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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Dogs, Tornados and Jews


Covering up for Gutman’s sexual abuse of children would have been about more than just the State Department’s usual white wall of silence. Like many European ambassadors in the new administration, Gutman was not a diplomat — he was a donor. A man like Christopher Stevens might be sent to Libya, but positions in European capitals were mostly reserved for major contributors to the Democratic Party.

When it came to money, Howard Gutman, a top Washington lawyer, brought in the cash by raising $500,000 for Obama’s campaign committee and another $275,000 for his inauguration committee.  And Gutman was not just an Obama boy. He had donated the legal maximum to Hillary’s presidential bid.

That was a lot of money. Enough to let a donor molest as many children as he cared to.

Clinton’s Pardons for Pedophiles

Palestinian Authority President’s Advisor: Murderer of American-Israeli Baby is “Heroic Martyr”

ISIS is using the same tactics with America as it did with the Iraqi Army. Beheadings and humiliations of captured prisoners. It is showing its members and its supporters that it is stronger than America.

This is what terrorists do.

ISIS hasn’t won battles against enemies that stood and fought. It broke the morale of its opponents by humiliating them. This is a powerful thing in the Middle East’s honor/shame cultures where fighting forces have poor professionalism and draw their morale from a false sense of confidence. You’ve seen all those videos of Jihadists running out of cover or accidentally blowing themselves up.

This is the attitude that keeps the enemy going. They don’t really follow orders. They don’t really learn how to do things. What unites them is a sense of inevitability. Puncture that by humiliating them and they collapse. Their macho shows are all hat and no cattle. There’s nothing underneath the bravado except cowardice and cruelty.

Why is ISIS Provoking America? To Humiliate It.

Americans just gave every Gazan $200


In an interview with radio shock-jock Howard Stern, Canadian rocker Neil Young suggested a fight against the Islamic State (ISIS) is not worth the release of greenhouse gases from military vehicles.

“And yet we are fighting what? ISIS…al-Qaeda. And we are fighting these wars against these organizations and their carbon footprint has got to be like 1% of our huge army and our navy and all of this stuff that have with all our big machines. We’re doing more damage to the earth with our wars.”

While Neil Young spoke to a Calgary news conference at the Jack Singer Concert Hall prior to his Sunday night show, five rock star-style motorhomes were left running outside, spewing fumes into the Calgary air, even though they were mostly unoccupied.

Inside the concert hall, the 68-year-old rock ‘n’ roll legend was talking about the “elephant in the room,” which he later explained was man-made global warming. The only elephant I could see was his enormous carbon footprint and his even bigger hypocrisy between his walk and his talk.

Neil Young: Al Qaeda More Moral Than US Army Because of Smaller Carbon Footprint


Islamic terrorism benefits Muslims directly and indirectly. The direct benefits are obvious. The indirect benefits are more subtle. Whether it’s ISIS and the FSA, Al Qaeda and Saudi Arabia, the “extremist” mosques that openly preach death and the “moderate” mosques that dress it up a little, Islamic violence benefits both sides in the game of “Good Caliph” and “Bad Caliph”.

Islamic “extremism” creates a market for “moderates”. The more bombs go off, the more the affected countries scramble to ally with cooler heads who claim to be able to defuse the anger of the radicals.

Jihadists set off bombs in Boston and the state partners with local mosques. The Taliban kill girls and the United States pumps more money into Pakistan. ISIS massacres non-Muslims and we ally with the FSA.

How the Muslim World Benefits from ISIS


Obama Says Muslim Terror Attack on Canada is “Senseless Violence”

Canadian Parliament Attacker was Son of Libyan Muslim Jihadist

Muslim NYPD Ax Attacker: “Sit Around and Do Nothing or Jihad in the Cause of Allah”


Actual polling though shows that Warren has twice as much support among the $50,000 and over group than she does at the under $50,000 level. Warren is also least popular with 18-29 year olds. She’s so unpopular with them that even seniors, a traditionally conservative group, like her more than they do.

Class warfare is a game for those with money. The family that is just scraping by doesn’t have the time to worry about how many times their annual salaries a CEO makes. Envying billionaires is the occupation of millionaires. Envying them is the occupation of the upper end of the
middle class.

Instead of being some kind of revolutionary, Elizabeth Warren’s main appeal is to rich white men.

