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Imagine if every year on the 7th of May, Germans held an annual commemoration of the defeat of the Nazi state, complete with Swastikas, anti-Jewish chants and slogans, and a historical narrative claiming that the Volksdeutsche expelled from Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary were the real victims of WW2. That disgusting spectacle is exactly what takes place on May 15th as Arab Muslims chant and riot to protest their unsuccessful genocide of a regional minority.

It's hard to think of a more repulsive spectacle of historical obliviousness, than a regional majority responsible for multiple genocides dressing up as the victims because their invasion of Israel ended in a stalemate, rather than a genocidal purge of its residents. Perhaps only the Japanese, with their annual commemorations of a history that begins briefly before Hiroshima and ends after Nagasaki, leaving out Nanking and Pearl Harbor, are a match for the Palestinian Nakba.

The Arab history of Israel leaves out thousands of years of history of the original Jewish inhabitants and a thousand years of persecution under Arab rule. It leaves out the massacres and atrocities carried out by the Arab Muslim invaders against the Jewish inhabitants in the 20th century, including the Hebron Massacre, and the Nazi collaboration of their leader, the Mufti of Jerusalem. Instead it begins and ends with Deir Yassin and angry old women holding up oversized housekeys and reminiscing about the good times they had massacring Jews.

There are about as many Jewish refugees from the Muslim world, as there are Arab refugees from Israel. The difference is that the Jewish refugees were a minority fleeing the violence of a brutal majority. And the Arab refugees were a regional majority making a strategic withdrawal in response to calls from the Syrian and Iraqi Prime Ministers. The Nakbaites were supposed to be the beneficiaries of a genocide to be carried out by the armies of seven Arab nations. Instead they had to settle down in Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere around the region. An easy thing to do since they are the same people, speak the same language and have the same culture. The only difference between a Jordanian Arab and a Jordanian Palestinian is a few miles and about twenty-five years.

The Nakba commemorations are only possible in a culture with no sense of responsibility. A religion which has killed more people and wiped out more cultures than Stalin and Hitler combined, still remains convinced that it is the victim. A victim of their own failed genocidal war. The Nakba is really the Nakbacide. A dream of mass murder that was frustrated when their victims fought back

Had the Israeli War of Independence been fought between local Jews and Arabs, the Nakba circus might not be as bankrupt as it is. But it was actually a war fought between local Jews and the armies of seven Arab nations, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and Syria, overseen by two British commanders. Despite all this, the Arab Muslim invaders still failed to do more than seize half of Jerusalem, and Gaza, Judea and Samaria. And that's what really gnaws at them.

The ugly truth of the Nakba is that it blunted the nationalistic ambitions of Arab Muslims who were dreaming of replacing the Ottoman and British empires. Losing a war to a European world power wouldn't have hurt as much as losing a war to a despised regional minority. A people whose name is an insult in the mouth of every Arab. Yahood. Lower than a dog. Yahood. Transformed into apes and pigs in the Koran. Yahood. Second class citizens in every Muslim country. Who somehow beat back seven Muslim armies and took back their lands that had been conquered by the Caliphs.

But in Muslim culture time never passes. The words, "You Lost a War, Get Over It", have no meaning. Arab Muslims still think Spain is theirs. Every time they see a European army, they mutter about the Crusades. Jews are greeted with chants of "Khaybar ya Yahood" recalling Mohammed's massacre of the Jews, a historical event that is much closer to what the Nakba only claims to be. Nothing is ever forgotten. Old hatreds are nurtured into violent rages that cannot be calmed by any treaty. The purpose of hate is hate. The purpose of Nakba is Nakba.

History is a dead word. The Muslim world has no history. It has pervasive myths that feed the Arab Muslim need for self-glorification and victimization. Muslim history is one long cry of "Mine, Mine, Mine" and "Give it Back". Millions of Arab Muslims believe that they discovered America, that European science was stolen from them, that the entire world used to be Muslim, that the Holocaust was made up, that Neil Armstrong heard the Islamic call to prayer on the moon, that Jacques Cousteau converted to Islam and that the Koran invented light bulbs. The Nakba makes as much sense as any of these.

