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The High Cost of Islam

Add up the cost of every terrorist attack on American and European soil, including 9/11 and 7/11. Then add the much larger cost of anti-terrorist security measures. The cost of expanding the Air Marshall program, the cost of all the extra security at airports and government buildings. And then there's the more intangible cost, of people who don't fly planes, don't feel safe, of children who grow up with their first memory of the towers falling down. Of parents who will never come home and wars fought around the world in pursuit of those who sent their parent's murderers to these shores.

Add all that up, the tangible cost in trillions of the dollars, and the intangible cost in human woe, and you only have the first portion of the real cost of Islam to the West.

The tidal flood of Islam driven to Western shores has brought with it a greater threat of terrorism, but it has also caused a heavy strain on social services. Whether it's Pakistanis in the UK, Somalis in the US or Indonesians in Australia-- Muslim immigrants remain heavy consumers of social services. Breeding large families on limited incomes is difficult, and liberal politicians have long ago learned that the surest way of binding new immigrants to their political machine, is to foster their dependency through social services. Today some of the worst enemies of England live heavily on the dole.

Furthermore one mechanism behind the large Muslim birthrate is polygamy. While in their home countries polygamy tends to be reserved for those who can afford it, Western social services create a boom in state sponsored polygamy. Muslims who are Western citizens will import young brides from their home countries as their sisters or nieces, legalize them, privately marry them and then when they're pregnant, on official records they're single mothers living with their "brother" or "uncle", while being supported by the state.

Under the shadow of these arrangements, Muslim men can harbor several wives, creating constantly expanding families where abuse and honor killings easily proliferate. And the taxpayers foot the bill.

When the quiet violence goes public when a body is found, the newspapers wonder how this happened. The real answer of course is that it was happening all along. Polygamy is slavery. Muslim men trafficking in women is a form of sex slavery, regulated by Muslim religious authorities and enforced with ruthless brutality. The difference is that it's the only form of sex slavery funded by Western taxpayers.

And then there's the crime. Beyond the actual terrorism, funded by Jizya, or 10 percent of every believing Muslim's income, there is the culture of crime that Muslim immigration brings with it. From gangs such as the Muslim Boys in the UK, to the glorification of violence against non-Muslims common among French Muslim rappers, to the common street level violence pervading everywhere from Oslo to Sydney to Paris, crime is part of the high cost of Islam.

Islam does not merely teach Muslims to reject the laws of the land they live in as the law of the Kafir from the Dar Al Harb, the portion of the world yet not conquered by Islam, but teaches them to view themselves as conquerors bringing the rule of Islam wherever they go. Little wonder that Muslims routinely practice rape, robbery and smuggling -- all practices that date back to Mohammed's campaign against the "infidels".

Beyond the human cost of Muslim crime, in the form of murder, assault and rape victims-- there is the large scale social disruption. Drug smuggling, car theft rings and riots are all examples of large scale Muslim organized acts of crime that tear apart the very fabric of society. In France, even rape has managed to reach that scale with the Tournade becoming a large scale social problem as well.

The social and personal cost of all this continues to climb as Muslim immigration and birth rate rises. It means more police have to be hired, while at the same the police become less capable of enforcing the law This feeds a vicious cycle of riots and police inaction that create a state of utter lawlessness. People flee Muslim occupied neighborhoods, devaluing real estate prices and the tax base withers. This requires a stronger national government to divert money from more secure areas to help fund the problem Muslim areas.

Every time Muslims riot, more money is poured on the problem in the form of social service centers, many of them run and funded by Muslims in order to stop radicalism. This money naturally goes to fund the very problems they're meant to stop. Since the problems are themselves inherent in Islam.

All this adds to the high cost of Islam. As the social problems of the Muslim world are exported to the West by way of immigration or terrorism, promoted by our dependence on fossil fuels and the dhimmi political correctness of cowed majorities in the West, the cost continues to skyrocket. And ultimately the final cost of Islam will be the destruction of the West, if the dread tide is not turned back first.


  1. This deserves a tweet on Twitter. Excellent post, solid analysis.

    Thank you!

  2. Anonymous16/3/09

    And with a U.S. president who seems to have somewhat pro-muslim sympathies, based on his study of Islam as a child, Obama seems to underestimate the seriousness of the threat. We should be more rigorous in our backgrounds checks and in our acceptance of people into this country. I thought there were quotas for people coming here, or is it just for citizenship?

  3. There were quotas, but they're balanced toward the Muslim side. Saudis have pretty much open access outright because the US embassies there have gone native, it's how terrorists have been repeatedly able to enter america.

  4. Anonymous16/3/09

    Many people believe in the New World Order from the Bilderberg and all that nonsense... I don't.

    I believe the enemy is the Caliphate that the Islamist radicals are trying to implement. That will be the New World Order that people fear. Sharia laws all over the world. Keep an open eye and be vigilant. The enemy is the Islamist world, not the capitalist world.

