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Home resistobama Obama's Centralization is the Path to Tyranny

Obama's Centralization is the Path to Tyranny

Both Obama's appointments and massive spending plan directed at the states have one thing in common, they are part of his plan to centralizing power in his own hands, bypassing Congress and State governments.

Obama's appointments are slowly creating two layers of government, one of Senate vetted appointees holding down conventional seats in the Cabinet while having next to no power, while the second consists of Czars or entirely new positions that do not require Senate vetting and are not accountable to congress-- but hold the real power.

This was what upset Senator Byrd, but it's only part of a larger picture. Obama does not want his appointees to be accountable to Congress or anyone but himself. This would be dangerous in even a political leader with the most benign agenda, because it strikes at the very heart of the Constitutional separation of powers. Obama is investing absolute power in the Executive Branch, working to create a chain of command that functions outside the Constitution.

Obama's approach jettisons the precedents and manners of the office, crafting a constant stream of new innovations and new positions that give him direct control over policy, while cutting everyone else out of the loop. What began with an absolute control over press conference, is now morphing into an attitude that characterizes everything that Obama does. An attitude that says that power and control matter more than the law.

The misnamed Stimulus Bill meanwhile is meant to fundamentally alter the relationship between States and the Federal government. With several states already headed for bankruptcy, Obama's plan is meant to be the first step in pushing many more states down the same sinkhole that California is in, by creating a permanent category of expenses that the states will not be able to afford once the stimulus bill runs out.

This will put state governments further under the control of Obama, while his "Czars" will be directing the programs in ways that foster dependency and creating an addiction impossible to break, outside the purview of Congress. It's why so many State governors are reluctant to accept the money, with only Schwarzenegger, who has mismanaged California (or is that Kahlifornia) into bankruptcy, chomping at the bit to take them money. And no wonder. With the state that California is in now, the money is the equivalent of giving a heroin addict another dose while he's lying there in the gutter. And that kind of desperate state of dependency is what Obama wants for every state government.

While Obama's Czars gain control of the States for the Executive branch, centralization takes hold not merely for the Federal government, but the White House alone, thereby completing a process that has been long underway with brutal efficiency, and turning State Governors into little more than puppets dancing on a string being dangled out of the Oval Office.

Since Obama's likely opponents are State Governors themselves, a targeted attack on them, is also a political assassination of his potential rivals. The Stimulus Plan serves as a carefully wrought trap.

Taking the money will put them in a bind that will require them to either make some very unpopular decisions and cut down on the entitlement programs when the money runs out, or keep spending money they don't have to maintain them. Alternatively they can refuse the money up front and handle the public outrage now. Either of these courses of action will cripple their public image and their potential to run against Obama.

That is not the sort of thing people used to expect from the White House, but it is exactly the kind of ruthless and ugly tactics that should be expected from those currently occupying that symbol of American governance.

When State governments are dependent enough, the Federal government becomes the center of a Water Monopoly Empire, taking from one state and giving to another. The very dependency of states on a centralized Federal government, controlled by Czars, rather than Cabinet members subject to Congressional oversight, essentially transforms America from a Democratic Republic to an Empire of Debt, funded by taxation and deficit spending, and administered out of Washington D.C. and cheered on by a media mandate of endless worshipful propaganda.
Obama is attempting to subvert the Constitution and centralize power in his own hands, bypassing Congress and State Governors this is a dangerous precedent and a slippery slope into absolute tyranny. The radical expansion of government is meant to serve only one end, his.

One of the first things that mark a transition by a democracy into tyranny is a growing emphasis into centralization, particularly targeting regional governors. Early on Putin demonstrated his intent to create a one man state by moving to appoint regional governors. While Obama doesn't wield that kind of power yet, he is moving to sideline all sources of power besides himself. If the media's propaganda haze allows him to continue along this route, under the guise of a national economic emergency, there is no telling how far he will choose to go.


  1. Anonymous10/3/09

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! I agree with you. This is probably why many States wants to regain their sovereignty and I think they should. It would be in their best interest to refuse that bailout money.

    Obama is a megalomaniac narcissist and the most dangerous POTUS that USA ever had. I hope he will be remove and sooner the better, before he destroy this entire country.

    Let's hope that the SCOTUS will finally look at the pending lawsuits on his eligibility. He had dual citizenship at birth thru is father, so therefore is not a natural born citizen.

    You cannot let this guy get away by scoffing your Constitution like he did. Beside, he as already told you that he wants to change it. Wake up America, I would not want to wake-up one day with a communist/terrorist neighbour country.