When Muslims win a war, it's because Allah is on their side. When they lose a war, it's because they were undermined, cheated and betrayed. The other side didn't play fair. And then come the cries of, "Time Out", "We Want a Do Over" and of course, "Mine, Mine, Mine! Give it Back!" Followed by oaths of vengeance, ululating cries of old women who just got done drowning their own daughters, Hashish crazed mobs torching flags that they bought for just that purpose and old men gritting their teeth at the camera. What a glorious Nakba it was, same time again next year?

Anti-Israel activists like to say that Israel is an idea that became a country and Palestine is a country that became an idea. But it's actually the other way around. Israel is a country that was reborn after many centuries of occupation and repression. Palestine is an idea that was never a country kept around for its usefulness.

Their fictional Palestinian identity, with its imagined roots in a country they hardly ever lived in, has turned millions of people into the militias of the Arab world. Their flags and chants about statehood hiding the fact that they are nothing more than proxies of countries which deny them citizenship because it makes them into better weapons, not just against Israel, but against each other. When an Arab country wants some thugs to smash in the heads of protesters, some cheap labor or even cheaper reason to get their people all worked up, they bring in the faux Palestinians, with their keffiyahs, their Arab-Socialist tricolor flags and their chronic unemployment.

The historical irony, is that it is the very gullibility of these Arab-Muslims, their willingness to accept a Palestinian identity, that keeps them displaced in the countries they live in. Had they demanded the right to be citizens of Jordan, Syria or Lebanon-- international pressure would have given them a new life. Instead by embracing the dubious honor of continuing the Jihad against the Jews, they trapped themselves in a no man's land of their own making. As long as they remain willing to be killers, sacrificing their own children to the fiery moloch of the bomb vest, then they will be forever pariahs in their own countries.   

The Nakba is a tiresome reminder that Muslims don't want peace. That they're not mature enough to handle it. What they really want is to rehash grievances and sullenly plot another genocide, instead of coming to terms with the consequences of their own actions. The actual history in which Neil Armstrong didn't hear any Arabic on the moon and the Koran didn't invent the lightbulb, is also the one in which the Israelis have made concession after concession back to the mandate days, and the Arab-Muslims have responded with obstinate treachery and violence at every turn.

There is an anecdote about an Israeli driver who accidentally hits a sheep belonging to an Arab. The driver gets out and offers to pay for the sheep. The Arab refuses. The driver offers to pay for five sheep, for ten sheep. The Arab still refuses. "What do you want?" the frustrated driver asks. "I want that sheep," the Arab says, pointing to the dead sheep. That is the Nakba in a nutshell. The Arabs don't want to negotiate an agreement like adults. They want the dead sheep that represents their dreams of a united Arab empire ruling over the region. And the wars will go on until they finally learn that they can't have it back.


  1. How wonderful a paradox to be able to demonstrate for the destruction of the only state in which you are allowed to demonstrate for such without being murdered by that same state. These these 5th column idiots inside Israel who walked around with the keys from the houses they returned to after their Nakba demonstration fun. Realism however demands that we see how the palestinian Arabs managed to get this mindwarp on the media worldwide and a lot of gullible leftwing liberals seeing "truth"in this "plight". BTW Sultan, there are no unemployed palestinians, they are all employed permanently by American and European tax-payers.

  2. Well-said Sultan, I can retain a few very good nuggets from your article. As we know, the antidote to bad speech is more speech.

    Good comment MindRider also.

  3. Anonymous17/5/11

    What does the Jewish celebration of Passover commemorate?

    The slaughter of children.

    Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. The Egyptians were asking for it.

    No doubt the Arabs feel the Jews were asking for it also. But no doubt they're wrong and you're right. Your slaughter of innocents was justified...theirs was a horrible crime. Because it was against you.

    So you were saying?

  4. Love it Daniel!!

    "Unsuccessful Genocide day!!" LOL


    We Failed to Kill the Jews and Now We're Unhappy Day!""

    Oh the possibilities...

  5. In one word, Daniel (sort of): Bulls-eye.

    Those in the west and Israel, who embrace the Nakbacide, merely expose the absolute immaturity of their minds: their willingness to buy into a simplistic, deceitful narrative, without ever bothering to research it through; as well as their cowardice, by supporting the side of those who threaten them with violence, even if it is the harbinger of genocide.

