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The End of Columbus Day is the End of America

Columbus may have outfoxed the Spanish court and his rivals, but he is falling victim to the court of political correctness. The explorer who discovered America has become controversial because the very idea of America has become controversial.

There are counter-historical claims put forward by Muslim and Chinese scholars claiming that they discovered America first. And there are mobs of fake indigenous activists on every campus to whom the old Italian is as much of a villain as the bearded Uncle Sam.

Columbus Day parades are met with protests and some have been minimized or eliminated.

In a number of cities Columbus Day was transformed into Indigenous People's Day, which sounds like a Marxist terrorist group's holiday.

After making a shambles of his efforts at socialized medicine, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin signed on to Indigenous People's Day. What began in Berkeley, spread to Denver, Pheonix and Seattle, among other cities.

No American state has followed Venezuela's lead in renaming it Día de la Resistencia Indígena, or Day of Indigenous Resistance, which actually is a Marxist terrorist group's holiday, but the whole notion of celebrating the discovery of America has come to be seen as somehow shameful and worst of all, politically incorrect.

The shift from celebrating Columbus' arrival in America to commemorating it as an American tragedy by focusing on the tribes who had settled there earlier, rather than the American settlers, is a profound form of historical revisionism that hacks away at the origins of this country.

The attacks on Columbus Day have less to do with the distant descendants of those tribes, most of whom owe more of their ancestry to the later arrivals made possible by Columbus, than with the agenda of the left.

Anti-Columbus Day protests are mounted by La Raza, whose members, despite their indigenous posturing, are actually mostly descended from Spanish colonists, but who know that most Americans are too confused to rationally frame an objection to a protest by any minority group.

The absurdity is deepened by the linguistic and cultural ties between the Italian Columbus Day marchers and the Latino Anti-Columbus Day protesters with the latter set cynically exploiting white guilt to pretend that being the descendants of Southern European colonists makes them a minority.

If being descended from Southern Europeans makes you a minority, then Columbus, the parade marchers, the Greek restaurant owner nearby and even Rush Limbaugh are all "people of color."

Italian-Americans are the only bulwark against political correctness still keeping Columbus on the calendar, and that has made mayors and governors in cities and states with large Italian-American communities wary of tossing the great explorer completely overboard. But while Ferdinand and Isabella may have brought Columbus back in chains, modern day political correctness is erasing him from history and replacing him with a note reading, "I'm Sorry We Ever Landed Here."

But this is about more than one single 15th century Genoan with a complicated life who was neither a monster nor a saint. It is about whether America really has any right to exist at all. Is there any argument against celebrating Columbus Day, that cannot similarly be applied to the Fourth of July?

If Columbus is to be stricken from the history books in favor of ideological thugs like Malcolm X or Caesar Chavez, then America must soon follow. Columbus' crime is that he enabled European settlement of the continent.

If the settlement of non-Indians in North America is illegitimate, then any national state they created is also illegitimate.

It is easier to hack away at a nation's history by beginning with the lower branches.

Columbus is an easier target than America itself, though the left considers both colonialist vermin. Americans are less likely to protest over the banishment of Columbus to the politically correct gulag  than over the banishing America itself, which was named after another one of those colonialist explorers, Amerigo Vespucci. First they came for Columbus Day and then for the Fourth of July.

The battles being fought over Columbus Day foreshadow the battles to be fought over the Fourth of July. As Columbus Day joins the list of banned holidays in more cities, one day there may not be a Fourth of July, just a day of Native Resistance to remember the atrocities of the colonists with PBS documentaries comparing George Washington to Hitler.

These documentaries already exist, they just haven't gone mainstream. Yet.

We celebrate Columbus Day and the Fourth of July because that is our history. Had the Aztecs, the Mayans or the Iroquois Confederation developed the necessary technology and skills to cross the Atlantic and begin colonizing Europe, the fate of its native inhabitants would have been far uglier. The different perspectives on history often depend on which side you happen to be on.

To Americans, the Alamo is a shining moment of heroism. To the Mexicans who are the heirs of a colonialist empire far more ruthless than anything to be found north of the Rio Grande, the war was a plot to conquer Mexican territory. And neither side is altogether wrong, but choosing which version of history to go by is the difference between being an American or a Mexican.

A nation's mythology, its paragons and heroes, its founding legends and great deeds, are its soul. To replace them with another culture's perspective on its history is to kill that soul.

That is the ultimate goal of political correctness, to kill America's soul. To stick George Washington, Patrick Henry, Jefferson, James Bowie, Paul Revere, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and all the rest on a shelf in a back room somewhere, and replace them with timelier liberal heroes. Move over Washington, Caesar Chavez needs this space. No more American heroes need apply.

Followed of course by no more America.

This is how it begins. And that is how it ends. Nations are not destroyed by atomic bombs or economic catastrophes; they are lost when they lose any reason to go on living. When they no longer have enough pride to go on fighting to survive.

The final note of politically correct lunacy comes from a headline in the Columbus Dispatch about the Columbus Day festival in the city of Columbus, Ohio. "Italian Festival honors controversial explorer with its own Columbus Day parade".

