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Friday Afternoon Roundup - The Liberal Rape Connection

(Image courtesy of the Daily Gator)

When lefty stalwarts Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann decided to jump to the defense of an accused rapist, relying on such authorities as Bianca Jagger, they were either thinking that whether Julian Assange raped two women was irrelevant, because he was doing more important progressive duty. That was the same justification used to support Roman Polanski for his brutal rape of a 13 year old girl. It's more convenient to claim that the rape thing was a CIA plot,  as Bianca Jagger did (while keeping "rape" in quotation marks) and Olbermann retweeted.

Predictably thin-skinned, Olbermann reacted to a feminist Twitter campaign with shrill insults, before eventually huffing and puffing and abandoning Twitter. Michael Moore penned an open letter to the Swedish government accusing it of ignoring rapes in general. It's a cynical pose that lets him play rape victim advocate, while defending a particular rapist. What Moore ignored is that most of those rapes in Sweden come from Muslim immigrants anyway.

Neither Olbermann or Michael Moore could wrap their heads around the idea that the US government likely pressured Sweden to bring Assange in-- and that Assange is still an accused rapist. That both can be true at the same time.

The ideological paradigm has trouble coping with contradictory information like that. If the evil US government is hunting Assange then he must be a saint, and all accusations directed at him are the product of a vast conspiracy to silence him. But Olbermann and Moore should know better than anyone else that it's entirely possible to push interested allegations that are actually true. They've done it themselves when going after Republicans. More often though they've lied. And that may help Moore and Olbermann believe that everyone lies.

So first they lied about the charges that Julian Assange is accused of. They misrepresented the charges against Assange as not really being rape-rape. When in one case it's pretty clear cut rape from the start, and in the other it turned into rape. Whether Assange is guilty of those charges is for a court to determine, but Olbermann and Michael Moore are making a mockery of their own claims to be protectors of women by defending Assange by mocking his accusers and insisting that he can't be guilty because he's on our side. And therefore a victim of "The Man."

This same kind of defense was used for Roman Polanski. The charges against him were misrepresented. And the pro-Polanski documentary Wanted and Desired (it deserves to be called a documentary about as much as Moore's documentaries do) painted a portrait of Polanski as the well-meaning victim of ruthless prosecutors. Polanski couldn't be a rapist because he was one of us. Just like Assange is one of us.

One of the progressive good guys who see the world for what it is.

Let's take the case of Ira Einhorn, the Unicorn Killer, a leftist radical who murdered his ex-girlfriend, and stuck her body in a trunk. He managed to convince enough liberals that he was the victims of a CIA conspiracy, that they helped him escape and continued protecting him. He married a Swedish woman and parties around Europe. This went on for a long time, until the US finally managed to extradite him.

Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann will ignore the obvious parallels with the defenders of Iran Einhorn, who treated Holly Maddox as another inconvenient victim. And why shouldn't they? This kind of thing has been going on for a long time now.

David Horowitz of Front Page Magazine broke with the left over a case like this. The murder of Betty Van Patter. But most liberals have been willing to treat the Black Panther movement as heroes.
"I became a rapist. To refine my technique and modus operandi, I started out by practicing on black girls in the ghetto... and when I considered myself smooth enough, I crossed the tracks and sought out white prey.

Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man's law, upon his system of values and that I was defiling his women...

Recently I came upon a book of quotations from one of LeRoi Jones' poems, takes from his book The Dead Lecturer.

"A cult of death need of the simple striking arm under the street lamp. The cutters from under the rented earth. Come up black dada nihilismus. Rape the white girls. Rape their fathers. Cut their mothers' throats."

I have lived those lines and I know that if I had not been apprehended I would have slit some white throats. There are, of course, many young blacks out there right now who are slitting white throats and raping the white girl.

That's from Eldridge Cleaver's Soul on Ice, the man that liberals turned into an icon, along with his Black Panther thugs.

By presenting his rapes as a response to racial oppression, Cleaver legitimized them in the eyes of white liberals. But the not so hidden truth is present all along. Cleaver did not just rape white girls. He raped black girls. Because he was first of all, a rapist.