  6. Anonymous, it is embarrassing to display ignorance in view of so many, isn't it. If you think that Passover celebrates the slaughter of children, I suggest that you go to the nearest Jewish bookstore and purchase a Haggadah and read it. You can buy one for less than $2.00. You have been taught a lie, just as so many anti-semites repeat lies about Jews they have been taught, which have no basis in fact.

  7. I just sent Daniel a link to a fairly objective background article on the recent Palestinian “invasion” in the Daily Telegraph (something you won’t find in the NY Times or Washington Post). http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/edwest/100088159/the-forgotten-refugees-jews-forced-out-of-arab-countries-what-about-their-right-of-return/

    People, including the Israelis and particularly the West, must grasp that Islam is a nihilist ideology garbed in a ridiculous religious outfit, and that especially the Palestinians are its most consistent and brutal practitioners. Nihilism opposes and destroys values for the sake of destroying them; there is no other end but to create desolation, to burn, loot, rape, and crap on what its attackers hate, to hear the good scream in pain. That’s all there is to Islam and that’s all the Palestinians want to achieve. That is aside from the ends of the global jihad on the West, which more or less seeks to achieve the same ends. Islam is not a religion for the living or for anyone who loves life; Islam is a religion for those who do not want the responsibility for living, but rather want to be lead. And what these manqués resent and hate are those who do find value in living and who do achieve life-affirming ends. And it’s these achievers they want to extinguish because they’re a reproach. To hell with the Palestinians. And with Islam.

  8. Brilliant piece. The sheep anecdote really does sum it up well.

  9. Anonymous17/5/11

    "claiming that the Volksdeutsche expelled from Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary were the real victims of WW2."

    Surprisingly, after WWII the USSR allowed German citizens who suddenly found themselves living outside of the new German borders to immigrate to West Germany in a sort of population exchange.

    I have often advocated that Israel similarly send the "Palestinian" Arabs to Jordan. Former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer told Glenn Beck that Israel could have militarily pushed them all into Jordan 15 or 20 years ago if the US hadn't gotten in the middle of the situation.

  10. But in Muslim culture time never passes.
    The words, "You Lost a War, Get Over It", have no meaning.
    Well it takes a real man to admit defeat.

  11. Bulut17/5/11

    In fact, most founders of the jewish state came to Palästina between 1925 and 1945. If there is a relieable comparison between Germany and Israel/Palästina, the jewish have been the colonial conquerors like the Nazis, who saw themselves as "chosen people" like the Nazis. The difference has been surely, that the jevish people had been refugees from Europe, who feared for their live and have been urge to let the Palästinians pay for European and US Antesemitism.

    The Palästinians and the arabian neighborhood are, if there is aimed a reasonable comparison, comparable with the allies, who wanted to free Palästine vom conquerers, like the allies wanted to free the Germany occupied territories from the German conquerers.

    If we disregard the lies on 1948 and regard the facts, the War started after the deportation of nearly 300000 Palästinians from their homes and Massacres like Deir Yassin. The Palästinians denied 1948 to share Palästina with colonialists, but how someone can judge them for this while Israel ist denying still today to thare Israel with the origin inhabitants?

    Without racist feelings, this is not possible. With racist feelings, there are a plenty of possibilities to make irrational comparisons, like above in your article. But as a civilized citizen, who is recognizing stupid propaganda and equipped with nonracist ideology, I still hope for the healing of mindblocked supporters of jevish racism agains Palästinians, to get Israel enhanced to become finally a civilized country.

  12. Bulut,

    The Jewish population was composed of indigenous residents, their descendants returning from the diaspora and of refugees. If having leaders from abroad disqualified them, then your Palestinians with leaders from Egypt and Syria are equally disqualified.

    The Arabs didn't pay for European anti-semitism, they paid for their own colonialism and usurpation of Israel. Had they been willing to come to terms with their former Jewish subjects, this could have been avoided.

    To call the Jewish population colonialists is absurd as those who came did not come from a country of their own, but to a country of their own

    Would you call the Armenians returning from the diaspora colonialists?

    Or Greeks coming back to liberate their homeland from the Turks?

    The war did not start in 1948, it started when the Arabs conquered Israel, refused to allow its people equal rights and insisted on repressing them instead. It flared up long before 1948 in massacres and atrocities far worse than Deir Yassin.

    By repeating these lies, you are trafficking in a racist history that is shamefully false.

