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What the War Over Jerusalem is Really About

Hamas has announced that President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has opened the “gates of hell.” Its Muslim Brotherhood parent has declared America an “enemy state.”

The Arab League boss warned that the Jerusalem move “will fuel extremism and result in violence.” The Jordanian Foreign Minister claimed that it would “trigger anger” and “fuel tension.”

“Moderate” Muslim leaders excel at threatening violence on behalf of the “extremists”.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) warned that recognizing Jerusalem will trigger an Islamic summit and be considered a "blatant attack on the Arab and Islamic nations."

The last time the OIC was this mad, someone drew Mohammed. And wasn’t stoned to death for it.

According to the Saudi ambassador, it will “heighten tensions”. The Deputy Prime Minister of Islamist Turkey called it a “major catastrophe”. And the leader of the largest Muslim country in Europe, France's Emmanuel Macron "expressed concern" that America will “unilaterally recognize Jerusalem."

PLO leaders and minions meanwhile made it quite clear that now the dead peace process is truly dead.

The Palestinian Authority’s boss warned that recognizing Jerusalem will “destroy the peace process”. The PLO’s envoy in D.C. threatened that it would be the “final lethal blow” and “the kiss of death to the two-state solution”. A top PA advisor claimed it “will end any chance of a peace process.”

A day later, the peace process is still as alive and as dead as it ever was.

Since the chance of a peace process is about the same as being hit by lightning while scoring a Royal Flush, that “chance” doesn’t amount to anything. The peace process has been deader than Dracula for ages. And even a PLO terrorist should know that you can’t threaten to kill a dead hostage.

The only kiss of death here came from Arafat.

Peace wasn’t killed though. It was never alive. Because a permanent peace is Islamically impossible.

"The world will pay the price," warned Mahmoud Habash, the Palestinian Authority’s Supreme Sharia judge.

Habash isn’t just the bigwig of Islamic law, he’s also the Islamic adviser to the leader of the Palestinian Authority. And Abbas, the terror organization’s leader, was there when Habash made his remarks.

Previously Habash had declared that the Kotel, the Western Wall of the fallen Temple, the holiest site in Judaism, “can never be for non-Muslims. It cannot be under the sovereignty of non-Muslims.”

While the official warnings from the Palestinian Authority, the Arab League and assorted other Islamic organizations have claimed that recognizing Jerusalem threatens the non-existent peace process, Habash had in the past had made it quite clear that the issue wasn’t land, it was Jihad.

“The struggle over this land is not merely a struggle over a piece of land here or there. Not at all. The struggle has the symbolism of holiness, or blessing. It is a struggle between those whom Allah has chosen for Ribat and those who are trying to mutilate the land of Ribat," Habash had declared.

Ribat means that Israel is a frontier outpost between the territories of Islam and the free world. The Muslim terrorists who call themselves “Palestinians” have, according to the Abbas adviser, been chosen for “Ribat” to stand guard on the Islamic frontier and expand the territories of Islam.

The sense of Ribat is that the Jihadists may not yet be able to win a definitive victory, but must maintain their vigilance for the ultimate goal, which a Hadith defines as performing Ribat “against my enemy and your enemy until he abandons his religion for your religion."

That is what’s at stake here.

It’s not about a “piece of land here or there”, as the PA’s top Sharia judge clarifies, it’s a religious war. And Israel is not just a religious war between Muslims and Jews, but a shifting frontier in the larger war between Islam and the rest of the world. It’s another territory to be conquered on the way to Europe. And Europe is another territory to be conquered on the way to America.

There can be no peace in a religious war. Nor is there anything to negotiate.

“It isn't possible to compromise on or negotiate over Jerusalem,” Habash had said. “In politics there can be compromises here and there... In politics there can be negotiation. However, in matters of religion, faith, values, ethics, and history, there can be no compromises.”

There’s an extremely thin line in Islamic theocracy between politics and religion. But what Habash is really saying is that there might be room to negotiate how many times a week the garbage truck comes to pick up the trash, but not who gives him the orders. Islamic supremacism is non-negotiable.

The Supreme Sharia judge warned Trump that moving the embassy is “a declaration of war on all Muslims.” Why all Muslims? Because the “Palestinians” are a myth. Islamic conquests are collective.

And it’s not as if any of the Muslim leaders disagree.

Why is Jerusalem their business? It’s not empathy for the “Palestinians”. Kuwait ethnically cleansed huge numbers of them. They aren’t treated all that much better in other Arab Muslim countries.

It’s not about them. The Muslim settlers in Israel are just there as “Ribat”. They’re the frontier guard of the Islamic conquest. Much like the Sharia patrols in the No-Go Zones of Europe or the Jihadists in Kashmir, the Rohingya in Burma and all the other Islamic Volksdeutsche variants of occupying colonists.

Sunni may fight Shiite. Muslim countries, tribes and clans may war with each other. But the land they’re fighting over belongs to all of them collectively.

It can never belong to non-Muslims. That is the essence of Islam where conquest is religion.

That’s true of Jerusalem. And of the entire world.

That is what is truly at stake in the war over Jerusalem. When countries refuse to move their embassies to Jerusalem, they are submitting to Sharia law and Islamic supremacism. The issue at stake is the same one as drawing Mohammed. It’s not about a “piece of land”. It’s about the supremacy of Islam.

Refusing to move the embassy doesn’t prevent violence. Islamic terrorism continues to claim lives in Jerusalem. And Islamic violence has been a constant before Israel liberated Jerusalem or before there was even a free Israel. The Arab League, the Jordanians, the Saudis and the rest of the gang aren’t promising an end to the violence. Instead they warn that if we don’t obey, it will grow worse.

That’s not diplomacy. It’s a hostage crisis.

