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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Bloomberg Hearts Obama

Bloomberg Hearts Obama

Bloomberg defends Obama before Jewish audience

According to the Palm Beach Post, Bloomberg told an audience at an event organized by the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County not to believe the "online whisper campaign" against Obama.

The mayor says the deceptive campaign against Obama, who is a Christian, threatens to undo the strides that Jews and Muslims have made together.

Is it just me or does that last sentence make no sense at all? If Obama is a Christian then why worry about the "strides that Muslims and Jews have made together", whatever those strides may be, they seem to mainly involve Muslims striding to kill us.

And here's a telling comment from a former Bloomberg employee.

Mike Bloomberg speaking for the Jews is hilarious. I worked for his company before he became Mayor and his remarks about religious Jews were disgusting. I later read he had never been to Israel until after he was running for Mayor. Given that background one has to consider either the stupidity of the press who don't examine he facts about him or his attitude that he can get away with anything including the greatest hypocrisy.

Not that this is much of a surprise, considering what a cold, arrogant and egocentric figure the real Bloomberg is. The man whose company fostered a culture of sexual harassment and even rape, and whose company under Matthew Winkler is a fantastically unpleasant place to work. Yet Bloomberg insists on trying to poke his nose into national politics while delivering sanctimonious lectures to one and all.

Much as the media is playing up Bloomberg's comments, he has as much appeal to Jews as he does to non-Jews, namely all the appeal of a fossilized dead fish in an iceberg. Bloomberg has won elections through careful strategy and by projecting competence. But no one loves him. They treat him as a public servant. Unlike Lieberman and Koch, who are likely to be campaigning for McCain, he has no appeal in Florida.

In the blogsphere roundup;

Over at the New Centrist meanwhile Eric has an interesting post, the first part, of which is Leaving the Radical Left: Anti-Zionism, Anti-Semitism, and Jewish Response (Part 1) that is well worth a read.

After WWII, Jews were increasingly integrated into mainstream American society. While already established in academia, law, printing, and publishing, Jews attained political offices and other increasingly public positions. Jews were seen less and less as an “other” and in effect gained “white” status just as the Italians and Irish before them. Concurrent with this development was a shift in mainstream secular Jewish homes away from radicalism and towards liberalism. The apex of this phenomenon was the large Jewish involvement in the Civil Rights struggles occurring in the Southern United States.

However, in the past 40 years there has been a distinct shift in Jewish opinion—if one may even say such a thing exists—away from radical and progressive left movements. What happened? Are there any causal factors that spring to mind?

Over at IsraPundit, Ted Belman comments on the prospective Palestinian state and the Jordanian option

I have consistently been against the two state solution. I favoured annexation but wasn’t happy with taking in an extra 1.5 million Arabs which ultimately would have to be given citizenship. So to get around this I favoured a programme of paying Arabs to leave . There was one other possibility of giving the Arabs autonomy in area A. But this was entirely satisfactory so it would be better if Area A was annexed to Jordan. Some argue that Israel should keep sovereignty over the land and let the Arabs living there have Jordanian citizenship. I recognized that this required Jordan’s consent. I also recognized that Jordan was against the creation of a Palestinian state because it would threaten it.

I would point out that such a development would leave Israel with defensible borders and all of Jerusalem. It would also leave Hamas and Gaza out in the cold. Hamas would then be a goner.

Well Jordan has come forward. This is the paradigm shift I have been waiting for.

Maggie at Maggie's Notebook has more on the hideous face of Mugabe's tyranny in Zimbabwe and the Obamaesque implications for America.

Meanwhile, Mugabe is in Rome at the invitation of the UN's Food and Agricultural Organization, despite having been formally forbidden to travel in Europe as a result of his criminal conduct as Zimbabwe's socialist dictator. At a previous U.N. food conference, Mugabe boasted that his policy of stealing farms was going to increase the former Breadbasket of Africa's food supply. Now people are starving there, the country's money is worthless, and Mugabe has been using foreign food aid as a political weapon.

Over at the Ol Broad blog, Marxists/ Communists for Obama

I’m Trying To Get A Mental Image….…..of Marxists/Socialists/Communists for McCain. Somehow, it just can’t be done.

Over at the Keli Ata blog, she asks if Democrats are blackmailing Lieberman.

Lemon Lime Moon has harsh words for Israel's EU upgrade

The Jerusalem Post calls it "Israel's EU Upgrade", but by any real consideration it is prostitution and climbing into bed with the enemy. It will bring Israel into the EU's evil embrace for favors such as environment help, space programs, banking, education, trade and perhaps that ultimate goal of goals for silly nations integration into the European single market itself. Oh joy! (Ode to Joy or Ode an die Freude is the official EU anthem.

And finally a little blast from the past of my own, Peace Negotiations and the Bug Problem.

For now there was only one bug and one me. But that could change quickly enough. I suspected that the waterbug would be able to find a mate and begin reproducing in much greater numbers than me very quickly.

"So do I drive it out?" I asked the former Prime Minister.

"No, no," Sharon said ruefully. "You can't drive him out but you can partition your apartment so you have demographic superiority in your part of the apartment."

"Wait a minute," I protested, "so I have to give up my bathroom to the waterbugs? And what if they decide to expand beyond the bathroom?"

"You build a wall," Sharon told me.

"Bugs can get through walls," I said.

"We'll deal with that when it comes up," he said.


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