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The Left's Persecution of Real Refugees from Islam and Communism

The President of the United States announced that refugees fleeing persecution by a totalitarian regime would be deported. It did not matter that they had risked their lives to come here.

They would be sent back.

No leftist lawyers crammed airports. No protesters chanted at terminals. No celebrities offered sanctimonious lectures about “who we are”. No one dared to call the lying thug behind it un-American.

Because his last name was Obama and the refugees were Cubans fleeing socialism.

Their arrival irritated the leftists gleefully going on tours of Havana while worrying that capitalism would ruin all the poverty, misery and oppression they were showing off on their Instagram pages.

The same leftists howling over Trump’s refugee pause from Muslim countries cheered loudly for Obama’s Cuban refugee ban. A majority of Cuban Americans had voted for Trump.

So the left wanted to keep them out of America.

The media outlets selling sniveling sob stories of Muslim families cheered when President Clinton sent in an anti-terrorist unit brandishing submachine guns to abduct a little Cuban boy at gunpoint from his family. "We literally wanted these people frozen with fear," a BORTAC commander boasted.

That is how the left treats actual refugees.

When they lecture us on “who we are,” remember that this is who they are.

While Obama and the left have been lecturing us on the poor Syrian refugees, they have done everything possible to keep real Syrian refugees, Christians and Yazidis, out of America.

Christians made up 10% of the population of Syria. Two thirds of Syrian Christians were displaced by the ongoing Muslim religious war. But only 1% of the Syrian refugees admitted by Obama were Christian.

98.8% were Muslim.

Of the hundreds of thousands of displaced Syrian Christians, Obama took in 125 in his final year.

While real refugees were kept out, Obama threw open the doors to Sunni Muslim migrants: many of whom sympathize with their Sunni Islamic terrorist side from Al Qaeda to ISIS. Obama had armed and aided the Sunni Islamic “freedom fighters” in Syria who were oppressing and displacing Christians.

These are the fake refugees on whose behalf the left is protesting at airports.

President Trump has pledged to overturn Obama’s covert ban on Christian refugees. The leftist protesters aren’t there to support refugees, but to oppose his plan to help Christian refugees.

These aren’t pro-refugee protests. They’re pro-migrant and anti-refugee tantrums. Their real message is to keep Obama’s ban on Syrian Christian refugees while importing more migrant Muslim terror.

The left does not support actual refugees because the majority of those are fleeing either leftist or Islamist regimes. And the left is the unofficial lobby for the former and supports the latter.

Joe Biden, Jerry Brown and other leftists fought tooth and nail against bringing Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees to America. George McGovern insisted that they “would be better off going back to their own land.”

Amnesty International, which beats the Muslim refugee drum louder than anyone else, joined in the effort to cover up Communist genocide in Cambodia. "Allegations made by refugees must be examined with care in view of their possible partiality," the left-wing organization warned. It claimed that it did not want to “embarrass” the Communist mass murderers by exposing their misdeeds in public.

Cambodian genocide denial lived on until the bodies could no longer be covered up.

The left has shamelessly invoked the plight of Jewish refugees from the USSR and Nazi Germany.

It was FDR, the great hero of the left, who sent Jewish refugees to die in Nazi concentration camps. While leftists like to place the blame on Congress, the FDR administration went to great lengths to keep out even those Jewish refugees that could have been legally admitted with security reviews.

These tactics were used to keep out as many as 117,000 Jews.

An administration memo called for removing “discretion” from consuls so that there would no Raoul Wallenbergs or Chiune Sugiharas on FDR's watch while “advising our consuls, to put every obstacle in the way and to require additional evidence and to resort to various administrative devices which would postpone and postpone and postpone the granting of the visas.”

The FDR administration even pressured other countries in the region not to accept Jews.

FDR had a long history of anti-Semitic remarks. He had even defended Nazi anti-Semitism in private conversations. The most horrifying of his remarks came when Stalin and FDR were discussing the “Jewish problem”. Stalin had already been engaged in massacring the Jews. FDR quipped to Stalin that he would give the six million Jews of the United States to King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile the left had spent a long time denying that Jews were even persecuted in the USSR.

The first boom in Soviet Jewish emigration occurred under Nixon. More Jews were able to leave the USSR in one year of Nixon than during LBJ’s entire term in office. In Nixon’s last full year in office, 35,000 Soviet Jews were allowed to leave. In Carter’s first year, the numbers were barely half that. There was an equally dramatic difference between Carter’s last year in office and Reagan’s first year in office.