President Trump made the right decision by refusing to let our foreign policy be held hostage. We don’t win by giving in to terrorists.

We win by resisting them. Or else we’ll have to live our lives as hostages of Islamic terror.

Jerusalem is a metaphor. Every free country has its own Jerusalem. In America, it’s the First Amendment. Our Jerusalem is not just a piece of land, it’s a value. And the Islamic Jihad seeks to intimidate us into giving it up until, as the Hadith states, we abandon our religion for Islam.

Moving the embassy to Jerusalem will do much more for America than it will for Israel.

The Israelis already know where their capital is. We need to remember where we left our freedom. Islamic terrorists win when they terrorize us into being too afraid to do the right thing.

President Trump sent a message to the terrorists that America will not be terrorized.

Previous administrations allowed the terrorists to decide where we put our embassy. But Trump has made it clear that we won’t let Islamic terrorists decide where we put our embassies, what cartoons we will draw or how we live our lives. That is what real freedom means.


  1. Infidel11/12/17

    The hyperbole of the terrorists and their supporters has become so extreme, it almost seems like they have reached their limit. What can they say that they haven't said before? That lessens the impact of what they have to say.

  2. Great article, Daniel. However, "The last time the OIC was this mad, someone drew Mohammed. And wasn’t stoned to death for it." He was almost murdered in Garland, TX, with the connivance of the FBI. "But Trump has made it clear that we won’t let Islamic terrorists decide where we put our embassies, what cartoons we will draw or how we live our lives. That is what real freedom means." Amen, brother.

  3. This is just my opinion but I dont think that Trump should be interjecting his opinion on the capital of Israel. I am not Jewish, Islamic or Christian I just dont see how his helps anything. I respect your opinion Sultan, can you tell me why I am wrong here?

    1. Anonymous13/12/17

      It has been the law of the land for decades but weak president decided to waiver on congress and Senate's decision!

  4. Epoche, it's not his opinion. It's simply moving the embassy to Israel's center of government. And dealing with that reality. Instead of boycotting it out of fear of Islamic terrorists.

  5. Dennis Prager said:

    “Israel, it ought to be recalled, is the only country in the world targeted for annihilation.

    That has been true from the day it was proclaimed as a state in 1948 until today [December 2015].

    It was true before Israel was forced to conquer East Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank.

    It was true after three Israeli prime ministers: Yitzchak Rabin, Ehud Barak, and Ehud Olmert, agreed to give up virtually all of Gaza and the West Bank to the Palestinians to set up a Palestinian state.

    It was [still] true after Israel have every inch of Gaza to the Palestinians.

    All of which proves that when Palestinian spokesmen say they want peace, they do not mean peace WITH Israel, they mean peace WITHOUT Israel.”

    SOURCE: Why I am in Israel and you should be by Dennis Prager, December 2015, Country Yossi magazine, December 2015, page 48

    Why Muslims Hate Jews:





    Why Israel’s 1967 Borders are Undefendable:



  6. Epoche: I second Daniel's comment. It needed to be said. If I said it no body would care. Trump said, in effect, "A is A." That's not an opinion. That's a statement of a truth.

  7. Terry Baker13/12/17

    I think Daniel is exactly correct; the goal of jihad is supremacy. When we act in accordance with their demands we are submitting to their will. We, in effect, give them supremacy.

    I think President Trump understands this as well.

    Now, if someday they demand something fair and reasonable, acting in good faith, then let's talk. Until then call their bluff.

  8. Anonymous13/12/17

    Your statement that "Peace wasn’t killed though. It was never alive. Because a permanent peace is Islamically impossible", says it all and is the concept that so many in the West don't understand. The islamic goal is not peace but world wide Islam.

  9. In that Nutshell again, Daniel.

  10. Anonymous13/12/17

    When the "allies" of the West are totalitarian, theocratic religious apartheid states (e.g. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE) what does that say about the West's commitment to things like democracy and freedom?

  11. I searched in vain for share buttons. I will do it the hard way.

    This one nails it so tight it should be a nail in the coffin of Islam. I gives concrete examples for the abstractions in my 8 part series on "why Peace Is Impossible".

    The conquest imperatie must be obeyed. The reconquest imperative must be obeyed. Muslims must not sue for peace and hudna is for 1years, max.

  12. The entire premise of Islam is that it is superior to any government and it really rules the world. That is the premise that must be denied its natural fruition. Islam sees Israel, America and many other countries as pockets of infidels denying Islam its natural place as the ruling force over the planet. What is there to negotiate? You either hold the line of freedom or you capitulate, everywhere.

  13. Anonymous17/12/17

    Terrorists kill for a living. They don´t need extra reasons. They kill more when they are winning. Cut off funding and the glamour goes...

  14. As ever Mr Greenfield-quite the best and only interpretation of world events re Islam and Israel that ANYBODY on this earth is going to need.
    Many of us blog-some of us even quite well. But none with this level of scholarship, experience and authority. Do NOT stop-and to quote Ruth-we`ll follow and find you no matter what the SJWs would do to this site if it knew how essential it is to us. Greetings and happy Christmas from Dorset, England and Europe

  15. @epochehusserl " I am not Jewish, Islamic or Christian I just dont see how his helps anything."

    Just like I don't see how kow-towing to threats of violence thrown around by muslims having temper tantrums when they don't get what they want helps either.

  16. @epochehusserl " I am not Jewish, Islamic or Christian I just dont see how his helps anything."

    Just like I don't see how kow-towing to threats of violence thrown around by muslims having temper tantrums when they don't get what they want helps either.
    I am not familiar enough with the situation here to have an opinion. I know that the international community has a mixed reaction to the Israeli government and various conflicts that have taken place there. Even the Jewish community had a mixed reaction to Trump's pronouncement.


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