Once the great discover of America, Columbus is now dubbed "controversial" by a newspaper named after him, in a city named after him .And if he is controversial, how can naming a city after him and a newspaper after the city not be equally controversial?

Can the day when USA Today has a headline reading, "Some cities still plan controversial 4th of July celebration of American independence" be far behind?


  1. the complete hypocrisy of the Progressive Left which celebrates immigration (legal or otherwise) and calls an explorer controversial... because of you know... immigration

  2. Anonymous10/10/16

    In the Early Renaissance and banishment of Moors to Morocco, Europe had already created, lost, and was regaining advanced philosophy, science, technology, literature, art. The Greeks, Romans, English had attempted limited government.

    How fortunate it would be if the best of people and ideas could be attracted to a nexus where they could build a civilization based on individual freedom, and merit!

    Thanks to Ferdinand, Isabella and Columbus, America was discovered. Spain and Portugal went south after gold. Northern Europe slowly colonized North America.

    North American Natives had no written language, no wheels, no machines. As through all history, the colonists pushed the natives back. Now, strong, wise, and freedom hungry people created a unique civilization. No king, no religion, no tribes.

    We Americans are the fortunate and proud heirs of the most noble heroic accomplishments of history. Columbus, Washington and many patriots deserve our thanks. Craven dividers like Chavez, Sharpton, Obama have pandered and bred discord.

    The way we distinguish hero from villain is by appreciating freedom and merit. America really is exceptional; it will remain so only so as long each American knows why.

  3. gstarr10/10/16

    Don't forget, we have to ban Thanksgiving and Christmas too

  4. I cite a relevant quotation here from Sparrowhawk: Book Three, Caxton, in which one of the heroes, Hugh Kenrick, explains his Indian policy to the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, in 1765:
    Hugh saw reluctant concession in the governor’s expression. He went on. “If the Crown must devise a policy, your honor, the most honest one might be to issue a proclamation to the Indians: Join us, mingle with us, or perish – and if perish, then by a provoked sword. Discard your bear grease and scalping knives, and discover Locke and Diderot and Newton. For we shall not remove ourselves, and you have no other alternative but to remove yourselves clear to the Pacific Ocean, or suffer a violent, sad, and certain demise.”
    Fauquier frowned, then exclaimed, “By God, sir! You are a flinty man!”
    Hugh shrugged. “I have as little compassion for their predicament, your honor, as I might have for that of a Thames coal heaver..."

  5. Infidel10/10/16

    Brilliant, comprehensive. Don't know how you do it.

    Leftist academics have been hard at work on historical revisionism, for a long time now.

  6. Anonymous11/10/16

    its simple Hillary is fostering a deteriorating race relations situation...why? as part of the religion hating, gay run left, they are planning to plunder and kill the Jews....sounds extreme? Read the following forward and introduction of Kevin Abrams, a true genius of they type of the Sultan...


    you will get a very enlightening interpretation of what is going on today

  7. @Bluesgal Perfect logic! America shall know it's end the moment more people emigrate from her than immigrate to her.

  8. Clear analogy to tactics and methodology of delegitimization of the Jewish State. Here and there "indigenous" is first defined as antonym of "settler". Then the word "settler" is redefined to serve the current political agenda of opponents. Using this technique it is easy to prove that a grandson of an Arab from Damascus is the authentic indigenous Palestinian while a grandson of a jewish survivor of bloody pogrom in Baghdad is a settler (examples based on real persons). Similarly, in the USA, a descendant of a slave from Africa is more indigenous than a descendant of "Mayflower" and a descendant of spanish conquerors in California becomes "indigenous" while a settler from the east coast is just a "settler". From clever definitions to total negation of legitimacy of state. Most funny of all is that Obama administration supports this war of deception against Israel, which arguments serve the purpose of enemies of the system he was elected to serve.

  9. Anonymous11/10/16

    The great Portuguese explorer Columbus would be devastated about this.

  10. It's unclear to me how liberals imagine that any contact with any and all germ vectors not of the New World could have possibly ended any other way. In a few years after Columbus made governor over Hispaniola, Old World diseases of which the people here had not prior exposure and no 10,000 year propensity for some level of immunity, were dead. 90% of the indigenous population was wiped out. Moreover, the tropical diseases already here claimed the lives of most Europeans for the same reason. This is the core reason why the slave trade from Africa to the New World happened. They were replacement labor and they had some natural resistance to tropical diseases.

    Even if Columbus were a gay trans black Muslim mother of 5 waving The Feminine Mystique in one hand and Das Kapital in the other, it would have unfurled the same way.

  11. "A nation's mythology, its paragons and heroes, its founding legends and great deeds, are its soul. To replace them with another culture's perspective on its history is to kill that soul."

    Thank you. I'll be quoting you. (with permission)

  12. Anonymous11/10/16

    This piece by Daniel ranks among his best and most thought provoking and perhaps one that foretells our near future. I am afraid that in my lifetime (I am in my 70's) I will see this come to pass. The juggernaut of the far left will not be denied and more than stage 4 cancer. We are at best a dying patient. I suggest all save Daniel's writings as the day may not be so far off that he and others of his ilk will be banned and burned...