  13. It’s interesting that none of the critics of Daniel’s essay here asks himself this question: If the Arabs who try to invade Israel every May 15th are so concerned about the plight of Palestinians – a plight, as Daniel points out here, that is one of their own choosing, the world’s oldest and most bogus “victimhood” – why don’t they badger the regimes in Syria, Jordan, and Egypt to accept all those “stateless” people? Or Saudi Arabia, or Iran? I’ll answer: Because they’re obsessed with extinguishing a successful state, one that is at least semi-“democratic,” in which even Arabs have representation in the Knesset. Israel is, among other things, a reproach to all other Mideast states. The Palestinians are fixated on only two things: the looting of Israel should they ever overrun it, and the ensuing blood bath, their second Holocaust. And the laughable thing about the recent “invasion” is that most of the participants can’t claim a square inch of Israel, because it was never theirs or their ancestors’ in the first place. They are second and third generation stateless persons, or just plain natives of Syria, Jordan, or Egypt. I’m reminded of Hitler’s assertions about conquering Austria, Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia: he just wanted those “racially” owned lands back in the hands of Germans. I don’t see a difference here at all. But then the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a great admirer of Hitler and his policies.

  14. and the Muslim Brotherhood too

    Matthias Kuentzel has done a good job of documenting how far the influence of Nazi propaganda reached

  15. Great article congratulations. Really the embroglio begins in the 1920´s after the british mandate .
    To ignore history in that region is at a minimum a complete non-sense.

    But some arab rulers are masters on the art of denying .

  16. Bulut17/5/11

    The Jewish population was composed of indigenous residents, their descendants returning from the diaspora and of refugees. If having leaders from abroad disqualified them, then your Palestinians with leaders from Egypt and Syria are equally disqualified.

    What do you want to say? I just said, the mayority of the jews, who grounded Israel 1948, have been only 20-25 years in British-Palästine. They did not come to incorparate in the local community, they came with the sense conqueration of an own country, pressed avay from the countries, where they guessed to have a home. This is called colonialism.

    The Arabs didn't pay for European anti-semitism, they paid for their own colonialism and usurpation of Israel. Had they been willing to come to terms with their former Jewish subjects, this could have been avoided.

    Surely the palästinians paid the bill for the creating of refugees, caused by european antisemitism. Maybe, palästinians and jews could have arranged themselves to live in an unionized country, if there has not been the mass immigration of Jews to British Palästine. The mass immigration of european educated people disturbed the balance of arab jews and palästinians.

    Whatever you mean with "they paid for their own colonialism and usurpation of Israel"., it sounds crazy. Are you talking about holy land promised only to yews, and has to be reserved for them? Are you talking with God? Did he say to you, Israel is promised for Jews?

    Would you call the Armenians returning from the diaspora colonialists?

    Surely, if they come to ground an own in the territory of turkey state. Moreover if there is an delay of over 1000 years in the "return".

    Or Greeks coming back to liberate their homeland from the Turks?

    Or Turks coming back to liberate their homeland from Greeks? They arranged themselves.
    What stupid questions? You surely deny the return the return of the palästinian refugees to their homelands, which were expelled from Israel! And you talk about the right to return in a delay of 1000 years? Do you not remark how stupid this arguing is?

  17. Bulut17/5/11

    If you want to compare, in British-Palästine has been an urban jewish population, like there has been an urban german population in the eastern. The german settled in the eastern to "create liveplace for German" and annected it. The jews settled in British-Palästine and fought for annection to create Israel. The conquerers are Germany and Israel. But if you want to tell me: "but God has promised jews this land and this land belongs to them and so the can not be conquerers", tell it. I do not expect more. Fact is, for many many many Palästinians the conquering jews have been the disaster, which they expected from them. The lost property and home and presenting now the folk, who fights for existence.

    However, there have reasons for the jews of 1948 to do, what have been to do for. The Palästinians have been the victims of the situation. But now, there is no reason for this kind of behavior of israelic Jews and their supporters, denying a free existence Palästinians in 22% of former British-Palästine. Sure, some people like you require for Israel, to stand over international rights, to equippe Istrael to be master of palästinian freedom, but who cares.

    You people should think about the coming. In September, Palästine is going to be get the statehood from the UN, caused by the incredible facist ambitioned right wing in the israelic government and wholy disunderstanding of the need of an end of the israelic expansion and the break of international law.

