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Monday, November 17, 2008

Who did Jews really vote for in the 2008 Presidential Election?

While the liberal media insists on shoving the infamous 78 percent exit polling number at us, it is quite unclear what the real numbers of the Jewish vote are and how many Jews voted for Obama vs McCain.

The media has demonstrated in this election why they are untrustworthy on anything involving Obama and sources that may have been credible in the 2004 election, no longer are.

The few solid numbers we do have come from the 40,000+ votes cast by US citizens living in Israel. Those showed that 76 percent of Jewish voters backed McCain with 46 percent of Democrats switching sides to vote for McCain.

Yet in the US numbers, the exit polls would have us believe that more Jews voted for Obama than had voted for John Kerry. The idea that Obama, who had generated serious doubts even among hard core Jewish Democrats, pulled in more votes against a liberal Republican, than Kerry had against Bush is nakedly implausible.

But local polling too strongly suggests an entirely different picture. Take the following news story out of Brooklyn, which naturally throws in plenty of smears and snide remarks, but nevertheless reports that...

While Barack Obama won the vast majority of Brooklyn votes in the Nov. 4 election, McCain drew more than five times as many votes as Obama in the largely Hasidic neighborhood between Flushing Avenue and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway — even though registered Democrats outnumber Republicans five to one in the area.

In the area’s three election districts, McCain gave Obama an 84-percent-to-16-percent thrashing. Those numbers stand in stark contrast to the overall Brooklyn vote, which went 79–20 in Obama’s favor.

While a single neighborhood's vote may not seem that significant, South Williamsburg has a Jewish population somewhere in the low six figures, one of the densest Jewish populations in the United States, out of a total national Jewish population in the low millions.

The idea that religious Jews and Jews in Israel voted for the Republican candidate is not particularly any kind of revelation. US voters in Israel will be more likely to back the candidate who is strong on national defense and whose best friends aren't Hamas. Genuinely religious Jews will naturally choose the more moral candidate with values, over a Kenyan con man backed by a gutter level cult of personality. A population that doesn't watch television and eschews the internet is a particularly poor target for the Obama camp's brand of brainwashing.

But they also contradict the claims of a Jewish landslide for Obama. The same media which was forced to report that many Jewish Democrats were either chancy on Obama or had outright left the camp, expect us to believe that not only had they all come out for Obama, but that they had done so in greater numbers than for John Kerry.

Not too damn likely.

So how believable are the Jewish exit polling numbers? Even according to this story in radical left wing Forward , which cites Edison/Mitofsky, the source for that infamous 78 percent exit polling number, not very much.

But those exit polls will only scratch the surface, albeit in some hotly contested parts of the country. The sample size of Jewish voters is usually small, and large swaths of Jewish voters are not included.

“Will it measure Jewish voters in Cleveland? No. But will it capture Jewish voters where it’s most important in Florida? Absolutely,” said Anna Greenberg, a Democratic pollster with Greenberg Quinlan Rosner.

The National Election Pool exit polls Edison/Mitofsky conducted in 2004 had trouble achieving the correct distribution of Jewish voters across the country given the small size of the Jewish sample. Only 268 Jewish voters were among the 14,000 voters included in NEP’s national survey. The remainder of Jewish voters was given state-specific surveys.

The exit polls, which showed that John Kerry won 74% of the Jewish vote and George Bush won 25%, relied heavily on those 268 voters included in the national survey,

Edison/Mitofsky once again conducted their exit polls, this time based on 17,000+ plus voters. The share of Jewish voters were likely to be the same and flawed in the same way. Do 268 people somewhere in Florida define the American Jewish vote? No they do not. In fact some of the smaller exit polls I cited actually had larger sample sizes of Jewish voters than Edison/Mitofsky did.

But there are of course two major reasons for putting out phony numbers for the Jewish vote.

First of all a phony Jewish landslide helps cover up the real landslide of fraud that really brought Obama to power. Imaginary Jewish voters coming out in droves for Obama helps conceal the multiple voting ACORN frauds, the ballots thrown out and replaced and the whole ugly litany of deceit that forms the 2008 Presidential election's true numbers.

Second of all it creates the illusion of a broad Jewish consensus supporting Obama. This will be key in silencing internal Jewish criticism, moderating any Jewish newspapers that dared to criticize the false messiah... all in preparation for his crackdown on Israel.

So what was the real 2008 Presidential Jewish vote? The short answer is we'll probably never know, but it also probably looked a more like Reagan vs Carter, than Gore vs Bush. And if the country ever makes it intact through the other side of the Obama junta, we can begin working toward a true history of what truly happened in the 2008 election.


  1. I've always found these exit polls to be quite dubious. Too few numbers and do they accurately reflect how their target population voted? Did the voters feel intimidated or ashamed to admit they didn't vote for a black candidate?

    What troubles me about Obama bragging/lying about the vast support he has of Jews make it easy for him to squelch Jewish voices and media when they criticize his actions with Israel and Hamas.

    He can and probably will argue that giving all of east Jerusalem and the temple mount to Hamas is the will of the Jewish people.

    He'll say it. I haven't a doubt in my mind he'll say that.

  2. The media tell the truth on all things.
    Did you hear that Obama's grandparents are cannibals?
    I read it in the paper.

  3. LOL.

    The only one in the media I trust is me.

    I like the term reporter more than journalist. Journalist/journal implies something personal, a personal account of a story with just a hint of bias.

    Reporter--reports the facts. Who, what, why, where, and when. And clarify ambiguities. Just the facts.

  4. yes i prefer that too, facts should be reported rather than the reporter becoming the story, which has now become commonplace

  5. Anonymous19/11/08

    among the several cases now pending re ozeros' lack of citizenship (remember in school what 'good citizenship' meant?)...are there any cases re voter fraud?

    given the deep patterns of corruption in everything else about ozer, we have to maintain strong suspicion that the numbers are pret-ty fishy.

  6. Anonymous14/5/09


    These phony statistics are serving as a wedge between the Jewish community in Israel and America, as if there weren't enough problems already. Israeli Jews are blaming American Jews for voting this nightmare into office.

    Then when American Jews do make Aliyah, they might not receive a very warm welcome from the Israeli people at large.



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