Elizabeth Warren: The Rich White Man’s Candidate


More than 1,000 people attended the “I Want to Touch a Dog” event in the affluent Bandar Utama neighborhood on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. But the event’s planner, Syed Azmi Alhabshi, has now been forced into hiding after hard-liners insisted he “should be stoned to death.”

One Facebook user’s comment — as reported by the Malaysian Insider — illustrates the level of paranoia in the hard-line camp. The user said the dog-familiarization event was part of “a Jewish agenda to Christianise Muslim-Malaysians through subtle measures.”

It’s so subtle that I don’t know how this conspiracy is supposed to work.

1. Muslims pet dogs.

2. Then they convert to Christianity.

3. The Jews win?

 Muslims Blame Malaysian Tornado on Petting Dogs, Call for Stoning Dog Lover

...from the comments

truebearing • This is fantastic! If only we'd have known sooner. We now have the solution to Islam...force them to pet dogs, which will turn them into Christians, thereby reducing the Muslim population, and then tornados will wreak havoc on the Muslim countries.

Of course, there are a lot of Muslims, so we'll have to platoon the poor dogs so they aren't petted till bald.

Obama Offers to Let Iran Run Three Times as Many Nuke Centrifuges


Among the speakers is Kathleen Rice, who is currently the Nassau County District attorney, and is a Long Island Congressional candidate…

…Ms. Rice is speaking alongside Imam Siraj Wahhaj of the Muslim Alliance of North America. Mr. Wahhaj was named in court papers as an unindicted co-conspirator of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Also he proclaimed in a May 1992 sermon: “I would cut off the hands of my own daughter [if she stole] because Allah stands for Justice.”

Someone should ask Kathleen Rice what she thinks of Allah’s hand-cutting justice. I hope Kathleen Rice is a moderate Democrat and not one of that tiny minority of radical extremist Dems we keep hearing about.

New York Dem Candidate to Appear w/Unindicted World Trade Center Bombing Conspirator

Dem Chief of Staff Mohammed Resigns After Saying “All White People Have a Little Hitler in Them,”


Petlakh said that as he left the arena with his sons, aged 10 and 14, his way was blocked by protesters yelling “Free Palestine” and “Your people are murderers.”

At that point, one of the protesters — allegedly Shawn Shraeder  — punched him, resulting in a broken nose and a cut above the eye, requiring eight stitches.

Shawn Schrader is an activist with Occupy Wall Street who goes by a number of different names including Shawn CarriƩ. Shawn had cashed in during the OWS heday by claiming to have been the victim of police brutality.

His Twitter account shows that Schader/Carrie had recently headed to Ferguson to participate in the ugliness there. In an attempt to make money off OWS, he tried to describe Tweeting about OWS as his “full-time job”.

Occupy Wall Street/Ferguson Thug Arrested for Beating Jewish Man at Anti-Israel Protest

Communist Dictator of Cholera-Ridden Country Offers US Help Fighting Ebola


When Al Sharpton wants to protest something, then its current mayor supporter of the notoriously anti-Semitic Sandinistas is always on call. But when it comes to Jews taking a stand against terrorism and anti-Semitism, Bill de Blasio is a self-righteous no show.

Mayor de Blasio defended the Metropolitan Opera’s right to show “The Death of Klinghoffer,” and criticized predecessor Rudy Giuliani’s protest against the controversial work.

“I really think we have to be very careful in a free society to respect that cultural institutions will portray works of art, put on operas, plays, that there will be art exhibits in museum,” de Blasio said Monday at an unrelated press conference.

And yet if the Met were saying putting an opera that portrayed black people as apes who deserved to be enslaved, Bill de Blasio would have a thoroughly different view.

Bill de Blasio: Sharpton Rally “Yes”, Rally Against Terrorism “No”

UK Deals w/Muslim Trojan Horse Plot by Asking Jewish 9-Year-Old Girls If They Know Gays


The International Marxist Tendency, in a piece whose related articles include Karl Marx is the “Best Scientist of Them All” and Quantum physics, dialectics and society: from Marx and Engels to Khrennikov and Haven (For some folks, the USSR never fell” has an article which claims that “Ebola: an epidemic made in the capitals of Europe and America”.

That must explain the massive Ebola epidemic overrunning London.

“The labour movement must make clear, however, that the whole Ebola problem is not and has never been a medical or a scientific one. It is an issue of under-development and exploitation,” it states.

Well obviously. Marx was the best scientist of them all. And thanks to his wisdom, we know that disease isn’t a medical problem. It can only be solved when we put the Commies in charge.