By passing off his rapes as revolutionary acts, he got liberals to champion him and treat him as a hero. And his victims as irrelevant details. The same way Ira Einhorn did. Or Julian Assange.

Of course it doesn't end there. You could easily write a book on this sort of thing. It just wouldn't make for very pleasant reading. Some time ago I wrote about the liberal love affair with Caryl Chessman

Caryl Chessman was a rapist who became the star of a worldwide campaign

"Telephone callers from Western Europe, Latin America, Africa and Australia have importuned Governor Brown to spare Chessman's life. Brown has received save-Chessman pleas from Belgium's Queen Mother and from the Social Democratic members of Italy's Chamber of Deputies.

Secretary of State Christian Herter told his press conference last week that the Chessman case had stirred up "quite a surprising amount of interest" in South America. In Brazil, circulators of a save-Chessman petition claim more than 2,500,000 signatures. In The Netherlands, record dealers are profiting from brisk demand for a new platter, in Dutch, called The Death Song of Chessman.

The London News Chronicle recently editorialized that "the great American nation is humiliated because of the agony of Chessman," and the London Daily Herald added that the day Chessman is executed "will be a day when it will be rather unpleasant to be an American." Buenos Aires' Critics called the Chessman case "the most terrible case that has faced the world in recent history." - Time Magazine, Mar 21, 1960

Neil Diamond wrote a song about Chessman. So did Phil Ochs.

Then there's that all time hero of gonzo journalism, Hunter S. Thompson, who made his reputation by mythologizing and defending the Hell's Angels biker gang on charges of rape. He did it for that incredibly progressive magazine. The Nation.

Thompson himself was on charged with rape. An unsurprising factoid, but one that the liberals who treat him as a hero avoid discussing.

Again it's possible to keep going with this forever. But let's bring it back to Sweden.

In his thoroughly cynical open letter, Michael Moore charges the Swedish government with loving rapists. When actually he's talking about himself. But he's not completely wrong. The Swedish government does love and cover up for rapists. So do most European governments. Why do they do it? Because the rapists are Muslim.

Most rapes in Sweden and Norway are carried out by Muslims against the natives. And it isn't talked about anywhere. It's certainly not mentioned by progressives. The French Arab and African of Eldridge Cleaver create rape songs turning their rapes into an act of cultural warfare.

And so we're back where we started. Assange and the Muslim rapists who boost Sweden's rape statistics have one thing in common. Liberal defenders who lie for them and cover up for them.

Now let's go to the weekly roundup,

Remember Muslims accusing Israel of stealing their organs. Or Turkey's Islamic regime making Valley of the Wolves, a propaganda piece in which Americans steal Muslim organs. Now where they could have possibly gotten that idea from?

Maybe it's from Muslim theft of organs.

The Muslim terrorist group, the KLA, which the Clinton Administration took off the terrorist list, armed and aided, and fought a war on behalf of-- was stealing organs. From non-Muslims of course. (Murdering infidels for their organs is Hallal. Murdering Muslims for their organs is Haram.) From Christian Serbs.

Marty’s investigation found that there were a number of detention facilities in Albania, where both Kosovan opponents of the KLA and Serbs were allegedly held once the hostilities in Kosovo were over in 1999, including a “state-of-the-art reception centre for the organized crime of organ trafficking.”

The report says the captives had their blood drawn and tested to help determine whether their organs would be suitable for transplant, and were examined “by men referred to as ‘doctors’” in the towns of Rripe and Fushe-Kruje. During his 2007 trip to Albania, then-U.S. President George W. Bush visited Fushe-Kruje.

Marty said his findings were based on testimonies of “KLA insider sources” such as drivers, bodyguards, and other “fixers” involved in logistical and practical tasks, as well as “organizers,” or the ringleaders behind the lucrative organ trade. The report, however, does not name any of the sources, or the number of people who were allegedly killed in the process.

