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Hillary's Anti-Presidential Campaign

Three creatures on earth are impossible to get rid of: lice, cockroaches and Clintons.

Hillary Clinton spent a third of her miserable adult life trying to get into the White House. Now the nation’s failed Harridan-in-Chief is determined to spend her remaining years blaming everyone, from Matt Lauer to the Electoral College, for having to live out the rest of her life in flat broke poverty in the eleven rooms of her Georgian Colonial mansion (and the neighboring mansion in their cul-de-sac too).

Current ‘blamees’ include the FBI, millions of white people, sexism, the Russians, Russian sexism, Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, Joe Biden, Matt Lauer and the Electoral College.

And probably the starting lineup of the Denver Broncos. You’ll have to buy the book for the full list.

But What Happened, Hillary’s spiteful magnum opus, does actually answer its titular question.

Hillary happened.

Hillary Clinton is a terrible person. Her politics are terrible. She’s a nasty creature whose hatred, entitlement and greed are in direct proportion to her mountainous avalanches of self-pity.

And What Happened sums up those qualities the way that none of her previous biographies ever did.

What Happened isn’t Hillary unfiltered. The only people privileged to witness that were the Secret Service agents she threw things at and the aides who had to frantically cater to her every whim.

But it’s close enough.

What Happened is still told in Hillary’s treacly insincere voice. But for the first time, its topic isn’t a bunch of insincere platitudes assembled by some combination of aides, staffers, ghostwriters and pollsters.

All that is over.

The carefully constructed machine built to take Hillary to the White House broke down on Wisconsin Highway 14, Florida State Road 20 and Pennsylvania Route 22. Only a skeleton staff of loyalists stayed to help Hillary turn her name recognition and remaining connections into filthy lucre and filthier spite.

That’s what What Happened is. Hillary gets to lash out at everyone and get paid for it. Not only is she upstaging Bernie’s book tour while trying to tie him to Trump, she’s taking shots at another likely Dem 2020er, Joe Biden, not to mention her own badly used DNC and everyone who didn’t vote for her.

If Hillary can’t be president, she’s going to make damn sure that none of her Dem rivals will either.

Hillary will be taking the millions that she had to spend to fight off Bernie in state after state out of his hide piece by piece. And Biden’s vacillation about the entering the race will cost him too.

How much vengeance can Hillary extract with a book? Ask Bernie.

The Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution print edition will be out on September 14. Hillary’s What Happened will be out on September 12.

Two days earlier.

Hillary’s book currently tops Amazon’s bestseller list. Bernie’s is at 39.

Bernie’s book tour will suffer similarly. He’s already being forced to respond to Hillary’s accusations. Instead of being able to position his brand for 2020, the book tour will be a repeat of the primaries.

He sabotaged Hillary’s campaign launch. He cost her time, money and energy that she needed for the general election. Now she’s repaying him in kind.

That is who Hillary is.

Joe Biden will have his own book launch in November. And Hillary will be there playing Tonya Harding. Biden’s efforts to get in the race made some Dem donors delay their funding of her campaign.

And Hillary has not forgotten.

What’s the point? Her political career is over. After the last election, there’s no way that even the Green Party or the Pedophile Cannibal Satanists of America would let her top their ticket.

And doesn’t kneecapping Bernie and Biden help Trump?

But Hillary doesn’t care. This isn’t about politics. It’s spite. And she would rather see Trump win another term than have Bernie in the White House. That’s who she is. That’s who she has always been.

What Happened is a unique post-campaign biography: it chronicles why its author should never have been president.

After a catastrophic defeat, Hillary has spent her political retirement dividing the country by casting doubt on her opponent’s victory. The Russia conspiracy theory was the brainchild of her political operatives and it helped convince Dems to push for impeachment while calling Republicans, traitors. The unhinged ravings of Louise Mensch and Keith Olbermann have their origins in her conspiracy theory.

This wasn’t a gift to the Dems.

The conspiracy theory was wholly self-serving. It excused her from any of the blame and prevented the Dems from figuring out what went wrong. Instead of learning how to talk to the white working class voters they lost, the Democrats reeled further to the left and bet everything on impeachment.

But Hillary didn’t just turn our national politics into Chernobyl and call it a day. Instead she’s obsessed with settling scores with her primary opponents and even, like Biden, potential primary opponents.