    Then the speech changes. Settlers are not any more settlers, they are going to be the terrorists, if they do not respect the law of Palästine. All criminality done during the occupation, can be ruled under palästinian law. East Jerusalem comes back to Palästine. Palästina will get the right, to accuse crimes during Cast Lead at international court.

    How are you going to think about your part, to push allways without regards for hard punishment against Palästinians in spite of nonracist thinking about legitimity and the right to exist for Palästine. What if you see some israelic jews in front of international court? Being sure, have not been a conscience Menmber of interest to build up Israel as a guiding enviable country in stead of supporting all, which only hurt Israel as a civilized nation.

    Theese will be worry days, who are convinced of the "chosen folk", but it will be a happy time for Israel and high minded jews.

  18. First-rate article, though a little over my head.

  19. Bulut,

    The British creating a colony in America, or the French creating a colony in Algeria is colonialism.

    A region's original inhabitants rebuilding their country is not colonialism in any definition of the word.

    The Arabs paid the bill for conquering and colonizing the region, and then refusing to agree to a UN compromise for dividing the land between themselves and the original inhabitants.

    It was the Arabs who turned the area into their own colony and the founding of Israel integrated many of the Arab colonists back into the land of the original inhabitants.

    That was a far better settlement than the one managed by most at the time.

    "What stupid questions? You surely deny the return the return of the palästinian refugees to their homelands, which were expelled from Israel!"

    Do you deny the right of the French to return to Algeria?

    Had the Arabs been willing to live in peace in Israel, they would never have become refugees. Instead they refuse to make people with the people whose land they seized. That is the price they paid for their imperial arrogance.

  20. Bulut,

    your comment here is barely readable gibberish. The only one talking about a promised land is you.

    I am talking about the rights of a people to their own country. You insist that the Arab conquerors are the only ones who have the rights to it. Perhaps you also think Poland should belong to Russia.

    According to you if a conqueror seizes the land for long enough, its native inhabitants are now colonists. This is such an absurd disregard of logic and ethics that there is no point in even arguing with it.

    The Israeli government is no more fascist than the German government. The use of such language shows you do not know what the word even means. And betrays your own foolishness.

    The UN can grant statehood to a terrorist gang created by the Egyptian and Syrian governments, but they cannot give them a working economy, a working legal system or a democracy. Just as you can grant statehood to a gang of prisoners in a jail, but that is only a word that means nothing.

    Perhaps we should recognize the prisoners of one of your jails as an independent state and bring your police and wardens to trial for imprisoning them.

  21. Bulut17/5/11

    It funny to regard the people arguing by accusing the Palestinians for the deny of an UN decision 1948 while the same people are protectihg the israelian deny of the UN decisionsion made on Israel and the rights of Palästinians.

    This is a special kind of ability in the mind to see things, logic will never lead to.

    I leave.


  22. The UN of 1948 consisted of mostly disinterested states. Today it is dominated by the Islamic countries and the Europeans who fear them.

  23. Anonymous17/5/11

    That wasn't just a sheep, that was his love-sheep!

  24. Wow. Never thought of it that way

  25. Anonymous17/5/11

    Mark Twain's tour of Palestine records it as virtually deserted. My understanding is that when the Jews began to settle that the Arabs came for jobs because of Jewish prosperity.

  26. KRASHKOWALSKI17/5/11


  27. Quite a good summary by Ben Dror Yemini


  28. Mr. so so n so.... your piece of writings about Islam and The Muslims seem to be a clear evidence of your lethargic and ignorant state of mind... You must stand witness to the cruel and barbaric war of genocide against the innocent Palestinians who frighten the israeli invaders by Stones.. You must also stand witness to the great defeat of your " CRUSADERS" ( G.W.Bush declared CRUSADE at the onset of the SO-CALLED WAR AGAINST TERROR)in AFGHANISTAN and in IRAQ.. American INVADERS were dragged in the STREETS OF SOMALIA.. and now they are ready to be DRAGGED IN THE STREETS OF PAKISTAN... Stay Tuned..

  29. Daniel, I never cease to be impressed by your patience with these hate-spouting scum that come here, since every answer they get invariably leads to an explosion of even more hateful lies.

    If only we could invent a power plant that's fueled by stupidity... forget solar and wind - muslim-spun turbines are the green future!