Nixon’s Attorney General, John Mitchell, had intervened to offer parole to Soviet Jewish refugees while Carter had sought to suspend Jackson-Vanik which was forcing the USSR to free Soviet Jews.

It is the left that stands on the side of the leftist anti-Semites who oppress and persecute Jews.

When the Marxist Sandinistas persecuted Jews, they were the toast of the left. John Kerry lobbied for them and Bill de Blasio supported them. But President Reagan courageously denounced them.

“The Nicaraguan Communists claim that they're not anti-Semitic, they're just anti-Zionist. Well, as anti-Zionists, they desecrated Managua's synagogue and drove the small Jewish community into exile,” President Reagan said, describing graffiti reading, “Death to the Jewish pigs.”

Who cared about those Jewish exiles? Reagan. Not the left which glorified the Marxists scribbling, ‘Death to the Jewish pigs’ on synagogue walls.

Today the left is doing the same thing to Christian refugees that it did to Jewish refugees.

Obama’s people fought hard to prevent the Boko Haram terrorists who were massacring thousands of Christians and bombing churches in Nigeria from being named as a foreign terrorist organization. He sided with the Muslim Brotherhood church bombers in Egypt and with Palestinian Authority Jihadists killing Jews in Israel.

Everything Obama did is the policy of the left. Not just in America, but also in Europe and in Canada.

The left has formed an alliance with Islamic terrorists. Some of the lawyers who rush to airports to aid Muslims detained on immigration charges also rush to prisons to help Muslim terrorists detained in plots to massacre Americans. They don’t love refugees. They hate America. They hate us.

The left hates real refugees. It hates them because real refugees want freedom.

Cuban and Soviet Jewish refugees voted for Trump because they know what it’s like to live under the left. The Christian refugees fleeing the Middle East are the first to warn about the dangers of Islam.

That’s why the left will do everything it can to keep them out of this country. There is nothing that a totalitarian movement hates and fears more than people who love freedom.

Behind the moral theater of the editorial page and the sanctimonious circus at the airport is a horrific crime. The left has aided and abetted genocide from the USSR to Nazi Germany, from Asia to the Middle East, while providing aid and comfort to the monsters behind these horrors. The greatest intellectuals of the left defended the horrific crimes of Communism as they whitewash Islamist crimes today.

Nothing has changed.

Leftists are really protesting at airports for the continuation of Obama’s Christian refugee ban. They are screaming their lungs out to keep the Christian refugees fleeing Islamic terror out of this country.

The left hasn’t turned out in force to save Muslims. It has marshaled its haters to kill Christian refugees.


  1. Anonymous6/2/17

    Daniel, yours is a perfect litmus test for the left. They hate freedom. Anyone who has experienced Islam and Communism sees this immediately.


  2. Infidel6/2/17

    Good article. I think its actually important that someone goes a lot deeper into this issue, like you did with this article. It has often crossed my mind tangentially when reading the superficial articles on related topics so prevalent these days. So thanks for that!

  3. Well said!

    I wish you had elaborated a bit more on this: Today the left is doing the same thing to Christian refugees that it did to Jewish refugees because the casual reader might not understand that the reason for this is there are virtually no Jews left in the Middle East. Arabs have finished Hitler's work by resolving his "Jewish Question" in a way that would be completely satisfactory to him.

  4. I so wish that I could repost this to Facebook, but if I did, the Libs would start publishing articles about how the Muslims and Palestinians have been mistreated all these years without a Country to call it's own and all that other hogwash. Most of them don't even know anything about the holocaust. Sadly, a few of them are Jewish. Try to figure THAT out!

  5. Dan, you have written again heroically of truths, exposing the constant never-ending nature of what has become the “deadly Democratic party”. You can’t say that, but I can, and must. It is a party that today dearly loves criminals, being criminal, has zero ethics, has no virtues, and begs to be outlawed. Today’s leftist, progressive alinsky atheist or evil loving democrats, which in today’s times it melded into from just being actual racist totalitarians of the past, who worked hard to control “their” blacks (and destroyed an incredible amount of black families-you know LBJ and his great society no father’s hanging around, more……), “prevent” Jews, and many others of actually also good and great people truly in need of real help, true help, not remotely like today’s muslim ‘hijra’ jihadists, a mere means of practicing sneaky war, with a few muslim exceptions, such as true or honest interpreters. Forever they are to war upon all and each other, to conquer and thieve, in writing, and proven, over 1400 years.

