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About That Racist Tea Party Movement

"I think one man is just as good as another so long as he's honest and decent and not a nigger or a Chinaman."

Harry Truman

"I'll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years."

Lyndon B. Johnson

"I see nothing wrong with ethnic purity being maintained."

Jimmy Carter

Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds."

Senator Robert Byrd

“They mention that he once had a fleeting association with the Ku Klux Klan, and what does that mean? I’ll tell you what it means. He was a country boy from the hills and hollows of West Virginia. He was trying to get elected."

Bill Clinton defending Byrd's KKK membership

The party of segregation is outraged by Tea Party racism. The party whose Presidential icons refused loans to black families moving into white neighborhoods, bugged Martin Luther King, denounced civil rights and refused to desegregate the armed forces are all worked up about racism. That imaginary racism that only they can hear when their opponents talk. There is a psychological term called "Projection" in which a Democrat attributes his own subconscious racism to Republicans. That's of course assuming that it even is subconscious, rather than completely conscious.

Every successful Democratic President pandered to racists. Woodrow Wilson praised Birth of a Nation. FDR appointed Klansmen to high positions in his administration. JFK opposed civil rights when it was convenient, and supported them when it was convenient. Jimmy Carter ran a racist campaign for Governor of Georgia. Obama switched around the colors, by pandering to black racists, in a church as filled with hate as can be imagined.

It's an old game that has never really changed. George Wallace made himself the face of segregation when it was politically convenient, and then became the face of affirmative action and civil rights, when that was politically convenient. Democrats have kept the image of the old segregationist George Wallace around, forgetting that he was himself a Democrat, and just as hypocritical as they are themselves. And plenty of their politicians, such as Jimmy Carter, Robert Byrd and Fritz Hollings made the same transformation. Bill Clinton's cynical defense of Byrd is an open admission of what everyone in politics has known all along, that Democrats have no problem with using racism in order to get elected. Democrats have played both sides when convenient, and when playing the other side, accusations of racism, are a weapon that comes with the territory.

But let's get back to racism and the current Democratic party. In 2004, Al Sharpton addressed the Democratic Party's National Convention. Bringing in a man who had led race riots against Jews that caused two murders and three deaths in Crown Heights, and many more in Harlem. He terrorized Asian store owners. He was a thug and a racist. Had someone equivalent addressed a Republican National Convention in 2004, the media would have lost its mind. Instead it ignored what Al Sharpton was, and instead spent the better part of a year trying to accuse Sarah Palin of being a racist.

Since then Al Sharpton has been a regular visitor to the Obama White House. Obama even sent Joe Biden to Sharpton's National Action Network convention. And in addition to that charmer, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama's Religious Leadership Council was packed full of ministers associated with Sharpton, and Farrakhan. Of course the media would rather be reporting on imaginary racial slurs, than the fact that a man who was responsible for the persecution and murder of members of minority groups, is a White House regular.

But let's skip on over to the NAACP, which just issued a resolution denouncing Tea Party racism. In 2000, Lee Alcorn, the head of the Dallas NAACP, had stated. "If we get a Jew person [as the Democratic V-P candidate], then what I'm wondering is, I mean, what is this movement for, you know? We need to be very suspicious of any kind of partnerships between the Jews at that kind of level because we know that their interest primarily has to do with money." The NAACP President at the time, Kweisi Mfume, had boasted of forging a "Sacred Covenant" with Farrakhan, during his time in the Congressional Black Caucus.

Of course the NAACP which welcomed in racist supremacist Louis Farrakhan can't possibly be racist.

The NAACP welcomed in a man who said, "White people are potential humans…they haven’t evolved yet."

Why would Farrakhan say this? Because it's part of the theology of the Nation of Islam that white people are the children of a lesser god, created by a mad scientist.

Here's the NOI Bible, try not to laugh too hard. People have been murdered by the NOI over their beliefs.

