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Friday Afternoon Roundup - The Long Way Around


ISIS represents a familiar Saudi tactic. It’s the revival of the Ikhwan, the armies of Wahhabi bandit raiders who united Saudi Arabia under the House of Saud by terrorizing Sunni rivals and Shiite Muslims. The ISIS atrocities of today were business as usual for the Ikhwan who referred to other Muslims as infidels, invaded Iraq, Kuwait and Jordan, killed some 400,000 people and created a million refugees.

(Similar events had also taken place earlier such as the Wahhabi sack of Kerbala in Iraq in 1802. A contemporary description relates, “The elderly, women, and children—everybody died by the barbarians’ sword.”)

The Ikhwan, like Al Qaeda, turned on the Saudis and their attacks on British territory attracted Imperial attention. The Saudis used British air strikes to put down the Ikhwan in the 1920s and transformed what was left of them into the country’s National Guard. This pattern becomes familiar to us if we swap out the Ikhwan for Al Qaeda in its various forms. The difference is that modern technology and oil wealth have given the Wahhabi raiders a truly global reach as we discovered on September 11.

If Genocide Won’t Unite Iraq, Nothing Will

Family of Dead Palestinians “Killed by Israel” Found to be Alive

ISLAMOPHOBIA - UN Condemns ISIS for Raping Teenage Boys


 A Facebook page that appears to be his shows that he “liked” Zaid Shakir and Bilal Philips. Philips was also named an unindicted conspirator in the World Trade Center bombing.

He also likes Khalid Yassin who called for killing gays

New Jersey Muslim “Innocently” Flying ISIS Flag “Liked” Conspirator in WTC Bombing

Al Gore Sues Al Jazeera for Fraud - What happens when one fraud sues another fraud for fraud?


 The special weapons and tactics concept originated in the late 1960s as a result of several sniping incidents against civilians and police officers around the country. Many of these incidents occurred in Los Angeles during and after the Watts Riot.

If anyone could be labeled as the “founder” of LAPD’s SWAT unit, it would be John Nelson, a former Marine and Vietnam War veteran who joined the LAPD as a patrol officer.

John had served in a USMC elite Force Recon unit during WWII and based the SWAT concept on the Recon units, believing that a small squad of highly trained police officers armed with special weapons would be more effective in a riotous situation than a massive police response.

On Dec. 8, 1969, the department called on SWAT to help serve a warrant for illegal weapons at the Black Panther headquarters.

The heavily armed Black Panthers resisted and attempted to shoot it out with 40 SWAT officers. Thousands of rounds of ammunition were fired during a four-hour siege, resulting in the wounding of three Panthers and three officers. The Panthers eventually surrendered.

The Police Became “Militarized” in Response to Race Riots

While Vets Died, VA Wasted $400 Million on Green Energy


America today has more than a little in common with the period of the great immigration backlash of the 1920s. Economic uncertainty and a period of isolationism after an exhausting foreign war combined with the arrival of huge numbers of immigrants led to an immigration backlash back then. It would not be unprecedented for it to lead to an immigration backlash all over again.

Economic malaise and political isolationism are just as present in the United States as in Europe. The amnesty push polarized the issue and created a major crisis. Obama took on the role of America’s EU, an internationalist force dedicated to unlimited immigration with no concern for the citizenry.

The anti-immigration consensus stunned Tories and Labour alike in the UK. Both parties are still reeling from how easily UKIP exploited popular anger over immigration. And both parties have been forced to learn how to talk to working class voters again. If the same political tsunami hits America, Republicans and Democrats will be even more unprepared to deal with a phenomenon that will make the Tea Party disruptions over ObamaCare seem like a fond memory for the political establishment.

The Amnesty Radicals’ Big Mistake

Did Someone Put Obama in Charge of Policing a Small City in Missouri?


“It’s already been disabled! Don’t worry – it won’t explode!” he shouted, jumping up and down on the bomb.”

Hamas Bomb Expert Who Accidentally Blew Up Hamas Bomb Squad Liked to Jump Up and Down on Bombs

Hillary Was Against Arming the Syrian Rebels Before She Was for Arming Them


The UK is all about human rights. That’s why it warned Israel that if Hamas breaks the ceasefire again, it will shut down some weapons export licenses to Israel.

But maybe Israel will just be able to get them secondhand from some of the UK arms industry’s clients. A group that includes China, Zimbabwe, Iran and Sudan.

The UK arms industry’s client list reads like a complete horror show. It even allowed the export of nerve gas components to Syria.

And Russia, despite those sanctions, the licenses are still in place

UK Won’t Sell Weapons to Israel, Will Sell Weapons to Gaddafi, Iran and Pakistan


“One thing has come out strong over the past five years is that Comrade Tony Ehrenreich is the most loved, most popular and generally acceptable amongst all racial divides than any other candidate for the Mayoral seat of Cape Town,” Comrade Tony says of himself.

“Comrade has agreed to serve the people of Cape Town on the mandate of the workers organization – COSATU and under the banner of the of the African National Congress (ANC), the organization that brought respect, dignity, peace and hope to all the races of South Africa.”

But despite Comrade Tony’s commitment to bringing peace to all the races and how much all the races love him, the Comrade really hates Jews.

South African Labor Leader Calls for Murder of Jews Over Gaza

UN Secretary General Promises This is the Last Time He Will Rebuild Gaza


“We know that different human races actually do not exist,” Swedish Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag told Sveriges Television.

“We also know that the fundamental grounds of racism are based on the belief that there are different races."

The proposal has come under sharp criticism, however, from the National Afro-Swedish Association.

Sabuni said the government’s plan would be a serious roadblock in the fight against racism.

“How can you apply for a grant for fighting racism if the concept of race doesn’t exist in legislation?”

Sweden Announces that Races Don’t Exist


  1. Anonymous17/8/14

    You would think Al Gore would be smarter. The whole deal did not make sense unless each side made a deal that really wasn't what was on paper. He made plenty of money. He should just be an honest thief and look for more crap to sell the sponsors of state terror.

  2. Anonymous17/8/14

    "“We know that different human races actually do not exist,” Swedish Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag told Sveriges Television."

    I know what he was trying to say but still LOL. There is only one human race, we're not aliens. Illogically illogical.

    Maybe he means Vulcans as a quasi human race.



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