The accounts pointed to “a methodology by which all of the captives were killed, usually by a gunshot to the head, before being operated on to remove one or more of their organs,” the report said.

The report alleges that the captives were first taken to a house in Albania run by an ethnic Albanian with ties to KLA’s leadership. When the surgeons were ready, KLA gunmen would shoot the captives – their corpses quickly taken to an operating clinic, it said.

Of course this was only the work of a few extremists. Like the Prime Minister of Kosovo.

Kosovo's prime minister is the head of a "mafia-like" Albanian group responsible for smuggling weapons, drugs and human organs through eastern Europe, according to a Council of Europe inquiry report on organised crime.

Hashim Thaçi is identified as the boss of a network that began operating criminal rackets in the runup to the 1998-99 Kosovo war, and has held powerful sway over the country's government since.

The report of the two-year inquiry, which cites FBI and other intelligence sources, has been obtained by the Guardian. It names Thaçi as having over the last decade exerted "violent control" over the heroin trade. Figures from Thaçi's inner circle are also accused of taking captives across the border into Albania after the war, where a number of Serbs are said to have been murdered for their kidneys, which were sold on the black market.

Legal proceedings began in a Pristina district court today into a case of alleged organ trafficking discovered by police in 2008. That case – in which organs are said to have been taken from impoverished victims at a clinic known as Medicus – is said by the report to be linked to Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) organ harvesting in 2000. It comes at a crucial period for Kosovo, which on Sunday held its first elections since declaring independence from Serbia in 2008. Thaçi claimed victory in the election and has been seeking to form a coalition with opposition parties.

...and if he can't form a coalition with them, he can always have them killed and sell their organs on the black market.

Whom do we owe a Hashim Tachi government to? You know that wonderful man who just died? Richard Holbrooke. Capital fellow. They're naming a bridge after him. (No really, it goes straight down into the river.)
The new American Ambassador to the United Nations, Richard C. Holbrooke, met Kosovo's ethnic Albanian leaders today and urged them to help build the free, law-abiding and democratic society they say they want and that the NATO alliance went to war to provide.


Mr. Holbrooke's meeting with the political leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army, Hashim Thaci, 29, was both pointed and important, American officials said, with the future role of the ''army's'' members being negotiated now and a deadline for its ''demilitarization'' on Sept. 19.


The United Nations is also trying to move Mr. Thaci and his followers into active politics, but Mr. Thaci is said to be reluctant to give up his status in many Albanians' eyes as the leader of a liberation movement that helped drive the Serbs out of Kosovo. He is said to oppose the idea of leading a new party, fearing that it would turn him into ''just another politician,'' an official said, which is part of what the United Nations would like to achieve.

Mr. Holbrooke, who will meet Mr. Thaci again on Monday, was said today to have expressed understanding of the Albanian's hesitations. But he demurred publicly when Mr. Thaci, after their long meeting at his office, told waiting reporters that the two men agreed on every point of demilitarization and transformation of the Liberation Army, and that both agreed that ''Kosovars should be the ones to decide for themselves the future of Kosovo.''

Mr. Holbrooke said simply: ''I'll let Mr. Thaci speak for himself and his colleagues,'' adding: ''We see progress and problems. But at least we are in a free Kosovo, and with NATO to provide security, it allows the creation of a pluralistic democracy.''

He said Mr. Thaci ''assured me of his commitment to those principles,'' and said they had discussed another important point, unmentioned by Mr. Thaci, ''the issue of corruption, which is a cancer that can destroy a regime.''

A pluralistic Muslim run terrorist state which smuggles drugs into Europe and organs. Thank Allah for Mr. Holbrooke. A great pity that Al Gore never became President and Holbrooke lost the chance to be Secretary of State. We'd have a Palestinian state already.

Creating another Muslim enclave is not exactly a good idea. The existing Muslim world is about as pluralistic and tolerant as the KLA's bullets.

Here's a charming story from Atlas Shrugs that you won't see much elsewhere.

