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Home resistobama Obama's 900 Million Dollar Payout to Hamas

Obama's 900 Million Dollar Payout to Hamas

The United States plans to offer more than $900 million to help rebuild Gaza after Israel's invasion and to strengthen the Western-backed Palestinian Authority, U.S. officials said on Monday. The money, which needs U.S. congressional approval, will be distributed through U.N. and other bodies and not via the militant group Hamas, which rules Gaza, said one official.
There are two obvious problems with this scenario. The Palestinian Authority does not rule Gaza. Any rebuilding of Gaza will only strengthen Hamas. Secondly, any foreign organizations operating in Gaza either answer to Hamas or are Hamas run outright.

Take the UNRWA, the refugee arm of the UN which despite multiple refugee crises worldwide, focuses on working for the Palestinian Arabs. While there is a great deal of focus on foreign aid to Israel, the taxpayer money that goes to the UNRWA goes unnoticed. In 2006 alone the US contributed 135 million dollars to the UNRWA, out of an over half a billion dollar budget.

The UNRWA also, in their own words, employs "99 per cent locally-recruited Palestinians". The UNRWA is actually the second biggest employer in the territories, after the Palestinian Authority itself. (Both funded by the US and other foreign donors.) That means the structure of the UNRWA in Gaza is composed of Gazans under Hamas control.

By 2006 the UNRWA had only 25 "internationals" or non-Palestinian Arabs left in Gaza. After Hamas' takeover and the latest war, that number is likely to be smaller. Which means that the UNRWA is effectively under Hamas control, which Hamas demonstrated when they seized UNRWA aid and drove it away in their trucks.

While UNRWA "internationals" such as Karen Koning AbuZayd or Fillippo Grandi issue press releases from their comfortable offices in Amman, the real UNRWA is run on the ground, and despite the denials from Amman, it has routinely employed terrorist affiliated personnel.

All this has been extensively documented;
This past September, Democratic Rep. Steve Rothman, with a bipartisan group of five co-sponsors, submitted a concurrent resolution noting that "UNRWA has employed staffers affiliated with terrorism."
The resolution cited specific examples of UNRWA ambulance and schools having been used to abet terrorism and mentioned a number of figures, including Awad al-Qiq, headmaster of an UNRWA school in Gaza, "who also led Islamic Jihad's engineering unit that built bombs and Qassam rockets."

However humane the intent of UNRWA officials, they have become de facto enablers of Hamas' terrorist fiefdom in Gaza.

over and over again. Time and time again.

Since many UNRWA teachers are alumni of the UNRWA school system, they often perpetuate the vitriolic curriculum they were taught, vilifying Israel and the West. For example, Suheil al-Hindi, an UNRWA teachers' representative, openly applauded suicide bombings at a school in the Jabaliya refugee camp in Gaza in 2003. Instead of a condemnation, al-Hindi received a promotion and was subsequently elected to UNRWA's clerks union.

UNRWA teachers who publicly identify with radical groups have created a teachers' bloc that ensures the election of Hamas members and other individuals committed to Islamist ideologies. After using their classrooms as a place to refine their radical messages, these teachers gravitate to politics. As such, UNRWA's education system has become a springboard for Hamas leaders. For example, Said Sayyam, the Hamas minister of interior and civil affairs, was a teacher in UNRWA schools in Gaza from 1980 to 2003. He went on to become a member of UNRWA's Arab Employees Union, and headed the teachers sector committee.

Notable graduates of the UNRWA school system include former Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, and Abd al-Aziz Rantisi, the former Hamas chief who attended UNRWA secondary school in Khan Younis and graduated top of his class.

UNWRA has produced graduates like Ibrahim Maqadama, who "helped create the military structure of Hamas." Gold notes that, "at least 46 terrorist operatives were students in the UNRWA schools."

There have also been widespread reports of terrorism from UNRWA-supervised facilities, including sniper attacks from UNRWA-run schools, bomb and arms factories in UNRWA camps, the transport of terrorists to their target zones in UNRWA ambulances, and even UNRWA employees directly tied to terrorist attacks against civilians.

Nidal Abd al-Fattah Abdallah Nazzal, an ambulance driver for UNRWA from Kalqiliya in the West Bank, was arrested by Israeli security services in August 2002. Nidal admitted that he was a Hamas activist and that he had transported weapons and explosives to terrorists in his ambulance, taking advantage of the freedom of movement afforded to UNRWA vehicles by the Israelis.

Nahd Rashid Ahmad Atallah, a senior official of UNRWA in the Gaza Strip, was also arrested by Israeli security in August 2002. In his capacity as an UNRWA official, he provided support to families of wanted Fatah and PFLP terrorists. He used his UNRWA car to transport armed members of the "Popular Resistance Committees," a militant faction of the Fatah movement, to carry out attacks against Israeli troops at the Karni Crossing.