Just look at Cuba.

“Capitalism is Responsible for Ebola”

Don’t Worry, It’s not a Carbon Tax, It’s a “100 Percent Returnable Emissions Tax”


“Sources close to AdvaMed don’t expect Clinton to come out in favor of eliminating the medical device tax, but her appearance before the group is a key indicator the powerful industry is ready to spend money to derail the tax in the near future and build key bipartisan coalitions.”

We’re talking about a six figure speech. And possibly more of those to come. Reason enough for Hillary to go on playing coy about the pacemaker tax.

Hillary Clinton Cashes In by Refusing to Take Position on Pacemaker Tax

Thomas Friedman Desperately Running Out of Non-Islamic Metaphors for ISIS


Undocumented President Omar Gonzalez, a military veteran with more useful career experience than the current occupant, was found incompetent to stand trial after he was expelled from the White House.

Despite a national policy of letting in everyone who wants to enter the country and declaring them merely “undocumented”, President Omar Gonzalez was denied his right to remain in the White House.

But while President Gonzalez may have been found incompetent to stand trial, there is little doubt that he is more competent to run the country than the man on whose behalf he was expelled.

White House Fence Jumper Not Competent to Stand Trial, Might be Competent to be President


As I wrote in The Great Betrayal, “the number of Afghan civilian casualties caused by American forces had dropped between 2009 and 2011, but civilian casualties caused by the Taliban steadily increased… 2009 proved to be the deadliest year for Afghan civilians with over 2,400 killed… with the Taliban accounting for two-thirds of the total. While the percentage of casualties caused by US forces fell 28 percent, the percentage caused by the Taliban increased by 40 percent making up for American restraint.  This fell into line with the increase in NATO combat deaths which rose from 295 to 520.”

“By 2011, the ISAF forces were responsible for only 14.2 percent of Afghan civilian deaths, while the Taliban were responsible for 79.8 percent of them.”

American soldiers were killing fewer Afghan civilians, but more Afghan civilians were dying. The rules of engagement allowed the Taliban to win which meant that they would be able to kill more civilians. Instead of helping Afghan civilians, we were causing more of them and more of us to be killed.

You Can’t Stop Genocide Without Killing Civilians

Will ISIS be Next to Jump the White House Fence?


This may be the single dumbest article written about Ebola. And that includes anything written by Al Gore blaming Ebola on Global Warming. The unfathomable stupidity of this Rick Hampson piece may actually be worse than Ebola because there’s no cure.

"Once defamed as “the city that killed Kennedy,” this community used the assassination’s 50th anniversary last year to declare its name cleared once and for all. Now Dallas faces a new libel: Ebola capital of the USA."

USA Today Blasts Racist Dallas for Killing JFK, Ebolaphobia


A woman whose only claim to fame is committing adultery with the President of the United States “survived” the “suffering” of being mocked in newspapers and now wants to use her story to fix our culture.

Lewinsky is acting as if being called “Portly pepperpot” makes her a survivor of something. It doesn’t.

That’s what our “I Feel” culture has forgotten. Some people should be shamed. We can disagree on which people, but I don’t really see there being much of a Monica Lewinsky lobby here.

Monica Lewinsky is a Victim Who Wants to Use Her Suffering to Fix Our Culture

Jewish Girl Converts to Islam, Begins Getting Bad Grades, Plotting to Kill Parents


Is Beinart really incapable of grasping the difference between self-criticism and external attack?

If Beinart were to call himself a “miserable self-loathing hack”, no one would claim that he’s engaging in personal attacks. But if I were to call him that, I would be engaging in a personal attack.

There’s a difference between Hillary Clinton saying something negative about America and Vladimir Putin or Angela Merkel saying something negative about America.

If Beinart really doesn’t get it, he should try doing Chris Rock’s “Niggas vs. Black People” routine in front of a black audience.

Is Peter Beinart Just a Troll?

Racist Muslim Settlers Attack Black Israeli Soldier in Jerusalem


There’s something seriously wrong when an interview question runs two paragraphs and the response runs a sentence. There’s something even more wrong when the question consists of rants like this from Oppenheimer.

“I’m not someone who, I’m no AIPAC Jew. I’m the person who in many situations is the one saying, you know, there are Palestinians who were thrown out of their homes. And I read your letter and I thought to myself, “That’s not what you want to say.”