The remains of a Canadian diplomat buried in Turkey were reportedly forcibly removed from a local cemetery after a prominent Muslim family said they weren't comfortable praying next to a Christian grave.

Hans-Joachim Himmelsbach, 65, a retired trade commissioner from Vancouver who was living in Turkey, died about three weeks ago after suffering a blood clot to his brain while he was recovering from a throat operation, his stepfather, Heinz Koletzko, said in an interview.

Mr. Himmelsbach was buried in a Christian ceremony at a local cemetery in Bodrum, a tourist resort community on Turkey's south Aegean coast. Mr. Himmelsbach's family obtained permission from the municipality for a priest to perform the ceremony, Mr. Koletzko said, as is required in Turkey for religious groups not officially recognized by the state. But his wife, Ilknur Himmelsbach, a Turkish citizen, told the Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review that Mr. Himmelsbach's grave was recently moved against her wishes to a remote area of the cemetery at the request of a local Muslim businessman who felt Mr. Himmelsbach was buried too close to the family plot. "If they told me this incident was going to happen 30 years ago, I wouldn't have believed them," Ms. Himmelsbach told the newspaper. "My husband doesn't deserve this. He moved to Turkey to make me happy."

Sinan Dayioglu, described by the paper as a businessman belonging to "one of Bodrum's leading families," said he objected to the fact that Mr. Himmelsbach had been buried next to his mother and his cousin. "In the world, people having different beliefs are separated with walls or wires, even though they are in the same cemetery," Mr. Dayioglu told the paper. "This is for the respect of worship and belief."

His mistake. Right?

But don't expect the media to cover this, which is too busy ranting because the people of Safed have been asked not to rent apartments to Arab Muslims... in the interest of not being murdered. That of course is racist. But evicting a man from the cemetery because his religion gives you cooties is alright. There's no Apartheid to see here.

Meanwhile Atlas also has the date of the next Park 51 protest.

Solomonia blog has more on the ongoing Z Street vs ObamaIRS case from Fresno Zionism.

Western Rifle Shooters has a proposal for an interesting open source project that will index and showcase stories to compete with the Drudge Report. Follow the link if you're interested in participating.

The Daley Gator gives us the new mascot of the Democratic Party. It's the same one depicted above.

And on that theme, Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit nails Congressman Cleaver on his lie about the 48 billion dollar earmark.

Col B Bunny comments on my own piece with his Liberalism as Naked Reaction

Liberals, however, are different. Not once, not ever have I known a liberal to speak of Stalinism or Maoism as a danger to be avoided. Not once have I ever heard a liberal demonstrate the least concern for the huge political controls that were imposed on us during and after the New Deal or for the Supreme Court’s betrayal that gave us the New Commerce Clause that laid waste to any remnant of meaningful federalism. Nor have I ever heard a liberal voice the least bit of anger or concern over the communist presence in the government. Van Jones in the White House? A trifle!

No. What liberals want is the victory of a particular political, scientific, economic, or social programs. They want some specific thing to happen and embrace whatever tool of government is required to force that result on others. The increase or decrease of personal liberty involved is irrelevant. (Abortion is a limited exception to this. It applies directly to or is understood personally by women but there is no understanding that spills over to others who are called upon to submit to controls that deprive them of their rights.)

The liberal is thus an ever ready and willing opponent of the constitutional order based on popular sovereignty whose requirements must yield in all cases to whatever plan is on the drawing board at the moment. The Van Joneses and crazed left want immediate and total revolution, change on steroids, but the liberal wants it on the installment plan.

For the right cause, what’s a little coercion applied to the ignorant, the superstitious, and the fearful?

At NewsReal, Lisa Graas asks the tough questions about her state's new Senator, Rand Paul.

Elder of Ziyon notes the AP Sara Hussein's whitewash of a Hamas leader

At Commentary, Rick Richman sums up quickly and succinctly why the negotiations with the Palestinian Arab Muslim terrorist group Fatah are unworkable.

