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Home Satire Global Socialism - The Real Environmental Crisis

Global Socialism - The Real Environmental Crisis

Scientists first noticed the beginnings of the crisis a generation ago when satellite photos taken from space showed that the areas of Human Freedom were unaccountably shrinking.

The amount of Human Freedom on Planet Earth has always been small, but that small amount has always been necessary to maintain the progress of human cultural and technological development. Which was why the satellite photos showing a drastically eroding amount of Human Freedom particularly in North America and Europe were so disturbing.

North America and Europe had traditionally served as the reservoirs of Human Freedom, accounting for some 85 percent of Earth's total reserves of Human Freedom-- which was why the drastic disappearance of human freedom in these areas was so troubling to scientists. Closer inspection showed that Human Freedom was not simply unaccountably disappearing... it was being destroyed.

What could be causing this? Detailed studies concluded that something had made the environment hostile to freedom. It would take another decade before researchers emerged with their shocking conclusion, Global Socialism had changed in the environment drastically in what had formerly been the Free World causing freedom to begin disappearing at a rapid pace.

Scientists identified a number of basic components of Freedom, such as Free Enterprise, Free Speech, The Independence of the Individual from the State, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Thought and Freedom of the Family-- and concluded that Global Socialism was eroding all of them.

Socialism, exemplified by top down government control, had become a kind of Global Pollution that was threatening to make individual freedom extinct. Projecting forward, researchers depicted a world in which people no longer enjoyed the ability to say or think what they believed, in which religious beliefs were subject to government oversight, all commerce was rigidly controlled and limited by the government, and the family had become a subset of the state. Early models of this could be seen in the papers of Orwell and Wells, both of which explored the prospective outcome of such a process, from different perspectives.

While these revelations were disturbing about the worldwide crisis to Freedom caused by Global Socialism, they were not universally accepted.

The institutions that had the greatest Socialist Footprint, and were busy promoting and managing the pollution of Human Freedom, protested that there was actually more Human Freedom than ever, it had simply been mislaid somewhere. Besides Global Socialism was so very convenient, that sacrificing Human Freedom for it, was a minor thing.

"Would you rather have a government that cares for you from cradle to grave, and enforces absolute equality through a vast dehumanizing bureaucracy-- or human freedom?" The Global Socialist polluters asked. And they went right on polluting.

Still as it turned out a lot of people did want Human Freedom, and Global Socialism was causing the erosion of their habitats. Even traditionally reclusive peoples such as the Amish found their habitats attacked by Global Socialism, which demanded that they obtain building permits and send their children to government schools. Israel, the last habitat of the Jewish people, became a particular target of Global Socialism, which resented anyone maintaining an identity that had not been approved and manufactured by them. Global Socialism carried out raids on people who chose to live outside their authority, they regulated everyone and everything to make sure that no Human Freedom could exist outside their jurisdiction.

And so the Global Socialist pollution problem went on and Human Freedom continued to disappear.

Finally recognizing that too many people had become worried about Human Freedom, Global Socialism reasoned that a new crisis had to be created that would make people forget about their eroding Freedom. They all met in a big building in Paris in the middle of August. And as they all sat there sweating and waiting for the air conditioning to kick in, one particularly bright socialism polluter got up and said, "I got it. The thermometer is the answer! Look how hot it is."

"Bien it is hot, it is August," he was told.

"Never mind that," he said. "Do you know what everyone talks about all the time. The temperature. When it's hot, they say it was never this hot last year, even when it was exactly this hot last year. When it's cold, they say it used to be colder when they were kids. What if that was the crisis? Global Warming! We'll tell everyone that the planet is getting hotter and everyone will die, unless they do exactly what we say!"

And from there the ball began rolling. Soon all the major institutions and promoters of Global Socialism were talking about the Global Warming crisis. The oceans would rise, the icebergs would melt, the poles would be gone in a few years, and then the planet would explode. This would do terrible things to the nightclub scene.

The only path of salvation lay in a vast Global Socialist bureaucracy that would limit everyone's energy use and tax everything people did. This was very important, they said, and to prove it they traveled around the world in jet planes to convince everyone of this. They made films and encouraged everyone to drive in their cars to the movies and see them. They threw concerts and held fundraising events and conferences to Save the Earth, none of which contributed to Global Warming... because they said it didn't.

No,the real threat to global warming they warned was Human Freedom, and we would just have to give that up, and look forward to a wonderful life of grubbing for used soda cans across beaches. It was all being done for "Mother Earth" after all.

The more they talked about Global Warming, the more they promoted Global Socialism as the answer, and the more Human Freedom continued to decline. While they pointed to the habitats of the polar bears, the habitats of human beings who wanted to be free to write and believe what they liked, to raise their children free of state control, to grow their own food and live their own lives, was drastically vanishing.

It was tragically clear that long before any polar bear habitats were threatened, there would be no remaining habits left in which humans beings could live free.

And so it was that while everyone talked on about the threat of Global Warming, no one spoke of the far more serious threat of Global Socialism. Once again the astronauts went into space and this time when they looked at the earth, they could barely see a few glimmers of Human Freedom shining in their lonely splendor against the growing night of Global Socialism sweeping across the globe. And they mourned what was being lost. Then it was time once again to return to Earth, to tightly regulated lives, and to forms that had to be filled out, and ID cards that had to be shown, to taxes on anything and everything, and lines to be waited on, and men and women whose jobs it was to check them and everyone else for non-conformist views, on and on, without end...


  1. Anonymous7/4/09

    This is what we call "leveling down". Everybody equal in mediocrity and misery. It is indeed one of the most sophisticated and efficient way to slavery... lol. Let's give it a standing ovation!

    No, but seriously, those climatard Global Warming Jihadjists are a nightmare to our civilization. We have to fight them back.

    Martin Luther King Junior once said:

    "Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed."

    But since everyone is just whining and no one is really fighting back, we will probably soon be facing this situation:

    "Due to the rising costs of electricity and the terrible condition of the economy, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned OFF. Sorry for any inconvenience."

    (I found this last statement on another blog and thought it was appropriate here... lol)

    (French Canadian)

  2. Ploni Almoni Jr.7/4/09

    Our environment is very important and needs protection from the likes of the murderous right who seek to use up all it's value for themselves.
    Al Gore is a saint!

  3. Anonymous7/4/09

    Ploni Almoni Jr,

    I think you need to get educated on this subject. The Global Warming baloney is a scam to destroy capitalism.

    There is so many scientific articles written on this subject, but maybe you could start with this video:

    The Great Global Warming Swindle

    (French Canadian)

  4. Ploni was being sarcastic

  5. Anonymous7/4/09

    "Ploni was being sarcastic" (Sultan)

    LOL... Okay! I have a problem to recognize American humour.

    Ploni's comment looked so identical to what the leftists moonbats Qu├ębeckers would have written, he fooled me. I read those stupid comments "ad vitam aeternam" to "ad nauseam" for so many years. This is the reason why I do not blog in Qu├ębec anymore. Sorry Ploni!

    (French Canadian)

    (French Canadian)


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