In court this is what is known as leading the witness. Also it’s known as the counsel having a mental breakdown. In this case the mental breakdown is caused by Oppenheimer’s pathological self-hatred. “I’m no AIPAC Jew” is a deeply telling phrase, not about AIPAC, but about Oppenheimer’s ghetto state of mind.

Yale Chaplain Ousted for Supporting Hamas, Hating Jews, Claims to Have “Jewish Soul”



Islam, after closer examination, was and still is all about Muhammad. And about nothing else.  You had to take his word for everything he said had happened or will happen. He insisted on it, forcefully. Like a berserker. There isn’t a single totalitarian regime that wasn’t also a personality cult. Islam fits that description. Muhammad is its personality, and Islam is his cult.

He was the Billy Sunday of his time in that region, or if you like, a supreme showman in the way of P.T. Barnum. By the time of his death in July 632 at the age of sixty-two, Muhammad had converted all of the Arabian Peninsula to Islam, by hook, crook, military conquest, banditry, torture, extortion, genocide, terror, and murder. He was born in 570, the “Year of the Elephant,” but very likely had never seen or heard of an elephant. But Islam, especially after his demise and because of the missionary efforts of his successors, spread through the Peninsula and all compass points like scalding coffee through a cheap paper towel.

Another appropriate comparison would be that Muhammad was the Jim Jones of his time, skillful in manipulating the gullible, but his Kool-Aid was Islam, which didn’t poison men, but instead their minds, and turned them into “Walking Dead” zombies.

Or, picture Muhammad as a kind of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, ranting to his congregation about hell and damnation and God-damning the Jews and Christians and all unbelievers, his Koran-thumping eliciting vocal expressions of spontaneous fervor among the flock. That was, more or less, Muhammad’s preaching style. He was a master of working his credulous converts into near hysterics, if not into a revival tent, rolling-on-the-ground lather and foaming at the mouth for salvation.

Edward Cline's take on Mohammed.


Kerry should have anticipated what he’d hear. Hatred of the Jewish state in varying degrees of ferocity and of flaunted belligerence has consistently been the only glue to hold together the squabbling and mutually destructive sons of Arabia in their various guises and incompatible religious adherences.

Therefore, Kerry – had he actually had even a superficial a smattering of elementary historical comprehension – should have expected precisely such slander. Moreover, had Kerry even a superficial smattering of elementary intellectual integrity, he’d have rejected the crude attempt to reproach Israel for Arab/Muslim barbarities. He could have denounced it as the crass opportunism and as the morally abhorrent copout that it is.

Had Kerry any rudimentary decency in the role of go-between he so fancies, he’d have told his regional interlocutors that they cannot persist in portraying Israel as the source of all evil. Had he possessed a smidgeon of the statecraft he boasts about, he’d have fearlessly stood up to the host of Mideastern dictators and potentates. Instead he lent them his sympathetic ear.

from Sarah Honig...


That is outright religious hatred. He’s not talking about the mosque. He’s talking about the entire Temple Mount. You know, the holiest site in Judiasm. And “suggested”? really? You know what a suggestion is? “Hey, I think you should try putting a purple streak in your hair and see how it looks.” That’s a suggestion.

This? This is outright saying Jews have no right to their own holy place. No right to the site where both Temples stood, where the Ark of the Covenant resided, where Jewish priests blew the shofar on Rosh Hashanah–the site, in fact, where Judaism was practiced for centuries before Islam existed. This is part of the Palestinian strategy to pretend that the area was wholly Muslim and Jews have nothing to do with it. It is, straight out, a lie. And the AP calls it a suggestion.

Meryl on AP bias


What makes the picture even more bizarre is that while a lot of aid is going into ISIS-controlled areas, very little is going into Kurdish areas in northeast Syria where the Kurds are now defending Kobani with the support of U.S. warplanes. Last November, tellingly, Syrian Kurds complained that they were not included in the U.N. polio-vaccination campaign.

A State Department official is reported to fear that if the aid convoys were to be stopped, there would be an humanitarian crisis for which the West would be blamed. We don’t think fear of blame should be of any concern. Why are all these sentimental Western policy makers and executives so afraid of being blamed? It is blame by Muslims that they particularly fear. What is withholding aid from an enemy state compared to what the Muslims of ISIS are doing? It’s an absurd consideration, but it distorts policies, both domestic and foreign, over and over again. 

...from Jillian


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