First, the Palestinians refused to negotiate unless Netanyahu endorsed a two-state solution and froze settlement construction; Netanyahu did both, and the Palestinians refused to negotiate. They had to be dragged into “proximity talks” and then dragged into “direct negotiations” and then left.

Second, the Palestinian Authority canceled local elections in the West Bank, unwilling to risk them even in the part of the putative state it nominally controls. The PA is now headed by a “president” currently in the 72nd month of his 48-month term, with a “prime minister” appointed by the holdover “president” rather than by the Palestinian parliament (which, unfortunately, is controlled by the terrorist group the Palestinians elected five years ago). These days, the PA turns for approval not to its public or its parliament but rather to the Arab League, while the other half of the putative state is run by the terrorist group. As a democratic state, “Palestine” is already a failed one.

There's two more to read.

Last year I also pointed out some basic dysfunctions within the failed non-state.

As of last year, the PA requested 7 billion dollars to "overhaul" its security forces to a mere 50,000 men at a rate of 23 "police" for each thousand Palestinian Arabs. That is 6 times the ratio of the NYPD. Since Oslo, the numbers have fluctuated from 40,000 to 80,000 under 14 separate police forces, which are individually loyal to different sub-factions within the PLO. And with all that "security", there is no actual law or order to be found. That is because "Palestinian Police" was how the various PLO affiliated terrorist militias were rebranded by the Clinton Administration. Most continued to operate as terrorists carrying out attacks against Israel. The rest function as the private police of various officials within the Palestinian Authority. And much as the State Department might like to pretend otherwise, all the PA police forces are not loyal to any laws, but only to those officials who pay them and give them orders.

There is no constitutional rule of law within the PA. There isn't even a legally elected head of the Palestinian Authority. There isn't even a single government ruling over Gaza and the West Bank. There is no economy. As much as 25 to 50 percent of the Palestinian adult male population is employed by the Palestinian Authority, which is its own biggest employer with as many as 200,000 people out of a population of barely 2 million in the West Bank. That's one PA employee to 10 Palestinian Arab men, women and children. It means that with 42 percent of the population under 14, virtually every Palestinian Arab family has a member who is officially employed by the Palestinian Authority. Some more than one.

And guess who pays for all this? The Palestinian Authority has never been self-supporting, it could not survive for 5 seconds without money from the United States and the European Union. The billions of dollars pumped into the PA's coffers go down the line to various officials and their families, as well as the terrorist militias who keep them in power. Often the money has a way of vanishing, as it did in 1997 when the PA reported that 40 percent of its budget just went "missing". The PA employment racket is not simply a bureaucratic blank check though. Jobs are given in exchange for support. The "employees" may not ever actually show up for work, but they are expected to use their tribal and family influence to back the PA leadership. And the remainder of that money goes to the tens of thousands of terrorists officially described as the police.

But we aren't done yet, because while the largest employer in the PA may be the authority itself, the second largest employer is the UNRWA, with a 95 percent Palestinian Arab staff. The UNRWA is dedicated only to aiding Palestinian Arabs and the vast majority of its budget comes from the US and Europe. Again. The UNRWA's employees not only overlap with those of the PLO and Hamas, but it is rife with waste spending more on Palestinian Arabs than the UNHCR does on other refugees in the world.

As for the rest of the PA economy... you just saw it. With over 50 percent unemployment in a part of the world where single income families are the norm and nearly 50 percent of the population is underage, the Palestinian economy is the American and European taxpayer. The few exceptions for the most part work in the same settlements that the world keeps demanding that Israel tear down, or across the Green Line in Israel, resulting in an unemployment spike every time there is a terrorist attack and Israel has to shut down its inner borders. There is no other economy, despite the billions invested by governments and individuals in everything from industrial parks to ready to use greenhouses, there has been no other economy, and there will be no other economy. Which should be obvious when the Palestinian Authority lists Olive-Wood Carvings and Mother-of-Pearl Souvenirs as two of its major industries. When you're listing not just souvenirs, but a very specific type of souvenir as a major industry, you really have no economic plan except to ask other people for money.