  30. jonmc18/5/11

    I must admit that I am never comfortable with these "right to return" arguments.
    If I consider my own family heritage over 3 generations, then by this logic I would have a "right to return" to at least 6 separate Nation states, spread over 2 continents.
    The bottom line is that most people are "refugees" from somewhere at some point in their history.
    I'm a Brit. Britain has had successive waves of conquerors/colonists etc over the centuries. Is anyone seriously suggesting that the whole Country be turned over to the few remaining racially-pure Picts (if any still exist!)living in Scotland and all the rest have to move elsewhere?
    Second: There has to be an element of de facto acceptance of "new" Countries. If not, then the ex-Soviet states must be re-incorporated into Russia, "South Sudan" may not exist; perhaps many of the Arab states should be re-combined into their previous Colonist entities?
    Should Britain take back "Ceylon", India (we'd probably not want snake-pit Pakistan or Bangladesh), "Rhodesia" etc?
    And how far back to we go? What identifies the cut-off point in history?
    The "I had it first!" argument is risible.
    Third: plenty of modern states have been established by war of one sort or another.

    The point I'm making is that Israel has a right to exist largely because it does.

    "Palestinian" refugees exist largely because they made a tactical withdrawal to create a free-fire zone for the Arab armies which anticipated a crushing victory.
    That that did not happen, makes the re-settlement of the "Palestinians" an issue for the Arabs - certainly morally and possibly in law.

  31. @Greenfield

    The UN of 1948 consisted of mostly disinterested states. Today it is dominated by the Islamic countries and the Europeans who fear them.

    If you wanted to show the incredible stupidness of the racist idiots, who masturbates on Palästinian supression, you have been extremely successful.

    It is the same UN, who give a resolution for the right to return for the palästinian refugees! The same, who created the separation plan. Only totally Idiot can argue, that the Palästinians would have lost the right to live free on own property, due to their denying of the separation plan, while arguing in the same breath, that Israel has the right to deny the UN decision for the right to return few monthts later.

    Only completely brainwashed racist retarded idiots!

  32. Erol,

    Stupidness isn't a word, but it still amply describes your writing abilities.

    The UN isn't the same organization it was then, because of radical changes in the membership.

    No one takes a UN where Syria and Libya have sat on the Human Rights Council seriously as anything but enforcers of the Islamic agenda... with zero regard to human rights.

    The Arabs didn't lose their right to land they had illegally seized because of the UN, they lost it because they were foreign invaders who lost a war to its original inhabitants.

    You would have to a brainwashed idiot not to see that.

  33. Raymond in DC18/5/11

    The historic ignorance and cliche reasoning of people like Bulut is only exceeded by their patent bigotry. They would deny the Jews the same national rights to which others are entitled.

    When I helped teach a university course on the Arab-Israeli conflict long ago, one of the more blatant pro-Palestinians of my students asked, "Why didn't they just go to Uganda?" I replied, "There were other people living there too!" The same holds for Madagascar. Or Alaska. So if any land were ever to be established as a Jewish homeland, since they were *all* to some degree "occupied", the only place that made sense was the original homeland.

    And that homeland, we should never forget, was *conquered* by the Arabs around 632. No one invited them, and such conquest gave them no "entitlement" to the land. Yet what did they do with the land for over 1200 years? It was still a wasteland, barely populated, when the Jews began returning, adding to the numbers that *never left*. Jerusalem was already majority Jewish by 1860, and has been ever since. So why should it *ever* be divided? Because the "Palestinians" demand it? I don't think so. And it is *only* because the Jews returned and redeemed the land that hundreds of thousands of Arabs *migrated* to the land to take advantage of the economic opportunities the Jews were providing. That migration too gives them no entitlement to the land.

    And that Jewish return was not colonial, as colonies represent and constitute a base for the interests of a home country. Jews weren't representing anyone but themselves and the dispersed Jewish people.

  34. Elena18/5/11

    We actually ended up w/a fairly even population swap. Arab dictatorships ejected their Jewish populations in abt the same numbers as Arab-muslims left Israel in 1948. Jews were cast out of their resident countries w/only the clothes on their backs and little else. They had been wealthy in Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, etc. The gov't stole their property.

    So, why not move those poor, poor Arab-palestinians to the countries where Jews were expelled, give them the wealth and see what they can do with it.