Nobody who ran or even thought of running against her should be allowed to become president. Trump, Bernie and Biden are all on the list. So is everyone who ever questioned or undermined her.

They all must pay.

If you want to wake up screaming in the middle of the night, imagine the same twisted spiteful creature orchestrating all this being able to control the entire country, instead of just appear on NBC or CNN.

But while Democrats wish Hillary Clinton would go away, she embodies today’s left better than anyone.

Hillary was America’s First Crybully: the malicious professional victim, the abuser who claims to be the abused, the black nationalist thug throwing cinderblocks at police while shrieking, “Hands up, don’t shoot” and the leftist campus protesters screaming how afraid they are while they terrorize speakers.

What Happened is Hillary’s crybullying text. It’s an attack posing as victimhood.

It’s Hillary pretending to be frightened of Rick Lazio, her Republican opponent in the Senate race, crying in New Hampshire during the first primaries before launching an attack on Obama and exploiting her husband’s infidelity for her Senate run. It’s every low and shameful moment condensed into a post-campaign biography that no one, except the devils on both her shoulders, asked for.

There’s always a vast conspiracy that explains her malfeasance. And her own crimes, corruption and character flaws become weapons to be used against her critics and rivals.

What happened is Hillary.

"Evil destroys even itself," Aristotle observed. “And when present in its entirety becomes unbearable."

The ancient Greek had her number. Hillary destroyed her own campaign. Twice. And as her malice spews out unchecked, even her own former supporters are finding her unbearable.

Hillary failed to build a successful presidential campaign. Now she is building an anti-campaign.

Unable to create, she is following the natural trajectory of evil to destroy. It doesn’t matter to her whether she destroys Republicans or Democrats as she poisons the well of public discourse that we all drink from. If Hillary can’t rule over America, she might as well bring it down in flames.

There’s no political future for the Clintons. Bill is an erratic and faded figure. Chelsea will never evolve beyond a failed internet troll. And Hillary is tethered to them and to her own political disasters.

Nothing awaits her except the inevitable ravages of mortality.

In 2013, I wrote, Why Hillary Will Lose Again which concluded with, “At the Benghazi hearings, Hillary famously demanded to know what difference it made. The same can be said of her life.”

But Hillary will not go gracefully. She will not wander the woods of Chappaqua, appear at occasional fundraisers (at a high fee) and sit on the board of some environmentalist group. As the darkness approaches, she will lash out and harm all those who frustrated her political ambitions. She will rage, wreck and ruin. The only difference she will make will be through her hatred and destruction.

Her presidential campaign is over. Her anti-presidential campaign has begun.


  1. Infidel17/9/17

    Quite an enjoyable read :)

    If they had been even slightly aware of their bias, they might have realized their statistics were less reliable than they seemed, and taken corrective measures.

    Even 538, the Silver Standard of polling, was still seemingly unaware of certain biases in their views, last time I read one of their excuses for getting the polling wrong.

  2. Daniel, Right on as usual...I love your new name for these malcontents...

  3. A fine and biting appraisal of Hellary and why she has been a failure all her adult life. If she is seeking a title to impress people, I nominate her to be the First Deplorable. She's like the spoiled brat who says in a snit: "I'm taking my marbles and going home!" if she can't win. The only problem is, that she hasn't any marbles. Only rocks and rotten eggs.

  4. Nice article. It was great to finally see the Clintons fall. The list of the mysterious dead associated with them could rival the Vietnam Wall. But like they did with the pregnant woman killer, Ted Kennedy, they will call her a great American when she dies. She has done nothing but suck money from the people and foreign governments. I'm really surprised the Russians or Saudis haven't taken her out after all the money they paid for influence after her election. The funniest thing I ever saw was when during an interview she tried to convince Black activists that she carried hot sauce in her purse. They laughed at her. And she asked, "Do you believe me?" And they laughed again and one said something like, "I'll never believe that." She did not have a clue, and I really think she believed she was born to rule us like some evil Queen of the Damned.

  5. Good read. My thoughts exactly.

  6. .... As the darkness approaches, she will lash out and harm all those who frustrated her political ambitions. She will rage, wreck and ruin. The only difference she will make will be through her hatred and destruction ....