...but there's always the booming organ theft industry.

Finally a little video from 1932 whose opening is surprisingly relevant today in the age of Pelosi and Reid.


  1. Rachel18/12/10

    I simply cannot understand why anyone cares that Naomi Watts doesn't think that he raped those women. Who the hell is she, anyway? She isn't even a feminist (just one of those obnoxious 90s women who give themselves hernias over the 'gendered discourse of medical textbooks' while 10 year olds die of childbirth in Yemen), and even if she were--is she an expert in criminology? I suppose it isn't 'rape-rape' when it comes from the far-left loins of julian Assange?

    It's astonishing how quickly those who say they care about women's rights when they want publicity and attention will throw actual women under the bus when they find that this, too, will get them attention. Let's face it--this is all about attention for Naomi. No one was reading her obscure rants about the ever present, omnipotent patriarchy anymore.

  2. Trencherbone18/12/10

    Islamic ritual sacrifice in London:

    "A mother has been arrested after a four year old girl was found stabbed to death with her heart and other organs cut out and strewn around her flat.

    Muslim mother Shayna Bharuchi, 35, was allegedly sitting in a her kitchen chanting verses of the Koran as her daughter Nusayba's disembowelled corpse lay next to her.

    The little girl's heart and other organs were found in different rooms around the flat in Clapton, east London.

    Police suspect she she carried out the killing as a religious offering as she listened to the Muslim holy book on an MP3 player at full volume.


    and http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2010/01/satanic-islam-allah-moloch-demands.html

  3. It's good to hear somebody else in the US report on the organ trafficking by the KLA. It is very curious as to why this is this all suddenly accepted discourse. The name that keeps being repeated over and over again is that of Marty and the Council of Europe. Clearly somebody has decided that the COE's time has come to contribute to the general facade.

    But I don't get your preoccupation with Chessman. A quick check at Wikipedia -- that other source of knowledge and information -- relates that Chessman was never convicted of murder. It was extenuating circumstances that led to his execution that was nearly given another stay, but was seconds too late. All the attention focused on Chessman had nothing to do with Chessman and more to do with getting rid of the death penalty itself, and certainly you cannot be executed any more for the reasons that Chessman was executed for.

    Hunter Thompson is also a poor choice of attack as a liberal tool, Thompson was widely considered extremely conservative in many liberal circles as were (are) the Hell's Angels themselves. And of course, organized crime in general tends towards the conservative in private even where they appeal to the liberal in public, as in the case of the "medical marijuana" cash cow. And even conservatives managed to swoon and faint when it was reported that cancer patients might be denied the reported near magical benefits of pot smoking for terminal patients.

    As for the Palestinians and Kosovo nationalists, it is enough to point out that both are fake nationalist fronts and are rather nakedly really just the expansion of neighboring states or the elimination of the states where they demand land. In Kosovo, the mission is a Greater Albania and in Israel, the mission is the destruction of Israel. Muslims are at the root of both and advancing Islam is the source of international sympathy, but in the Balkans, there is also Croatia, a Catholic state and internationally it is Catholic countries that form the western front against Israel. These are not exactly liberal of leftist bastions unless the Catholic church is a leftist institution. And the Catholic Church is too smart to be stuck with either the "left" or the "right".

    The Sultan is always worth checking out, but also always a little thin when stuck in the fake war between the "left" and the "right".

  4. Rachel,

    they're left wing activists first. Calling themselves feminists just lets them cash in as leaders of a particular demographic. Which is what the left loves to do.

  5. Thanks for the link. We're honored.

  6. The Sunday Telegraph (UK, 19 Dec) has a very interesting article about Kosovo (including the organ trafficking). Most interesting is that apparently all the Western governments and NATO knew right from the start that the Muslims had been at least as guilty as the Serbs in committing war crimes but made a decision to cover this up. The article also says "NATO troops were effectively told to turn a blind eye" to the massacre of Serbs committed by returning Albanians.

  7. Anonymous21/12/10

    Leftist women in India are also making excuses for Assange:


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