    Many of these so-called refugees of Arabic extraction actually sold houses and land to Jews in hopes of a double pillage when the Arab armies drove the Jews into the sea. They would have their cake and eat it, too.

    We all know that you cannot have your cake and eat it, too, so it was w/the Arabs. They only had monetary compensation but not the land they sold to go w/the price.

    Israel left greenhouses for the Gazans when they pulled out. What did the Hamas idiots do? They destroyed the Jewish greenhouses because they were Jewish in origin. Idiots -- those greenhouses could have provided good jobs and export profits for the Arabs as they had for the Jews.

    We are dealing w/an irrational system of thinking that says -- 1) only Islam is cultured and human; 2) Islam permits the denigration of all others because it views itself as superior; 3) forgiveness is not strong in Islamic theory and theology; 4) if a land has been ruled by a muslim, it's automatically Islamic forever and can never be returned.

    But most of all, it's a family feud - which son, Isaac or Ishmael, has the right of inheritance. We all know that nobody fights like family...

    Isaac's children have had a presence in this land since Isaac lived and died there. Ishmael, instead, chose to make his dwelling south of there in the land of Arabia. Apparently, that was just not enough :-( Pity Ishmael for his immaturity and inability to live joyfully in the land of oil and gas instead of wanting what his brother has in the land of milk and honey.

  35. As usual, brilliant and right on target.I think it is great that you are attracting a number of antisemitic readers and others who can't help but get hysterical in their response to your well thought out blog. It's hard to answer facts calmly when you're blinded with hatred. Keep it up. You might inadvertently change a mind or two.

  36. Bulut19/5/11


    You are an incredible idiot. Who gave the palästinian refugees the right to return on their own property, which is denied from Israel?

    It has been the identical menbers of UN who created the separation plan.

    But what can I tell completely Idiots, who are as same convinced about their racist minds, as nazis have been former.

    Get balls and brain!

  37. Bulut,

    didn't you announce you were leaving already? Now after leaving you insist on a right of return.

    I see why you have so much sympathy for people who behaved badly, left and then insist on a right of return anyway.

    If you want to see a racist Nazi, take a look in the mirror. But try not to break it.

    And in the meantime, study up on the difference in the UN after WW2 and in the present day.

  38. Gloria22/5/11

    Wow,great article!

    This is shameful behavior.
    Considering the amount of property taken from the Jews these people have been more than paid for land they took in the 1st place.Their countries of origin and religion CAUSED the immigration/migration problem along with Germany.
    Collect from these governments:

    From 1948 - 1970s, 800,000-1,000,000 Jews fled, or were expelled from their homes in Arab countries; 260,000 of them reached Israel between 1948 and 1951; and 600,000 by 1972.
    Many were required to sell or abandon their property out of the countries they were fleeing.
    Jewish property seized in Arab countries would be valued at more than $100 billion.
    Jewish-owned real-estate left behind in Arab lands totaled more than 100,000 square kilometers -four times the size of Israel

    In 1941 a pro-Nazi regime was formed in Iraq, headed by Rashid Ali al-Galyani.
    Following a widespread incitement and propaganda program, an anti-Jewish pogrom erupted in Baghdad leading to the deaths of 180 Jews. Jewish property was seized and 50,000 Iraqi Jews began fleeing for Israel at a rate of 1,000 per year.10,000 Jews were forced to flee Iraq in 1941-1952.

    In 1969 some 50 of the remaining Iraqi Jews were executed, 11 were publicly executed after show trials and hundreds of thousands Iraqis marched past the bodies amid a carnival atmosphere.

    In October 1956, when the Suez Crisis erupted, 1,000 Jews were arrested and 500 Jewish businesses were seized by the government. A statement branding the Jews "enemies of the state" was read out in the mosques of Cairo and Alexandria.
    Jewish bank accounts were confiscated and Jews were ordered to leave the country. They were allowed to take only one suitcase and a small sum of cash, and forced to sign declarations “donating“ their property to the Egyptian government.

    In 1948 38,000 Jews lived in Tripoli. A series of pogroms in 1945 killed over 130 Jews, 36 children,hundreds were injured, 4,000 were left homeless, and 2,400 were reduced to poverty. Five synagogues in Tripoli and four towns destroyed, and over 1,000 Jewish residences and commercial buildings were plundered in Tripoli alone. The pogroms continued through 1950.