    In my youth in conservative, deeply inside, of mainland ‘flyover’ conservative REAL America-(as opposed to “beach bum” America!-catch that?), with zero prejudices inculcated by my family, I shall never forget seeing the tattooed serial numbers on the forearms of immigrant holocaust survivors, whom I met while at work, never! The tattoos are in my mind’s eyes as well as they were on the victim’s forearms, those days very long ago! They might have been identified by or missed by or passed by the youthful evil georgy soros, in Hungary. (You see, some do evil but learn, and some do even better-repent of their wrong, and then there are those who do evil and keep it up, never ever learning-guess of whom I speak-by his actions and interviews!). These survivor immigrants were good sociable quiet conservative actually contributing and enjoying life people, who were lucky to have just missed an evil totalitarian hateful muslim-nazi (loving allies, they were!) fate, and I do mean exactly that, historical truth! I know exceptionally well, what is in the heart of islam, as do many, many others (nowhere close to enough-yet), and what they are taught daily, weekly, and pray 5 times daily their hatred. I’ve read their detailed writing of hatred and destruction, fully!

    And I know well from 150 years of history, of where the democrats have always fit in, and IF Black people knew what most of them should know, of that history, and don’t yet (but some more are catching on to the real truth), they would be like the justly bitter, but often wise (he had completely misunderstood economics, at least, but oh, he well understood Freedom, Liberty!), escaped slave Frederick Douglas was, a firm Republican and abolitionist, or one could be a Constitutional Conservative, who worked for the honest and open betterment and true assistance of ALL people, no matter slant or roundness of eyes, nor shade of skin. But “religion” better be real, and not fully about eternal hatred and destruction of others-for no such “religion” exists-only gangs, fascism and totalitarian dictatorships! And there is another subject to examine in writing, real and fake-unreal cover.

  6. Anonymous7/2/17

    Outstanding! Well done as usual.

  7. Anonymous7/2/17

    Canada is the perfect example of a country taking in more immigrants than it can handle (http://immigrationwatchcanada.org/2017/01/18/11522/) and under PM Justin Trudeau is egregiously biased towards radical Islam.

    Trudeau and the Liberal government have fallen under the spell and influence of Islamists. There is now “anti-islamophobia” legislation with proposed criminalization provisions attached that will become law if not overturned in a few months.

    The US will soon be looking at their northern border with big, important questions of security.

    Canada is a country that is na├»ve and leftist. Canada has been lily white although they think of themselves in fantasy ways as “multicultural” and they criticize problems of other countries that have experienced having too many who want to destroy the fabric of western society and replace it with forms of totalitarian, communist and Islamic rule – because they have never had these problems in the past.

    Canada will soon learn under the man-child in power the social and ideological costs of adopting sharia law and adopting the values of Islam to replace their current worship of leftism.

  8. Anonymous7/2/17

    There was a time when "Discrimination" meant "Criteria-based selection" without negative connotation. That was how we chose our spouse, friends, wines, hobbies, jobs. None of those had a right to be chosen. A sovereign nation has the right and duty to admit any or none based on maintaining it's national character, and improving the lives of its citizens. Would you want a spouse or friend who wants to change you, or impose burdens?

    In criminal law, the burden of proof is borne by the prosecution. In immigration the burden should be the applicant's. Good citizen and neighbor, ENGLISH, productive, no welfare, no trouble. If we allowed only those with demonstrated earning potential above $100,000, we couldn't take them all. No anchor babies. If, for any reason, it's not working, send them back.


  9. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. The people they are fighting for will only work to slaughter them at the first opportunity.

  10. Why Muslims Hate Jews:

    Forgotten Muslim Oppression against Jews:

  11. Christians and Catholics have been persecuted for over 2000 years and we are still here. I know hardcore Liberals who believe in nothing, hate everything, and will make any gathering miserable by just entering a room. They will lie, steal, cheat, and defame to try to get their results...but they never state what that result is other than telling everyone what to do without doing it themselves. The very fact that Trump ran and was elected is proof of Divine intervention. I'm not saying Trump was miracled into office, but if one figures the odds stacked against that happening, it could be considered a modern miracle on Biblical scale. Anyone with half a brain knows the left is nothing but Communism disguised as a corrupt social agency. They would gladly put anyone on the right, including family members, in camps and see them killed. I believe this, which is why I think it will take a Civil War to destroy them and get rid of the terrorist threat. Muslims kills gays but gays protest to promote Muslims. Brain dead. Gays don't yet realize the left hates them, hates blacks, hates freedom, etc. The left actually got women to wear vaginas on their heads and classify themselves as a group of crazy holes. I did see another miracle last night. A group of hardcore Liberal women angry over men being allowed in the women's bathroom...and they should be. They will be disowned by the left. Obama, the traitor was nuts. He had one purpose and that was to destroy America. Clinton would finish it. They are still trying to finish it by importing as many illegals and terrorists as they can before it's over. Canada will become the new Mexico. They have to be stopped.