In the year of 6,400, Abraham came to the Holy Black People, which includes the Brown, Red and Yellow, to warn them about the unrest that was among them His coming was predicted by our Brother Scientists, commonly known as the twenty-four elders (spoken about in Rev. 4:4) in the year one of this 25,000 year cycle. His (Abraham's) job was to do as all the prophets of Allah; warn his people of their evils and disobedience to the Will of Almighty God Allah, thereby separating those who would heed his teachings, FROM THOSE WHO WERE DISSATISFIED. Among these dissatisfactions were the speaking of tongues and not being satisfied being other than Black "which is not a color", but the substance from whence all colors come, such as brown, red and yellow.


Brother, in our days, about 8,400 years ago in order to put an end to the dissatisfaction, Allah allowed Yakub to graft the devil (white man). So we can say, the speaking of tongues, in our days, repercussions was the having a people rule over us, who is not a people of Allah. Now, today, the devils speaking of tongues is going to cause all kinds of chaos among his followers, thereby revealing to us that they and their religion is Hot. The religion of Allah and the prophets which is going to cause all of our people Black Brothers and Sisters, who have eyes to see and ears to hear to flee unto their own kind, who will be under the banner of Islam, which in turn will destroy Christianity or "the speaking of tongues".


Abraham told our Holy Black Brothers and Sisters that if they did not stop their rebellious ways and take heed to his teachings, which was entire submission to the Will of Allah (God), that in the year 8,400, as was predicted, a child by the name of "Yakub", commonly known as "Jacob" in the Bible, would be born and that he would make a people who would rule over them, a people who would deal with them cruelly, a people who would show no mercy, but would show or cause malignity among them.


Genesis 27:36 further shows Yakub taking Esau's birth-right. One phase of this birthright was to rule all over the planet earth, which Yakub's children have done for the last 6,000 years by supplanting.


For instance, the Acts 17:26, shows Mr. Yakub must have made or grafted his people (white man) from the Black, for Allah Himself created all nations of one blood. Of course, these nations are the Brown, Red and Yellow. The fifth parties are not really a Nation, but a "race", a group of 400,000,000 people-beast racing with time! In the same verse it shows that, as the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has said, these Yakub grafted devils were doomed, or limited from the day they were grafted. The bounds of their habitation on our planet earth was 6,000, and we bear witness he is some 50 years overdue, and only Allah is the best knower! as to how many more days he will be allowed to dwell here in this wilderness (called earth in the bible to throw us off). Verse 42 of the same chapter further proves it was the lighter babies being separated from the dark, in it, it says; "when the cattle were feeble=light (REMEMBER THE LIGHTER THEY GOT, THE FEEBLER IN REALITY THEY WERE), he (Yakub) put them not in (meaning, not among the Dark); the feeble was Labin's, and the stronger Jacob's (Yakub's). this can be easily understood, because Yakub was a jet Black man.

If you have trouble muddling through all that. The bullet points here are that

1. White people are genetically inferior to black people, and never should have been created except as a result of sin. White people are the devil whose skin is the manifestation of a sin by black people, and will be destroyed at the end of 6000 years.

2. Jews are the worst white people, because they made all the other white people through Jacob, and are the usurpers who rule over black people.

3. Islam will destroy Christianity. Presumably Judaism also, which Farrakhan had already called a "gutter religion".

People make the mistake of reciting Farrakhan's worst quotes, but his quotes are expressions of Nation of Islam theology, which says that white people in general are a perverted force of evil, and Jews specifically, who are responsible for apparently creating white people.

This is pretty standard racial supremacism, which no pays attention to, even though it's hardly different from the stuff of Christian Identity movements. Yet the NAACP welcomed an association with the black equivalent of Neo-Nazis, who believe in racial inferiority, race war and whose views on Jews look a lot like those of Hitler.

And Obama participated in organizing Farrakhan's Million Man March. Can you imagine what the media reaction would have been had McCain organized a march on Washington led by an American Neo-Nazi leader who had the same beliefs as Farrakhan?