    Perhaps not for too much longer, though, if she keeps up her rumored case-a-week Jack Daniels Single Barrel habit. Perhaps there's Korsokoff's in her Stars? And sitting on a veranda somewhere and waiting for the nice man, Bubba, to come around again and to change her diaper?

    Or maybe she'll be doing June Alyson's Depend gig?

  7. Some wit wrote a couple of months ago in his blog
    "President Trump is doing a magnificent job of not being Hillary"
    The only thing I knew about Hillary Clinton at the middle of last year was that I disliked her intensely. Then I started reading. From the corruption and cocaine distribution in Arkansas through to the despicable Clinton foundation and the Arkancide counts. I could hardly believe that this evil woman was in the icredibly powerful position she was in. This is what I meant in the post here on 7/11 when I fear that the war you people are in from those without and within is a war you can lose. You can not lose this war, most of Europe is lost, Australia is heading down the soggy path of National self abuse, and my country will be next. Daniel you have relentlessly posted this evil woman as she is, and thank God, that evil is now openly on show for all but the blind and deaf. Another direct post, as straight and real as it comes .

  8. Anonymous17/9/17

    Tell me how you really feel Daniel?
    Great post unpeeling the onion that is Hillary - a woman so filled with revenge that her bitterness and rage borders on mental derangement!
    This bitter, jealous and righteous hag filled with a superiority syndrome unleashed herself by writing her book 'what happened'. We know she's always tone deaf but thought she would come so directly at us thinking we were on some imaginary place far away and don't have a clue what happened. She doesn't give us any credit being there and know what happened making her book a self serving tool to break into the public and condemn us via various wrongs against her needing to be litigated in public.
    She is bitter, jealous, disgusted but most of all enraged and out for blood and revenge. You detailed it all for us.

    Yes this is who she always was. Her mask hid this creature and thankfully as you said she was rejected and denied to take this vicious attitude in the white house.
    I agree she will not get off the stage and is here to say - like a scorned woman needing to settle a score.
    If she could she would do to all of us what she did that night when she realized it's over for her: Physically attacking us as she did Robby Mook and trying to launch at others requiring for her to be restrained to stop her violence. It wasn't enough that she threw anything and everything available at those present, ransack the hall while screaming profanities and in her drunken stupor on a tirade that was shocking.
    So yes that is who she always was. The media may try but will unable to stop her because they are at her mercy as so many others are being forced to remain quiet while hoping she disappears. Mark my words she will start airing the dirty laundry of anyone trying to nudge her off her grievance and revenge tour. She has nothing to lose and like you so correctly stated she will burn down anything and everything trying to stop her.
    Has her husband been seen since she started her revenge tour?

  9. D.D.Mao17/9/17

    It's over! She's gone and irrelevant. Why do Trump supporters or so called Republicans insist on bringing Hillary back from her political afterlife? Possibly because they can't defend the indefensible clod they elected. So even though she is finished with politics you keep going back to compare her to what you wrought upon America. History unfortunately won't be as kind and will judge Trump and Hillary on their own accomplishments or lack there of. Any comparisons may sooth your soul but it doesn't amount to squat and we would be much better off looking to the future than pabulum of the past.

  10. Hillary Clinton is Veruca Salt, but we can't get rid of Hillary with Oompa-Loompas.

  11. Anonymous17/9/17

    She has broken the secret rule of not attacking your crooked friends and allies...and opened the gates for it being their turn going after her and each other.

  12. Hillary Clinton is an abomination. There's a special place in Hell for her. She's done treasonous, unconscionable, disgusting things! All those lies she told over flag-draped coffins of four Americans she left unprotected in Benghazi... Her role in allowing terrorist group Boko Haram's rise and her disingenuous tweets after they had kidnapped hundreds of innocent young girls... How she laughed when a child rapist she was defending got off... How her lust for power manifested itself in direct, malevolent abuse of Bill's victims... How she claimed Bill as president never saw the Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) he received 04DEC1998 that warned MORE THAN A THOUSAND DAYS BEFORE 11SEP2001 "Bin Ladin" [sic] was "preparing" to "hijack US aircraft" in terrorist attacks on the United States because she didn't want Americans to know President Bill Clinton let OBL live.

  13. Paul Scott, Ditto.

  14. Secretary Clinton is doing a fine job of confirming exactly why she should never have gotten any where near the oval office.