    Those barbarian people should remain in their own countries. Who let them into the Western civilization? Probably socialist governments. Get rid of all leftist governments in the West is probably the only answer to this problem. Shut down Muslim immigration and return all dissident Muslims in their countries of origin. Only keep the ones who are interested in western civilisation

    And please ban the wrag Muslim women wears on their heads and shut down the prayer rooms and all those other idiocies. These people utilize our rules of laws to get what they want. They are good manipulators like your illegal POTUS. If they want to pray, they can do it at their homes or mosques.

    If this is not done, the Caliphate will be... and sooner than you think.

    (French Canadian)

  5. Anonymous16/3/09

    Finally some honest and truthful reporting...As Steyn states...America Alone
    from the land of Obambi

  6. Anonymous16/3/09

    To 'Anonymous' and the others-- I don't believe the problem is simply 'leftist's, or liberals. It's more a problem of a government which has lost its singular and secular perspective, in order to politically accommodate a certain, specific religious minority. THAT'S where the 'wrong' has been perpetrated on us, and only by a return to a historically solid, secular viewpoint will ALL religions (including the detestable islamists)be able to enjoy (with respectful moderation) the freedom to enjoy the tenets of their particular faith. Of course, having said that, it's only quite normal to assume that the practicers of any particular religion will behave respectfully and normally, too. A secular republic is designed to guarantee that freedom. If, or when they don't, then it is entirely fair to assume civil authorities should step in, and the onus of civil law should be applied to rectify whatever odious, reprehensible, or flagrantly illegal activities in which they commit or participate. Freedom is not free--it comes with a certain price, and entails certain responsibilities. Our islamist 'friends' seem not to have gotten that message yet.

  7. Anonymous16/3/09

    I disagree with you Wayne. Everybody can pratice their religion in the States without being killed.

    But the only religion who got all the extra things like, bath feet, prayers rooms, etc., is Islam. And whose religion gets to have trained camps for terrorists in this country? Islam. And who sides with the Muslims? The leftists.

    )French Canadian)

  8. Can a society become increasingly islamic in its demographic character without becoming increasingly islamic in its political character? We have succumbed to the demographic realities to keep the present level of pensions and health benefits, and so we need to import workers from North Africa and the Middle East to sustain it because we are not breeding at a sufficient rate. The melting pot is inevitably readying to boil over because our political elites and main stream media refrain from calling an evil cult an evil cult. The New World Order is coming as Messiah Obumma has already stated that he wants to fund a 'national' police force greater than that of the military. Freedom has never been guaranteed, the first and second amendments are under attack right now...

  9. Anonymous17/3/09

    We Muslims did not get turnip camps, French Canadian. Why did you add that to your list, to mock us?
    What are turnip camps anyway?

  10. Anonymous17/3/09

    "We Muslims did not get turnip camps, French Canadian." (Anonymous)

    Maybe you should read this:

    35 Terrorist Training Camps in the U.S.

    Tonight's guest on Political Pistachio Radio discusses the video that exposes this fact.


    "Nearly three dozen terrorist training camps exist in the United States, and the American Public is not supposed to know. The film, Homegrown Jihad: The Terrorist Camps Around The U.S. exposes this frightening truth. In the film is The Soldiers of Allah video that teaches American students how to operate weapons, kidnap Americans and kill them, sabotage, and how to use mortars and explosives."

    (French Canadian)

  11. I agree with you, French Canadian. Muslims receive special freedoms in terms of religious special treatment.

    Many airports have special footbaths for them to wash before their prayers yet an airport in Washington State, I believe, pitched a fit a couple years ago when a rabbi donated an electric menorah around Chanukah.

    As for Builderberger...I'm not sure if it's a conspiracy or the paranoia of conspiracy groups given Obama's background and his fixation on globalism I wouldn't doubt that there's something going on.

  12. It must take enormous determination not to see what's before one's own eyes to wish away the connection between core islamic doctrine and the chronic bloody violence islam inflicts upon the world, and it's this enormous determination not to see the barbarism that leads me to believe there's a hidden agenda. It must be understood that the duty of Jihad, to spread a belief-system which uncompromisingly divides the world between believer and Infidel, is the problem. Yet the powerful elites ignore it because it disrupts their plan to bring the world under one umbrella. It's the only explanation...

  13. Anonymous18/3/09

    Annonymous guy you stop accusing me of using turnip camps. I dont stand for it.
    I dont like turnips and I dont even go to camps of them for any reason. Then you say turnips are jihad invention and blame Muslims for making people use turnips.
    Then you change the subject from turnips camps to training camp for some kind of war.
    Make up your mind please.

  14. Anonymous18/3/09

    Now you keliata you say I am getting special treatments.
    What are I being treated for?
    You want to share with everyone?
    Are you my doctors nurse? You will spill all the beans to everyone about my privates?
    I guess you also think turnip camps are muslims too huh?


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