Home future of the west The Moral Disarmament of the Civilized World
Home future of the west The Moral Disarmament of the Civilized World

The Moral Disarmament of the Civilized World

There are two ways to disarm a people. You can disarm them by taking away their weapons, or you can disarm their minds by taking away their willingness and ability to fight back. Disarmament a people by confiscating their weapons is a weak solution, because people can always make or smuggle new weapons. And without weapons they can still use their numbers and their fists. They can continue fighting so long as they believe that they have the right to defend themselves.

And that is the far great disarmament, the disarmament not of bodies, but of minds. The disarmament of the moral right of self-defense by convincing entire peoples that they are the perpetrators and their attackers are the victims. And that in any case self-defense is futile. That it is better to be quiet, to keep your head down, to learn to get along, to hope that your leaders make whatever deals are necessary to keep the peace, and to replace them with even more spineless leaders if they don't.

That is the moral disarmament of the civilized world and it is going on every day, even in countries where there are guns to be found everywhere, the people's minds are being disarmed, rendered helpless and impotent in the face of the enemy. Because it is not the gun that matters, but the man willing to fire it. A home can be filled with guns from top to bottom, but if the homeowner refuses to use them a robber breaks into his home, because he is not certain whether the robber might not have the right to burglarize him after all-- then even surrounded by a thousand rifles, he has already been disarmed.

Like every great tyranny, the left has always known that the chains must be placed not merely on men's bodies and property, but first and foremost on their minds. Merely placing chains on a man does not make him a slave. He must be taught to think of himself as a slave. To see himself as inferior and worthless. He cannot be prevented by escaping only through threats of violence, instead he must be brought to think that he does not deserve freedom. That whatever dissatisfaction he has with his current condition is his own fault, and that slavery is actually a kindness being rendered unto him. Then his body need no longer be chained. His body can be free and he will remain a slave, because it is his mind that has been chained.

There are many forms of moral disarmament, but they are all directed at depriving a man not merely of freedoms and rights, but of the idea that he has any freedoms and rights. The second amendment comes after the first, and so before the disarmament of self-defense, there is the disarmament of the pen and the voice, in which people learn to censor themselves, to replace "crimethink" with "bellyfeel duckspeak", to avoid saying things that are not yet illegal, but are disapproved of. And even when they do say them, they take great care to demonstrate that they are not engaging in "crimethink", but that though admittedly controversial, their ideas are legitimate and not extremist. They apologize for their words before they say them, which is the intellectual equivalent of going to war with your hands thrown up in the air. And so before they speak, they have already been disarmed.

There is the moral disarmament of the military and security forces who are taught to see themselves not as honorable defenders of their homeland, but as dishonorable brutes and tools of government policy, whose only real purpose is suppressing internal dissent. There is the moral disarmament of academics who are forced to parrot the currently popular relativism and reject the idea that there are absolute truths beyond ideology and politics. There is the moral disarmament of politicians who are given every chance to be greedy and corrupt, while being warned against taking any principled stands not in compliance with the party doctrine. But these are all parts of the Great Moral Disarmament which insists on the worthlessness of the individual and the country, except when they reflect the ideals of their own destruction. Ideals which themselves declare the worthlessness of the individual and the country.

This Catch 22 underlies the moral disarmament of the free world. For if one says that America, England or Israel are worthless unless they give the same rights to terrorists that they do to their citizens-- he is in effect saying that America, England and Israel are worthless either way, as he is only prepared to accept their worth if they demonstrate their willingness to destroy themselves. And that is exactly what he means.

If you want the American left to love their country, all you have to do is turn it over to them so they can destroy it. But that is of course difficult to do unless you first convince the people that those who would destroy the country are actually its saviors, that their hate is actually love, and that all who oppose them are amoral monsters. To do this takes more than mere propaganda, but it requires upending their values so that black is white, right is wrong and wrong is right. Self-defense becomes a crime and terrorism becomes a virtue. Hate for America is actually love, and love for America is actually hate.

And that is where the moral disarmament comes in. For if you surrender your values, you have been disarmed. If you do not have any new values to replace them with, you may be able to fight in your own interest. But few people are able to live entirely without values. And these new values mark the transition from disarmament to slavery. For the easiest way to make a free man into a slave, is to make him forget what makes him free, and then to forget that he is free, and finally to forget that he should want to be free.

To do this you must pervert his values. You must convince him that his individualism, his ownlife, is evil. That his desire for freedom is an act of greed and selfishness that actively leads to the murders of small children in the Third World. That his belief that he has a right to defend himself is a thoughtcrime that represents a dangerous homicidal madness. That any resentment he has toward the authorities or the people attacking him is only due to his own ignorance and prejudices. That he must embrace his would-be killers, give up his freedom and property, and submit to the authorities in order to be a good and moral person.

And now he is no longer a free man. Now he is a slave.

The moral disarmament of the civilized world has been done for the benefit of the left, but its ultimate benefit will not be for the left, but for Islam. For Islam is the religion of slaves, even more so than Socialism. Under Islam all men are already slaves, the only difference is that some are of a higher slave caste than others. Islam too promises the emergence of a perfectly just society when it takes power. The left sees Islam as an ally, but in fact it is a competitor. Both are ideologies that offer up slavery as a just society. Both are fanatical and murderous, operating by treachery and deceit, and taking power by exploiting fifth columns and making false agreements.