  15. Anonymous18/9/17

    “At the Benghazi hearings, Hillary famously demanded to know what difference it made. The same can be said of her life.”


  16. paul scott said...
    Some wit wrote a couple of months ago in his blog
    "President Trump is doing a magnificent job of not being Hillary"

    Lot's of people, not just prominent bloggers, have been saying that. I'm one of them, before I saw anyone else say it.

  17. Anonymous18/9/17

    Chronologically and ideologically Hillary represents the arc of post WWII females as well as feminism. She was a mousy, homely Midwesterner who cadged admission to an old-line Eastern school where radicalism was made easy and, crucially, consequence-free on a bucolic campus.

    From that moment she led a double life as a career-oriented lawyer and a wife with disastrous results on both fronts.

    Her abhorrent personality and amorality manifested themselves in rejection at an early stage of her professional life. Anyone who worked with her disliked her, even the political allies she traded favors with.

    On the personal front, her marriage descended almost immediately from shaky to shambolic. Her husband was a serial philander (and probable predator). The bolshy, bra-burning, bullhorn-shouting Steinemesque coed adopted a rictus-grin-and-bear-it posture all the way up to her laughably insincere 1992 60 Minutes performance.

    Her peer group has always been her strongest support, for they too bought every lie feminism offer for sale. They were too embarrassed to admit it and like Hillary that shame turned to anger directed outward.

  18. The thing about Chelsea, is that I can see her being used politically in the future when everyone has forgotten what a train wreck her mother was.
    She would make a great figure head, and easily be manipulated due to her sheltered up bringing.

  19. +Triumphantape said: .... (Webster Hubbell's every bit as ugly and as amoral daughter,) Chelsea Cli'ton ... would make a great figure head ....

    On a garbage barge?

  20. What we wrought on America as DD Mao says...is a man who has ended the Democratic Party for all times and the DC Cartel after the mid-terms. Hollywood has crashed and will financially destroy itself while putting traitors like Fonda on a public forum, the media talks about the first lady shoes, helpless statues and stores get attacked, Hillary blames everybody including her toilet paper, that thief Pelosi rambles like a stuffed head and counts the 300 million she has made in a government job. None of it means anything. Trump is President, and has fought non-stop since announcing he was running...and he is still here for the people...the people who never really get into the news...the people who appreciate what he is doing and trying to do. The blocks those political jerks put up doesn't fool anyone. He will win out in the long run. We are taking the country back.

  21. Anonymous20/9/17

    Contemporary liberal thinking goes like this: you, trailer trash, had the simplest of task in 2016, vote HRC, and couldn’t deliver. You even pretend to be trusted with a gun permit when you don´t know who is boss here? At least, latinos and blacks know their place in the plantation. Don’t complain when you are replaced¡

  22. +Dennis Latham said: .... It was great to see the Clintons, finally, fall. The list of the mysterious dead associated with them could rival the Vietnam Wall ....

    And, in fact, does. Witness: ALAMO GIRL: REMEMBER THE DEAD - ARCHIVE LINKS - http://www.alamo-girl.com/thedead.htm

  23. The Vietnam Wall of The Clinton Dead: http://alamo-girl.com/0463.htm

  24. D.D.Mao20/9/17

    @Dennis Latham;
    Trump no more ended the Democratic party than the GOP did. Nor has Hollywood crashed I can assure you. Both major parties are under attack by their base who obviously don't know what they want themselves. I say that because as bad as the "binary choice" was in 2016 both sides supporters seem addicted to defending those choices. You show concern over the medias obsession with the First Ladies shoes, and helpless statues yet Hillary is staying relevant with all these political columns that have appeared dredging up her past and Trump the ultimate RINO gets defended while DEALING with the "thief Pelosi who counts the 300 million she made in government jobs" thus making it possible for her to "ramble like a stuffed head." Talk about ignoring hypocrisy !

    It's stunning to see such a bad argument as "He isn't Hillary" and "Burn the Party Down" get such broad acceptance. The cold slap of reality is YOU are the ones "who put those jerks up."

  25. Gosh, you make Hillary sound a lot like a slightly more unhinged version of John McCain.

  26. And Hilllary thinks this is how you lay the groundwork for a comeback in 2020!
    As Dick Morris has said, "If she's breathing, she's running".


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