Home James L. Jones, Saudi Arabia and Big Oil's New National Security Advisor
Home James L. Jones, Saudi Arabia and Big Oil's New National Security Advisor

James L. Jones, Saudi Arabia and Big Oil's New National Security Advisor

The same people who are cheering the appointments of "hawks" like Rahm Emanuel and Hillary Clinton, are already cheering the appointment of Chevron oil company board member James L. Jones as Obama's National Security Advisor.

The last Chevron board member who played a key role in American foreign policy was Condoleeza Rice, who wanted to make James L. Jones her Deputy Secretary of State.

Chevron is heavily tied to the Saudis, as the former parent company of ARAMCO, and its policy has been to promote energy interdependency with Middle Eastern oil suppliers. Which means more US dependency on foreign oil, rather than less.

Chevron company board members such as Rice or Jones, place the interests of Saudi Arabia before the United States, and are irrevocably hostile to countries that Saudi Arabia is opposed to. Naturally this includes Israel. Rice's tenure and growing influence in the White House explains a good deal of the change of pace by the Bush Administration in its approach to Israel.

James L. Jones meanwhile had prepared a hostile report blasting Israel for interfering with the terrorist forces of the PA. A report that the Bush White House suppressed, but that the Obama occupied White House will be sure to enforce.

Putting an oil company board member in the office of National Security Advisor sends another All Clear message to the Saudis, which is after all only natural. Putting Jones in means we can expect another escalation in hostility to Israel, and kowtowing to the Saudis.

Which once again means that people with common sense will ignore the usual articles telling everyone not to worry, because Obama has chosen a "Hawk" for his National Security Advisor. Obama has not chosen a hawk, but a Saudi prince's tame falcon.

And just to add to the conflict of interest, James L. Jones is also on the board of Boeing, a major military contractor and currently involved in an extended dispute with the US Government. But this is par for the course for an Obama occupied White House rife with conflicts of interest and ethical improprieties.


  1. Did we expect anything more from Obama and his handlers?
    Obama and Michelle hate America and Americans. They will not help this nation do anything but fail.
    They certainly do not like Jews or Israel.
    They all identify with so-called Palestinian thugs.

  2. Anonymous2/12/08

    The Bush family is close friends of the Saudis, too. If you're going to use this to slime Obama, you'll need to try again.

  3. if anonymous trolls can read, they can also note that the post takes Bush's S of S to task for the Saudi connection as well

    ... and you can't slime, slime

  4. I'm guessing, and doubt I'm not far off, that at the end of husseins illegal occupation of the white house, there will be very little of the US left as we knew it.

    Supposedly, bush's corp bailouts put us in deep debt to the saudi's. hussein will finish turning us over to them.

  5. Anonymous2/12/08

    But you don't take the Bushes themselves to task. May I ask why?

  6. oddly enough I was doing just that for the last 3 years


  7. Anonymous3/12/08

    Now that Bush will be gone, the terrorists will make their move again since they realize that bleeding heart liberals sit on their hands and are cowardly.

    The war on terror put a stop to those maniac haters. Now they are coming out of the closet again since they know the liberal whimpoids will be in charge.


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