But then again Obama helping to organize Farrakhan's 1995 Million Man March is unsurprising considering that his mentor Jeremiah Wright, was a close Farrakhan ally. As was his other clergyman mentor, Father Pfleger. Not to mention Willie Barrow. And Farrakhan's Final Call has been quite enthusiastic about Obama.

At the 1995 Million Man March which Obama helped organize, Farrakhan delivered a speech in which he said that; "The real evil in America is the idea that undergirds the set up of the western world. And that idea is called white supremacy" (an ironic accusation for the head of a religion which had repeatedly claimed that white people were racially inferior and had been created by a mad black scientist), demanded that Clinton "do away with the mind‐set of the founding fathers" and in his extended rant claimed that; "any great invention we made you put white on it, because you didn't want to admit that a Black person had that intelligence, that genius. You try to color everything to make it satisfactory to the sickness of your mind... So you whitened up religion, Farrakhan didn't do that."

The Million Man March received positive coverage from the media, the same media which has spent endless pages of real and virtual newsprint damning the Tea Party movement as racist. Sharpton is referred to as a civil rights leader. Obama's relationship with Wright, Pfleger and Barrow was quickly whitewashed. Just as Byrd's Klan membership was ignored. Just as racist remarks by Democrats of either color are treated as an aberration that needn't be commented on. Democrats get a pass on racism from the media, just like they get a pass on everything else.

The Democrats strive to associate the Republicans with every negative aspect of America. Which conveniently means that they will never be held accountable for corruption, wasteful spending, and of course racism, and pandering to racists.

So now the same NAACP which gave civil rights awards to Fred Phelps and worked together with Louis Farrakhan is aiming accusations of bigotry at a decentralized movement protesting wasteful government spending and overreaching power. Why? Because it's what the Democratic party wants of them. The same Democratic party which once did everything it could to sideline civil rights, until it realized that civil rights meant votes in their pocket. The hypocrisy and corruption here is staggering.

And why is all this being done? In order to cover up the vast corruption of a system whose finances are unsustainable, whose morals are non-existent and who have lost the faith of the vast majority of the American people. The Tea Party movement is a political threat to that system, because unlike the NAACP and the Democratic party, it represents an authentic grass roots response to public discontent, that does not depend on leaders, but on empowering public outrage against leaders. And so the leaders are determined to slime, smear and destroy them.

The Democrats have given up trying to win the debate over government, if they were ever even interested in conducting the debate. What they want to do is demonize anyone who criticize them, in order to silence them and dissuade anyone from agreeing with them. Playing the race card is just one more cynical way to exploit an evil that they created, and that if they had gotten their way would be just as bad today, as it was before Abraham Lincoln. And all this would not be nearly so obscene if the party did not insist on providing safe haven to bigots today. The Party of Corruption is terrified of losing control of government, because they are organized around one principle, redistributing wealth to their supporters. They are the tea merchants, and what tea merchants fear most is a tea party.


  1. Morry Rotenberg18/7/10

    "Up is down, down is up, day is night, night is day" because the democrats and their media accolites say it is so. How can truth, reason, and lodgic win against such formidable enemies?

  2. No Bueno18/7/10

    I have always believed obama wants to dismantle our Constitution because it was created by a bunch of "white guys." Obummer despises that document and will do everything in his power to appoint those whose intent is to dismantle that document. His appointments (sotomayor and solis, both la raza disciples) believe as he does, especially since no “wise latina” was allowed to offer input as to the creation of the Constitution at the time.

    Obummer and his wife sat in the pews of the racist Rev.wright for 20+ years, and then claimed they had never heard the racist filth that spewed from his mouth during that time. Another obummer lie! We have a black liberation separatist running this country right now.

  3. Hmmm...

    I think the Democrats are racists -many of them anyway. But I for sure think Republicans are! They are just more high browed and think Blacks are too stupid to figure it out.