The left has worked steadily toward the moral and physical disarmament of the civilized world, without considering that the world will not be run of Brussels or governed by men in blue helmets. Not even Europe will be run that way for long. In their lust for power, the left has disarmed the free world, without considering that just as in Iran, Islam will rise to take the spoils of their long political war against the free world.

An old Soviet joke. A man visits a doctor. The doctor tells him that he is suffering from a progressive paralysis. The man breathes a sigh of relief. "At least it is progressive." The left too is a progressive paralysis for the civilized world. And though the left thinks that it has genuine power, the Muslim politicians who are elected to power from liberal parties, are Muslims first. And when the time is right, there will not need to be any armed coups. The same men who ran as Labor or Democrats will simply pledge allegiance to the banner of Islam under Sharia law. It has happened before. It is happening now.

The left's moral disarmament of the civilized world was intended to make free men into slaves, but it is also their own death warrant. For it disarms the only ones who might protect them from the final consequences of their own hunger for power.


  1. The saddest thing is that Americans enabled all this happen.

  2. Daniel: Having followed this blog over the past few months, it often feels as though you are living in my head and converting into coherent words my frustrations at the direction the world is heading, or rather, being led by the nose.

    Where we disagree is that you find cause to remain positive, whilst my reality says there in no future worthy of civilised Man, though a more angry part of me agrees that we fully deserve the consequences of following pc strictures to ignore, or worse, accept and even embrace as a friend the greatest threat to progress in recorded history.

    You see that we are under threat and heading for capitulation if we do not act wisely and soon and effectively, whilst I see us as already having left it too late, with little to look forward to beyond the consolation of the occasional cosmetic concession to common sense by gutless leaders eager to demonstrate how tolerant we should be by giving away our future.

  3. My efforts have been directed as of late at achieving a better understanding of the situation, and I remain hopeful that a clearer understanding of the mechanism of the problem, can point the way to a solution.

    While there is plenty of material that suggests that we are headed irreversibly downhill, I can't help but think that the fact that we are aware of the process can give us the power to change the outcome.

  4. Dee--my thoughts exactly. But I recall something in Shir Beitar about taking up a banner no matter what. I think we're seeing that in the US. People are speaking up about myriad things such as the war on terrorism, healthcare, Obama's wacked out efforts to stimulate the economy.

    People are beginning to say basta, enough. Not entirely focused yet but beginning to say no.

    A little OT but I was watching the news and they had a story about the Dubai incident. What was interesting is that they said young Israelis are identifying with the alleged Israeli assassins and even going so far as to buy and wear the geeky eyeglasses some of the assassins were wearing.

    It could be they're getting used to the idea of defending themselves on some level. I know ABC meant it as a slam against Israel but I didn't see it that way at all. They're identifying with fighting Hamas.

  5. Anonymous1/3/10


    Do you see anybody in the GOP who might become a new Ronald Reagan ??
    Thanks for your great blog !

    Trumpeldor from Brussels,eurabia

  6. Mikec1/3/10

    This can be resisted, but only by doing exactly what is totally unacceptable.

    In normal circumstances the media should be growling, but instead they are wagging their tails waiting for a biscuit (sorry - cookie).

    All the time Gulf money greases the wheels of governments, our 'leaders' become part of the problem, because they are amoral they see no reason to say 'no thanks'. In the UK it is ideology based, social 'equality' is strangling us.

    Curiously, the most humane way to deal with a malignant cancer is to cut it out using a sharp implement, the patient then either recovers, because there are no secondaries, or they have a temporary lease of life before it starts all over again.

    This of course needs a trained surgeon, a team of specialists
    and a theatre of operations, and vitally, the financial support to pay the bills.

  7. Anonymous1/3/10

    Thanks for another great article.

  8. Anonymous1/3/10

    Daniel: I heartily agree with Dee (11:54PM comment), your column's seem to haunt my thoughts days after reading them. Sadly, the social program I link your comments to only allow a limited number of links from a particular site.

    Concerning your statement: "While there is plenty of material that suggests that we are headed irreversibly downhill, I can't help but think that the fact that we are aware of the process can give us the power to change the outcome."

    I would agree Sir, but I believe that the power to change the course of history is an internalized one - happening on an individual basis throughout our nations spontaneously. A 'flash fire' as it were, burning off the corruption and cognitive dissonance. It would seem, like any good woodsman knows, that the tinder needs well cured before it becomes suitable for use.

    Keep writing, keep speaking...and NEVER give up!

  9. Anonymous2/3/10

    Tanach (bible) teaches us that the truth sets us free, socialists teach that work (in this case slave labour) sets us free.

    The first is a profound truth, the second is a huge deceit.

    So who cares? - the next episode of "Duffy the gay slayer" is on the circus channel tonight....

  10. Thanks for the great article! I was thinking today how Political Correctness has destroyed most of our Country. The current administration would love to enslave us as they have $500 lunches.


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