UNRWA also appears to be in the business of cultivating new terrorists. The New York Times exposed in 2000 that UNRWA allowed terrorist groups to use their schools as "summer camps" so that 25,000 Palestinian children could receive paramilitary training, including instructions on how to prepare Molotov cocktails and roadside bombs.
The UNRWA is less of an aid agency that a blank check to the tune of half a billion dollars a year that's poured into the domain of whoever is already in control on the ground. In Gaza that's Hamas, and the situation isn't much different for many of the other agencies that will be the recipient of the nearly billion dollar payout from Hamas.

The UNRWA has already taken the lead in promoting contact between Hamas and Obama. The proposed 900 billion package will rebuild Gaza's infrastructure for Hamas' benefit, and open the door to a Hamas overthrow of the PA in the West Bank, followed by US recognition of Hamas.

The policy will be camouflaged by claims that the UN will prevent the aid from going to Hamas, which as demonstrated above is an absurd claim, because there is no wall of separation between the UN and Hamas whatsoever.

Piggybacking a pro-Hamas policy on NGO's comes naturally to the core Obama team. Unlike the more mainstream Clinton dems running the above ground foreign policy, their more radical politics and international agendas link them to the NGO's, allowing them to undermine Hillary Clinton and her envoys. While the State Department may hold press conferences, the real decisions will be made in the White House and the NSC, current power base for Samantha Power.

At a time when the US economy is in bad shape and the US national debt is rising to an all time high, sending nearly a billion dollars to Hamas is nothing short of sheer madness or treason. Yet it's the opening stages of a policy that will empower and reward Islamists across the Middle East.


  1. Anonymous25/2/09

    Powers, Freeman, Ross, Clinton...eek! Where's Joe the Plumber?
    Glad you brought this story to light!

  2. I'm not really surprised since Obama is a Muslim but the collusion of so many people and organizations is truly shocking.

    Naturally the UN would recruit Hamas terrorist whom they probably view as freedom fighters. The darker side is that the UN actually wants what Hamas wants--the destruction of Israel.

    Reading this also puts the seemingly begnin and on the surface laughable demands by Congressmen Keith Ellison and John Kerry as well as CNN demanding that Israel send humanitarian aid in the form of pasta to the Palestinians.

    Sounds silly, right? Yes except when you consider that pasta is a dual use food. Sugar can be used to make kassam fuel. Pasta is a complex carboydrate--complex sugar. Gives new and sobering meaning to the phrase giving fuel to the enemy.

    I have two posts on it. But reading your article puts everything into such better context in all of its darkness.

    I'd bet my life a lot of that aid will go to things other than genuine humanitarian aid and rebuilding Gaza.

  3. Anonymous26/2/09

    As if it wasn't bad enough spending the country broke the usurper President Obama feeds the enemy also.

  4. Anonymous26/2/09

    In short, the west is paying Hamas money to buy weapons to destroy Israel and now the US is going to improve the system.

  5. Anonymous26/2/09

    Dear Sultan: I want to thank you for these posts. I have learned so much since finding your web-site. You are explaining things that no one else is telling us and it is important. I will admit I am a big Hillary Clinton fan and volunteered for her last year. If not for this web-site, I would be lulled into thinking what I see happening with Hillary going around the world talking to everyone was real diplomacy. But it is only a front for Obama's real agendas, which is to undermine Israel and give Hamas, Hezbolleh and other tyrannical powers the ability to defeat Israel. While I tried as hard as I could last year to tell everyone I know (including all my Jewish relatives and friends) NOT TO VOTE FOR OBAMA, very few were willing to listen. They were so hypnotized by the fact that he had a "D" for democrat in front of his name, along with their intense hatred for George Bush, that they did not care about any of the red flags that kept coming up everytime Obama opened his mouth. I want to keep informed for all our sakes of what is really going on while Obama is saying one thing and doing the opposite. Thank you again. I am not sure how large a readership you have, but I wish your articles were front page news.

  6. Thank you Susan.

    The way it's set up Hillary Clinton is out front, but has very little real power, because she's undermined through the complicated power structure that has been set up. Obama has moved power away from the vettable appointees and toward his own people.

    People were shepherded by the media into embracing a candidate based on no actual merits. It was all hype and publicity, with no substance.

    My readership is growing. People are passing the articles around and that helps.

  7. Susan--Sultan's reporting is much more indepth than anything you'll find in a major news daily.

    Also, even though Obama held much of his true "robust agenda" towards Israel close to his chest during the election there were enough red flags that people should have never supported him.

    I think people were seduced by a charismatic, young and to some attractive candidate who promised them the world on a silver platter.

    What's a mystery to me is this--he was a junior senator with little to no accomplishments. I've always felt that he was chosen by the Democratic party for this pro-Muslim/anti-Israel agenda. We know who some of the Democrats are but not all.