    (French Canadian)

  2. It all makes sense. The reason Obama is capitalizing the gravity of the economic crisis (and even criticized for expressing too much gloom and doom)is that he sees the stimulus package as a political trap for potential opponents.

    It's a Catch-22 situation for politicians who are weighing the cost/benefit ratio on whether it's in their best interests to go along with Obama or to buck against him.

    I really wish Eliot Spitzer wasn't caught in that scandal and was still governor. He's the only person I could envision beating Obama at his own game.

    He's a better lawyer, as AG had a reputation for defending the little guy against corruption (unlike Obama's vague service to the community as a community organizer) and had what it will take to beat Obama at his own game.

    The Republican party will need to chose someone with the qualities of Spitzer to challenge Obama.

    Spitzer could have and would have torn Obama to pieces in a debate.

  3. Obama is an ersatz Dark Avenger out to punish America for her past sins, real and imaginary. He is a clear and present danger to the nation and the world at large.

  4. Anonymous10/3/09

    I agree with the analysis, but I can't see Obama that intelligent to be able to to pull such an enormous scam, or is everybody else from the Republican party that stupid not to call it?

  5. Anonymous10/3/09

    I so agree with you - we need to email today's blog posting to the governors of all 50 states! Seriously! I am going to send it to my governor, but I am not sure if he will actually get to him, directly. I agree that Obama is out to destroy America as we know it. Surely we conservatives are not going to just sit and watch this happen, like what happened between Hitler and the Jews. Yes, God allowed him to be placed in office, but just like the pilgrims revolted against England because they wanted to worship God and have a Christian nation...we may be called to do the same. Thank you, Laura.

  6. resistance to tyrants is obedience to god, thomas jefferson

  7. Anonymous10/3/09

    I believe the flub at inauguation day was done purposely, where Obama messed up words and DID NOT vow to protect and defend the constitution. He has no intention of doing so. Remember when they had to go back and re-administer the oath?

    This may be way out in left field, but I am going to mention something I have thought for a while. There are many lawsuits out there trying to find out the real status of Obama's birth, citizenship, eligibility to be president, and Obama has sealed ALL the records of his life so I feel he is definitely hiding many things. There is reason to believe he is not a natural born citizen, having a Kenyan father and possibly being born outside the U.S. Obama had a meeting with the Supreme Court before the inauguration, and I believe the subject came up re: his eligibility. Many people were questioning this up to the very last minute before the inauguration. I believe that the Supreme Court may have found out that Obama is not "eligible" to be president under our constitution, or questioned him about this, but RACISM again veered its ugly head and Obama made it clear that if the facts came out, race riots were set to start all over this country. If anyone dared to challenge The Chosen One, they were going to torch and burn America. John Roberts in particular was so upset over this that he flubbed the oath he administered to Obama, but Roberts could do nothing but proceed with the oath as planned. Obama flubbed his words during the oath, and I believe he did it purposely. Obama in fact plans to do exactly as you have outlined in this article, subvert the constitution at every turn. But he could not have planned all this himself; he is getting lots of help from those who hate this country and wish to see its demise.

  8. Yes he is, the hate america crowd has been behind him all along

  9. Anonymous10/3/09

    I wonder when he took his second oath if he did it on the Koran? Nobody witnessed that second oath.
    (French Canadian)

  10. Anonymous10/3/09

    Sultan, I think that this article should interest you:

    Meeting Justice Scalia

    (French Canadian)

  11. If you're going to make yourself a czar, you should at least sound like you have a hint of intelligence. He knows nothing about how the stock market works and in his phone call to the Times, he sounded like a moron. Heck, he makes bush look smart.

    So, someone else has to be running the show. It can't be the monkey puppet.

  12. Susan: My feelings exactly! The second I heard Obama fumble with the "FAITHFULLY protect and defend the United States" part of his oath I just knew it wasn't yet another slip of his tongue. You can only make so many Freudian slips without there being something conscious or unconscious behind them.

    Yobee--Obama isn't the brightest star in the universe by any stretch of the imagination. He reminds me of the posters for the film The Godfather. One side has Marlon Brando in black and white. Next to him attached to the letters of the title is a marionette puppet master's hand pulling the strings of the word "Godfather."

    You can see the puppet master's hand but not his face.

    We don't know who Obama's puppet master is yet. I'm not even entirely certain that it's the Democratic party. Why? PBS aired a show an Frontline before the elections focusing on the lives on McCain and Obama.

    It seems Obama actually sought out the racist afro-centrist church because he felt it would be of use to him.

    I really do think his true puppet master is in the Middle East; that this is more than mere ultra liberalism.


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