, national, communal or personal, in which one party constantly attacks the other while claiming that it is the victim fighting against oppression. The paradigm is guided by the idea that there is a permanently fixed victim and villain, that the victim is constantly suffering attacks from the villain and that anything the victim does is justified because he or she has no agency except to resist the assaults of the villain. While some Hamas supporters have lied or tried to cover up the atrocities of Oct 7, Ghazi Hammad, a Hamas official, initially denied them, but then burst out with , “the existence of Israel is what causes all that pain, blood, and tears. It is Israel, not us. We

Domestic Enemies - Pre -Sale Begins Now

The David Horowitz Freedom Center is launching the pre-sale of my first book, 'Domestic Enemies: The Founding Fathers' Fight Against the Left'. I call it a '1619 Project for the American Left', telling the untold story of the rise of the movement and how America's greatest leaders, from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln, faced down against it in the halls of power and even in street battles. You can learn more about the book and other places to order it at It'll be out April 30, 2024, but you can order it right now from the Freedom Center store . Some people may wonder if this the right time for a book about American history? Yes because history is repeating itself. Everything we're dealing with has happened before. And America prevailed. In 2020, history repeated itself. The Left exploited a pandemic and set off race riots to steal a presidential election. But these weren’t new strategies; they are as old as this country. The

How ‘The Zone of Interest’ Makes Jews and All of Us Into Nazis

Some people were shocked when Jonathan Glazer used the Academy Awards to launch into a vicious diatribe, disavowing his Jewishness, and demanding that Israel stop attacking Hamas. But that’s probably because they didn’t watch his movie. There are two kinds of Holocaust stories, the particular, which deal with the realities of what happened, with the Jews, with the Nazis and their collaborators, and those that make all of us into Nazis. Glazer’s ‘The Zone of Interest’ is the ultimate example of universal ‘Nazification’. Particularists go to great trouble to retell the story of what really happened. They value and cherish the actual history. Universalists however see the Holocaust as only another example of capitalism, nationalism and the bourgeoisie making all of us (except leftists) into monsters. For the particularists, Jews are the survivors of the Holocaust, but for the universalists, like Glazer, Jews (and all of us who aren’t militant leftists) are on the verge of being Nazis. Tha

Schumer Warns Israel to Spare Hamas or Face Sanctions

The political hack who calls himself “the highest-ranking Jewish elected official in our government” took half a year after Oct 7 to begin denouncing Israel’s war on Hamas. Senator Chuck Schumer stood at the Senate podium and laid out his vision of the “four obstacles to peace”. These, according to the Senate Majority Leader were, Hamas, “right wing Israelis”, PLO terrorist leader Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Having equated Israeli conservatives to Hamas, Schumer demanded that Israel call a new election and remove its current government from power. And if Israelis did not choose to obey, he warned that the “United States will have no choice but to play a more active role in shaping Israeli policy by using our leverage to change the present course.” That is an obvious euphemism for anything from the withdrawal of aid to economic sanctions. If the Israelis vote wrongly again, the Biden administration “should use the tools at its disposal to make sure our