  8. Anonymous26/2/09

    To Susan and the other readers:
    do you know how many Jews are out there who don't even want to listen, don't want to read? In Israel is even worse, the ones who don't read English are fed Israeli TV, radio and newspapers all day with the leftist agenda, manufacturing hate against the right. Some are open to criticize, most accept it and believe we have no choice but to compromise, after all we depend on US for our living. People today are brainwashed by the media and at the higher learning institutions (even the lower ones)

  9. Obama was pushed forward by the far left, as part of a larger agenda to seize control of the party and america

    and they're not done yet, in 2010, they'll try for a complete purge of the moderate and conservative democrats

  10. Anonymous26/2/09

    To add insult to injury, not only is the mainstream media REFUSING to put Obama's name on this story, but Barack Hussein Obama had the audacity to give a speech about financial responsibility after approving a TRILLION dollar financial "rescue" spending bill.
    I'm sorry, but how the heck can he tell us he's going to RAISE TAXES while he sends money to TERRORISTS?

  11. Anonymous26/2/09

    Speaking of Obama being a "junior" senator, since Illinois is my home state, I can attest to the fact that he was not known at all before his senate "win" and being catapult into the run for presidency. For your information, all he ever did while being our senator, was collect his paycheck and run for the presidency. He did nothing, but he did take credit whenever possible for the work and bills sponsored by others.

    I have asked this question many times in the past few months: How did a little known, no known congressman, with very little experience, suddenly become our senator? If Pay to Play is in place in Illinois (Blagojevich did not invent the concept in November, 2008) then someone had to pay a hefty fee for Obama's "win" in the senate and I want to know who. If we ever find out (I have my theory it is George Soros related) we will know who is driving the bus where Obama is concerned.

  12. This makes me sick to my stomach! What the hell is the U.S doing??
    Why would they give money to help rebuild what our allies did?..I suppose trying to kiss up to the Palestinians...
    We are in such a huge financial mess and so many other organizations etx can use this money, but no the U.S is giving it to the terrorists-the people that spit on the U.S but will gladly take our money!

  13. Right you are, Susan. That's the $60,000 question.

  14. Remember, Bush gave over 2 billion to these guys.

    King hussein, being muzlim, will open the vaults for these guys. It fits his agenda for supporting his own kind, PLUS! It supports his agenda for tanking the American economy by spending beyond all rhyme and reason, which will eventually lead to him setting himself up as dictator - which he's already doing a good job at, since it's forbidden to insult him.

  15. Anonymous27/2/09

    Hi everybody. Yeah, we're all upset about what Osama is doing, but better to take action. I wrote my senator (Feinstein) and my congressman (Watson) about this. They need to hear from us. Heck, write the the creep himself. If you don't know, google who your representatives are. Might as well use the system while we still have it.

  16. The following story about Hillary isn't good. She has really made some people angry. I knew this was going to happen!


  17. I figured it was a Marcia Kramer story, she's surprisingly decent on some things. But Hillary Clinton can't do much more than make statements. She has less influence on Obama, than Powell had on Bush.

  18. Anonymous27/2/09

    That would be $64,000 question youngster.

  19. LOL anony--yes, you're right.


    Shabbat Shalom, Sultan:)

  20. Anonymous27/2/09

    I think the $900M is a payoff to Hamas to accept the "unity government" being pushed by the U.S. and its friends in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

    Other random thoughts:

    Hezbollah's friend in Michigan, Imam Qazwini, who met with Obama in May 2008, recommended Joe Biden as veep. Biden is well regarded in Iran.

    The release of Khalid al-Jawary, of the Black September Organization (the PLO), can be traced to Obama's (and, I suspect, Jawary's) friendship with Rashid Khalidi.

    Chas Freeman's MEPC was given a cool million by Prince al-Waleed bin Talal, the same guy whose aide Khalid al-Mansour allegedly helped Obama pay his way through law school.

    It makes no sense to me that Hilary Clinton was chosen as Sec. of State. Obama wants his own team, so why choose Hilary? Something is down and dirty there.

  21. yes it likely is 'incentive' to get Hamas on board

    Hillary Clinton is there to serve as a public face and take the blame, while having next to no power

    it gets her out of the Senate and lets her have a thankless job with no power

  22. Anonymous1/3/09

    It is idiotic as some of these comments suggest that ()1) Obama is a Muslim-read the papers (32) that the pledged money is the direct resulty of Obama. American policy has long been off kilter, and this is but another example. Do you think we have not been sending money to the Palestinians for years?

    a more resonable approach: you guys have been responsible (we had said this) for Israeli invasion. Stop the rockets and you will get some help. Thus far there have been over a hundred rockets since the cease fire.


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