  4. A small correction,

    The tea party movement is not only accused of racism, but more seriously bigotry, which puts them squarely at odds with the mainstream population, something the Dems have in their favour because they are the party that fights the xtianisation of America, hence are "trendy". This is a fact, whether people want to admit it or not.

    The new generation of what used to be conservative Evangelicals are rejecting their parents religious beliefs as being for the bigoted and "white trash" That is why the Democrats got the lions share of the yuppie xtian left wing vote.

    That said, Greenfield, are you saying that the Republicans will win the next election? I'd like to hear you articulate your thoughts on this, in an article if you could please. Like who do you think should be leading the Republicans in that case? There are not any credible leaders, that could challenge the Democrats, and Obama's falling popularity will have little effect on the next election, because he inherited the mess from Bush, and the oil spill was not his fault. In other words, the tea party, and older Evangelical or "white trash" voter is beating a dead horse. The racism works against them, the bigotry works against them, where it did not in generations gone by.

    It is conceivable that the Dems might run with another candidate, at the next election but I doubt it will be Hillary Clinton, and I doubt that they will.

    It's true the Dems havn't been any better at racist policies, as you highlighted, but there is more than racism at play here, it's 2011 now, and it's a different time with a new populace.

    The new generation of American's are like Europeans, and that is being reflected in the votes. The tea party movement do not recognise that they live in a bygone era. What worked decades ago, won't work today. Remember, the internet is influencing people in a way, that was impossible 20 years ago.

    I think it's a mistake to rely on polls that refuse to see the reality. The truth is the internet played a hugh role in changing American opinions in the last decade or so and the younger generation is not at all like the older one.

  5. Avi,

    the Tea Party movement is being accused of racism by a small political elite, and that accusation is going nowhere

    whether the Republicans will win and how much, depends on their own organization. Expecting the public to do it for them will only take them so far.

    Polls show the tea party is actually working quite well, and America is still more rural than urban, unlike Europe.

  6. Hi Daniel.
    As usual a great posting .It's for most intelligent people by now obvious how the president and his wife feel about Christians and Jewish people andthe white man.Thank you for sharing this great pic of Mrs Obama with her friends ,very enlightning!

  7. Anonymous19/7/10

    I believe that Obama hates whites and AMerica and has every intention of destroying the present system of gov and replacing it with Sharia Law. THis is not funny but considering Sheite muslims hate black people as much as Obama hates white I think Obama is being used, a puppet, to destroy America and help with making Islam the dominate religion of the world. So, he has chosen two master, obama, his anger and hatred, and the Sheite muslims whom are pulling his strings.

  8. Anonymous19/7/10

    I tried to leave a comment on the today article and it didn't work, also every time I send a comment I have to click on "publish your comment" twice

  9. there seems to be some trouble with blogger comments again today

  10. Avi, I am having the same problem even with my own blog.

    OT but as anyone else had trouble sending emails? I have AOL and my emails either get bounced back or when I send emails the receiver gets three copies of them?

    My sister using IE and is having the same trouble.

  11. the first fully fledged Democrat was slave owner, Trail of Tears Andrew Jackson. Polk, Democrat slave holder, Chief Justice Taney of Dred Scot, Democrat. Breckenridge & Douglas, slave supporters, Democrats against Lincoln. MacClellan, Democrat ran against Lincoln whose platform was to treat with the southern Democrats/Traitors. KKK founded by six Democrats. Jim Crow, Segregation Democratic policies. Plessy/Ferguson (sp) Ferguson was the Democratic AG of LA. Wilson, rabid racist, segregated fed gov; Democrat. 5000 lynchings all done by Democrats. anti-lynching legislation stonewalled by FDR who imprisoned 120K Japanese Americans. And on and all....why are black people Democrats?

  12. Anonymous3/5/13

    the greatest racism hat the democratic party practices is againist white people.


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