    In 1970 the Libyan government issued laws which confiscated all the assets and propert of Libya's Jews, issuing in their stead 15 year bonds. However, when the bonds matured no compensation was paid. Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi justified this on the grounds that "the alignment of the Jews with Israel, the Arab nations' enemy, has forfeited their right to compensation

    The Jewish community in Sudan was concentrated in the capital Khartoum, and had been established in the late 19th century. By the middle of the 20th century the community included some 350 Jews.Due to anti-semetism and violent attacks it ceased to exist by the early 1960's.

    In 1948, approximately 105,000 Jews lived in Tunisia. About 1,500 remain.Attacks in 1967, 1982, 1985, and 2002 killed many and drove Jews from businesses,homes and synagogues.

    Maybe we should take Mecca and ban muslims from the area ,like they have done to Christians,Jews and Hindus for 1400 yrs.
    Fair and equal treatment.

  39. Anonymous23/5/11

    If the "Palestinians" have a right of return, maybe the Jews should be given back their rights to Khybar and Medina (to be renamed Yathrib) after all they were there long before Muhammad was born. Maybe Bulut can give me an answer.

  40. Anonymous24/5/11

    Some of these comments are only based on pure ignorance, i.e. anonymous 5/17 – before talking get an education on the subject – Passover is about FREEDOM, liberating the Jewish people from slavery by the Egyptians (Arabs) - there is NO and NEVER was a celebration at all anywhere in the bible or else about slaughtering any body by the Jews, only in self-defense did they fight—as it is not in the Jewish mind and soul to harm anyone or kill. The history tells us about a time where Egyptians children died as a result of their king who in the first place was the one who wanted to slaughter all first born Jewish boys. It was a question of self-defense and survival for the Jews, and G-d shielded them against evil.
    Before the Jews reclaimed their ancestor’s land, they found only wasteland that they developed for years and with constant hard labor into a humanly livable country. Now that its all built, the Arabs demand it as their own when they never lifted a finger to built anything as they had the opportunity before the Jews came back to a land that belonged to their ancestors. It’s like sibling fighting for the same toy. One has broken his/hers while the other kept it like new. Now the first one wants it. Maybe they can share it in peace instead of fighting for it! If Israel was not built, no Arabs would even look at the land.
    If only evil forces behind some Arabs would just let them be maybe they would all live in peace, families want to live in peace. By the way, no Arab countries wants them while Israel gave them jobs and enable them to live as long as they didn't fight.
    These evil forces will never be satisfied until all Jewish people are gone, and the land will get back being a wasteland, as they are a destrutive race.

  41. The last Anonymous 5/24 was from me GFBS -
    If only we were dealing with rational people! Have you all seen the size of this country compare to each Arab's country? Dont they have enough? They are unable to handle such sizes on their own.
    Palestinians! Don’t they all come from these different Arab countries? Why can’t they return to their own countries Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and so forth. Why? Because their own people brothers, friends, and even relatives don’t want them. No one wants them. Only the Israelis took them in and gave them jobs to be able to live and what did they do? They kept on bombing buses, shopping centers and even wedding halls and everywhere. They are controlled and terrified by the evil forces (no names) who don’t even care about them and play them as pawns in a checker game. But unfortunately, the human race is a very greedy one and no matter how much you give, it will never be enough.

  42. Cat Ola Hadacha25/5/11

    Hilarious and clever article. I wish a large number of people could read it. I already sent it to many friends. And to my mother. She will love it for sure.
    The anecdote of the dead sheep summs the all story. Great job, kol ha kavod, Daniel.
    Shalom le coulam.

  43. I don't think anyone could have said it any better! When my friends ask me why does the world treat Israel and Jews the way they do, I have 3 answers (in no particular order): 1. Good old, deep rooted anti-Semitism. The kind that is perpetuated by the schooling of young children to hate us. 2. Since the majority of people who hate us are Arabs/Muslims and most of them have oil, the rest of the world will bend over to them to get it. 3. Since many of these Muslims/Arabs are either terrorists or support terror, the rest of the world fear them. So instead of standing up to them, which they should, they appease them instead. Summary: anti-Semitism, oil, fear. PS: I loved your sheep anecdote!


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