  13. for the world to live leftism must die

  14. "These documentaries already exist, they just haven't gone mainstream. Yet." As Supreme Court-ordained gay marriage, Obamacare and open borders were once "side-stream" and now are mainstream, "yet" is fast becoming now.

  15. Anonymous11/10/16

    And ban all things identified as Columbian or Columbia

  16. And the left marches on spreading its plague of self loathing.

  17. Anonymous12/10/16

    Talking identity politics, when Mr. Trump was asked by the inevitable muslim, how are you protecting 3.5 muslims from the rampant islamophobia, he should have replied with the Constitution and question her, are you teaching your children that the Constitution is everybody’s guarantee to be free regardless their faith.
    ‘You have a problem in your community, madam’ that was very well stated by Mr. Trump anyways…

  18. Anonymous12/10/16

    We've seen the intrepid PBS explorers schmoozing with the noble denizens of rain forest South America, Africa, Borneo. How benign their chiefs and shamans, how supportive their communal societies, how sorrowfully the explorer returns to his/her New York suite! (With retinue of videographers, medics, armed guards, bribesters.)

    Welcome to Potemkin. This is the Eden we could all enjoy if not for the rapacious American resource gobbler.


  19. Two rules must happen for a sovereignty to exist. These rules have existed throughout history, when the first sovereign border was created. These rules still exist today:

    1. You must claim the territory as sovereign to you.

    2. You must defend your sovereign territory.

    This has never changed, and never will. If you can't do both, then you don't have a sovereignty. Otherwise, any one of us could get drunk, stick a flag pole in any piece of land on Earth, and say, "This is now the Nation of Me."

    Land on Earth doesn't belong to people who want it. It belongs to people who defend it.

    That's why America came to belong to the colonists, and the Native-Americans lost it. The Natives claimed this territory (Rule #1), but they couldn't defend it (Rule #2). So they lost it all; however, we at least gave them their own Reservations--a concession that likely wouldn't have happened had most any other colonists, other than our reasonable grandfathers, been the ones doing the colonizing.

    The land on which each of our homes now sits once belonged to Indians. Your land, on which you hold a deed and pay property taxes was taken by Indians by force. And a whole lot of Indians died in vain in that process, struggling to defend their territory in a vastly asymmetric conflict.

    So, unless each of us is willing to drive to the nearest Indian Reservation and hand over the deed to your homes and property, then I suggest you please keep your pie-holes shut, and start showing some gratitude to our grandfathers, who fully understood how Rules #1 and #2 have always worked, and have given us the United States of America, the greatest nation ever to have existed on this planet; the country we all love and enjoy.

  20. You are aware that Columbus never stepped one foot on the North American continent, right?

  21. Anonymous16/10/16

    How are the libturds going to kill Columbus?
    He has been dead for 500, 600 years.
    Plus if it wasn't for Columbus these libturds would not be here at all.
    Because there would have not be a US to keep the world safe for democracy. Especially during the 1930's and 1940's.
    So, frack the libturds!!!!

  22. Every time La Raza mounts an offensive against Columbus (or any other supposed assault on our "indigenous" (from Siberia across the former land bridge?) peoples, they should be forcefully reminded of the many thousands of indigenes in Mexico, Central, and South America put to the sword by their direct ancestors, the Spanish. The land La Raza wants "returned" to them was taken over the bloodied, dead bodies of Indians all across the Western Hemisphere, not simply here in North America.

  23. Anonymous11/5/17

    Too true. I recalled reading about a movement in the 1960's that was accompanied by a play that traveled across America. In the play, a group of far left homosexual activists tried to elevate the homosexual Holocaust of Nazi Germany, the imprisonment of around 10,000 homosexuals, as more horrific and significant than the imprisonment and murder of millions of Jews. In one part of the play, a homosexual in the camp (they were forced to wear pink stars), "traded up" his pink star for a yellow one like they Jews wore. It was an attack on history trying to place the homosexual persecution as more significant and prevalent than that of the Jews. They try to rewrite history to favor them and brainwash those who weren't alive to live in the time and know that the SS was primarily formed by the 'masculine' homosexuals, who by their very nature are in direct opposition to, and strongly despise, the 'effeminate' homosexuals. They effeminate were the ones who were imprisoned and persecuted by the masculine homosexuals who had taken control of the Nazi party and formed some of the leadership of the SS. Hitler himself hasn't been directly proven as one of the masculine homosexuals, however he did love and prize several paintings of naked young boys as was part of the Hellenistic, masculine, militant-homosexuality expressed by the Brown Shirts who would later form the SS. The far left definitely doesn't want people knowing any of this however. But the proof is there in multiple sources from history that they try hard to dismiss. A free online book called The Pink Swastika thoroughly covers all of this and how it pertains to today, and what they are still attempting to do in rewriting history in their favor.


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