  12. Anonymous8/2/17

    This Absolutely true! The Underground Communists they changed name to Liberals! FDR was Stalins right hand .FDR crated economic disaster! FDR by using media in 1930s lied to American people like USSR has economic booming and thousands of American immigrated to Russia and made them to build Russia with American labor and ROTTEN Americans with families there! NY times ,Chicago tribune and the other Russian spies in media were writing lies and telling the Americans how is good in Russia and people have a jobs and they don't want to comeback and pushing more Americans to migrate!

  13. Anonymous8/2/17

    Thanks for the eye-opening, very thoughtful analysis. We need much more of this in response to the idiocy and ignorance abroad in the land on this topic--and so many others. The wonder of it all, to me, is that the Left--esply the hordes of Jews among them--don't get that it's the Muslim vermin, not the Christians and other refugees, who are gunning for innocent Americans, including the libtards.Do they think they'll be exempt from the next massacres? I truly don't get it. . . .

  14. I'd be shocked if 1 out of 50 leftists even considered it that much. I suspect that they were spoon fed "Brown People!" "Foreigners!" and simply made the mental equivalence that they're the same as 15 million Mexicans and Central Americans the left is already desperate to let in. This is a political tool of the left. It doesn't matter who these people are, where they're from., what they want, what they believe, do, think or say. And it doesn't matter that some percentage of them want all of us in mass graves. The only thing that matters to the left is "Brown-ish People" and "let in all the foreigners!"

  15. ‘I don’t often double tap, but when I do…’, for fundamental educational purpose, I try to educate the satanic devil out of those cavorting with same (which is more than half Americans, and even worse for Europe, and less so for the Baltics, Slavic’s and Hungary’s heroic Viktor Orban, especially, even though most are clueless, as most of us here are way too well aware. (Of course many individuals like Geert, and many others know the pathetic truth of the gang, as does to some degree, DJT clearly) But to that end, here are some clue bats to try to save learning with less painful means for the average public, (who lazes along blithely, blindly), towards his hangin’ rope, than losing one’s life or head, etc. as the usual clue of missed knowledge…….:

    Of course, all is written plainly, and fundamentally, as requirements in the koran, hadiths, and surah, plus summations in ‘reliance of the traveler’-aka the shariah-the essential goal to be achieved on every square inch of the earth, along with no music, pictures, dancing, alcohol, no education for women, general stupidity, etc. and countless other actually good delights of the educated but truly Godly world, that must be banned, along with all history but muslim history.
    https://www.jihadwatch.org/2017/01/congratulations-president-trump-now-what-reversing-the-ostrich-complex http://shariahthethreat.org/a-short-course-1-what-is-shariah/a-short-course-14-the-muslim-brotherhood%E2%80%99s-strategic-plan/

    And in the above are references, everything superbly true, on (1928 beginning of MB) al banna’s muslim brotherhood “The Project”, captured in detail in Switzerland, just after 911, and a version in America, I think I recall connected to the Holy Land Foundation case, I think found in a compartment in Va. house, also.

    So there is a great catch up primer for the countless people who need it, and that includes Tucker Carlson, if anyone wants to give him a clue.

  16. Anonymous9/2/17

    I suppose I should've guessed FDR was a antisemitic -- from his hobnobbing w/Soddy muslum despots to his turning a boatload of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany away.
    Thanks for this article Mr. Greenfield.

  17. Anonymous9/2/17

    The current Leftist bleeding hearts and crying breast-beaters are upset about Mr Trump's temporary ban on immigrants from 7 Muslim countries. They badly need to be confronted with above arguments. And so need the German/EU elitarian gang and all their provincial collaborators and useful idiots, who are pursuing through "unstoppable Muslim immigration" the impoverishment, social disruption and increasing mayhem in Europe. But there is hope to reverse all this. Already the British chose the right path with Brexit, and the Americans Trump. Somebody else could follow soon.

    Clelia&Eric, Eurabia, Italian province

  18. Anonymous10/2/17

    Brilliant, Empress! Leftist "logic" is deliberately fuzzy. Leftist larvae are suckled on victim stereotypes. Denouncing other ideas elevates their own "Moral Superiority", for which they are rewarded. Consequences don't matter.


  19. Anonymous13/2/17

    So what's the point? Anything anyone can do to discourage islam and or communism anywhere on the planet is a good thing.


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