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Obama's Next Two Years

The midterm elections are coming up, and they spell defeat for the Democrats. All that's left to be decided is just how bad that defeat will be. Poll after poll shows an American public that stolidly rejects their agenda and no matter how many stories the media churns out about Republican extremism, they view Obama and his agenda as radical and extreme. Obama's magic is gone and the axis of change has turned away from the Democrats. Meanwhile an insurgent Republican wave is sweeping across Capitol Hill. But what does all that means for Obama's next two years? Obama and his backers counted on having a decisive majority on their side in order to ram through their agenda. Now they will have to rely on bipartisanship, on building coalitions with Republicans to get the legislation he wants through. And while the Republican party lacks a Newt Gingrich to negotiate terms as it did in 1994, it does have the Tea Party movement looking over the shoulders of Republican representativ

An Inoffensive Mosque and an Offensive Kindergarten

If you believe the newspapers, a kindergarten in a town built by Jewish refugees from Yemen is about to doom all hopes for peace in the Middle East. Forget the fact that there was never any peace long before a few dozen Jews who fled Yemen built themselves a small town where they could raise their families, without being murdered for their faith or driven into ghettos-- as is the fate of the last remaining Jews of Yemen. Forget a thousand years of Muslim bigotry, which time and time again have exploded into orgies of violence, pogroms of hate and terrorist atrocities. No, it is the kindergarten at Kiryat Netafim that is at fault here. The very same headline scribblers who chastised Americans as hopelessly racist, for not wanting a mosque to be built where thousands of people had been murdered in the name of Islam, are united in denouncing the terrible evil of this kindergarten. If it were not for this kindergarten, doves would be flying overhead with olive branches. And everyone woul

The 5 Biggest Lies about Liberalism

5. Multiculturalism - If you haven't seen the billboards yet, liberals love multiculturalism, they embrace all races and religions because they believe in diversity. True? Nope. Liberals follow the left's paradigm of waging class warfare. Their interest in minorities extends only to enlisting some disenfranchised groups in their class warfare. Contrary to all the multicultural billboards, liberals are primarily interested in unsuccessful minorities, because they can frighten them, exploit them and farm them as voting blocks. Successful minorities such as Asians, Indians and Jews are wanted only as window dressing. And get the short end of the stick when a real issue comes up. Multiculturalism is really only class warfare disguised as opposition to bigotry. Take away all the historical revisionism about the Democratic party's ugly civil rights history and the empty slogans about diversity, and what you have left is naked political opportunism. The Democratic party traff

Islamophobia, Cartoon-O-Phobia and Equalityphobia

Prime Minister Haji Abdul Razak of Malaysia has offered to help Obama overcome "Islamophobia" by sending "experts in Islamic studies" to America in order to correct misconceptions about Islam. Malaysia's Deputy Education Minister, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, stated, "We qualify to send our experts as we have the experience of administering a country which is multi-ethnic, multicultural and multi-religious like the US." Of course by multi-religious, he means Malaysia is an Islamic state which pervasively discriminates against non-Muslims. Malays are automatically treated as Muslims and subject to Sharia law. They are not allowed to become members of another faith, without applying to an Islamic Sharia court. And without official recognition, the law forbids them from marrying Christians or Buddhists. The Lina Joy case is an example of how non-Muslims can remain in limbo under a legal system which is based on Islamic law, and denies equal rights to non-M

Israel Reduced to the Size of a Jail Cell

"I said, ‘Natan, what is the deal [about not supporting the peace deal. He said, ‘I can't vote for this, I'm Russian... I come from one of the biggest countries in the world to one of the smallest. You want me to cut it in half. No, thank you.'" I responded, "Don't give me this, you came here from a jail cell. It's a lot bigger than your jail cell."                                                                                                               President Bill Clinton It is truly astounding that Bill Clinton, who in the 1970's was visiting Moscow and conducting Anti-American rallies on behalf of the Kremlin, had the gall to tell, Sharansky, who had risked his life as a political dissident during the 1970's fighting the Kremlin, that he should be satisfied that his new country is bigger than the old jail cell where the Soviet authorities had stuck him. Just be happy that we're allowing you to keep half of the 8,500

Pre-Sukkot Roundup - Alienating Americans from America

IN THE LATE 1930's A HARVARD STUDENT TRAVELED TO Europe to see its brutal dictatorships firsthand. He visited Mussolini's Italy, Stalin's Soviet Union and Hitler's Germany. Writing in his diary, the young man confided that he had come "to the decision that Facism ((sic)) is the thing for Germany and Italy, Communism for Russia and Democracy for America and England." But when he ran for President in 1960, John F. Kennedy never had to explain that isolationist view. Nor would raising the issue have made much sense, because the mature Kennedy had long since outgrown the jottings of his impressionable youth. Time Magazine in 1992 , defending Bill Clinton But of course it makes a lot of sense to raise O'Donnell's comments on Politically Incorrect about witchcraft today. Because JFK flirting with fascism or Bill Clinton with Communism were just "youthful indiscretions", but when it comes to O'Donnell, we're going full Salem here. The hypocr

Service or Sacrifice

Three years ago Reverend Lennox Yearwood was comparing the captured Al Queda and Taliban terrorists to civil rights heroine Rosa Parks, and demanding the shutdown of Guantanamo Bay. But last year Reverend Yearwood was conducting a conference call on behalf of the Obama Administration laying out plans to turn the commemoration of the terrorist attacks of September 11th into a "National Day of Service". While there is nothing wrong with giving blood, picking up trash off the sidewalks or serving as a volunteer dance instructor-- some of the projects listed by the official 911 Day of Service website, they are not what the commemoration of 9/11 is about. They are instead a deliberate attempt to drain the day of its meaning, to obscure the tragedy with feel good sentiments about the environment and community projects that do not address the meaning of September 11. 9/11 was indeed a Day of Service, but not the sort of generic service that the Obama Administration has in mind.

Jobs or Entitlements, But Not Both

Back when Barack Obama was weighing down a bench Sundays at UCC, the very Reverend Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright, was denouncing "middle-classness". Wright himself had skipped over the dreaded "middle-classness" all the way up to "upper-classness" by way of a successful father and a gullible congregation who were willing to build him a 1.6 million dollar mansion . With a lifestyle like that, who needs "Middle-Classness" anyway, except the middle class? Barack Obama, currently residing in a house worth a good deal more than a mere seven figures, certainly doesn't need it. But some of his supporters do. At the usually carefully screened town halls, one of his supporters expressed her disappointment by saying that she thought she was past "the hot dog and beans of our lives". But when you have an administration that chooses entitlements over jobs, hot dogs and beans all that remain for anything who isn't signing t

Superiority Complex

The people of most nations have a natural tendency to believe themselves superior because of their culture, religion and way of life. Such a belief not only makes for a healthy dose of national pride, but also serves as an immune system rallying the people to fight off invasions and maintain their way of life against the winds of change. Today in the First World however, liberals attack such beliefs in their own countries as reactionary and dangerous. Those who do believe that their country is better or that their culture is superior, are mocked as ignorant, stigmatized as bigoted and routinely compared to Nazis. This is the liberal reductio ad absurdum which reduces all forms of pride in one's group, any sense of cultural worth and national exceptionalism to jackboots and straight armed salutes. Pinning all the blame on the "National" half of National Socialist, while completely overlooking the "Socialist" part, which had a good deal to do with the economic p